apache ssl compression

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SSL/TLS Deployment best Practices

Original: https://www.ssllabs.com/downloads/SSL_TLS_Deployment_Best_Practices_1.3.pdf Translator: Shawn the R0ck, (after correcting themselves plus to the back) SSL /TLS Deployment Best Practices Ivan Risti?version 1.3 (September) Copyright? 2012-201

RMP package format Installation lamp, provides two virtual machines, one for WordPress, one for phpMyAdmin, provides SSL access

Rpm-i your-package.rpmWhere your-package.rpm is the file name of the RPM package you want to install, typically placed in the current directory.The following warnings or prompts may appear during installation:..... conflict with ... There may be

Windows configuration Apache2.x+ssl Experience

Windows configuration Apache2.x+ssl Experience 2006-08-29 14:58 These days busy research to the Apache Configuration SSL protocol to provide support for HTTPS, the network gives a lot of configuration methods, but most of it belongs to

Nginx Security Configuration about SSL in the server _nginx

This article shows you how to set stronger SSL on a Nginx Web server. We are implementing this method by weakening the crime attack by invalidating the SSL. Do not use the vulnerable SSLv3 in the protocol and the following version and we will set up

Dual authentication of SSL virtual host in CENTOS6 system

For a long time did not update lamp related documents, just the most recent unit to do projects need to use Apache SSL virtual host two-way authentication, just before doing lamp in passing SSL module loading, so reference to Google a large number

Nginx Set SSL Reverse proxy

Nginx's reverse proxy is usually used to map the Apache, IIS, lighttpd services provided in the intranet to achieve load balancing, and as the dynamic Service program runs the network, the overall security of the server has improved, so how to set

Apache Compilation Installation 2.2

I. INTRODUCTION of Apache1. What is Apache?Apache is the world's most used Web server software. It can run on almost all widely used computer platforms and is one of the most popular Web server-side software due to its widespread use across

Php checks whether server SSL is enabled and how to enable SSL _ PHP Tutorial

Php checks whether server SSL is enabled and how to enable SSL. Php checks whether server SSL is enabled and how to enable SSL sharing. (1) Check whether SSL is enabled on the server? Phpphpinfo (); check the openssl topic on the page. if OpenSSL

Lamp Environment-limited PHP parsing, useragent, PHP-related configuration, Apache-related configuration

11.28 limit a directory to prevent PHP parsingThis section should be used to optimize settings for static file directories or writable directories, and to prevent malicious attacks by restricting resolution/access to improve security.To edit a

Website SSL vulnerability repair Guide

Website SSL vulnerability repair Guide Some time ago, I scanned the company's website and used the awvs scanner. I found several SSL vulnerabilities. I found some repair suggestions on the Internet and shared them with you, if you encounter the same

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