apache troubleshooting in linux

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Apache server troubleshooting

With the popularization of network technology, application and continuous improvement of web technology, web services have become one of the important forms of services on the Internet. The original Client/Server mode is gradually replaced by the

Apache Server Installation and troubleshooting solutions

Apache Server Installation and troubleshooting solutions After several days of installation, the entire process of installing the source code of the Apache server is roughly clear. Record it here. You are welcome to discuss it together. Thank

Apache System troubleshooting solutions and related operations knowledge

Apache System troubleshooting solutions and related operations knowledge1. Check the Apache service on which port is listening, there are several Apache in the service, its initial PID is how muchNetstat-alop |grep LISTEN |grep httpd2. View the

Linux+php+apache+mysql (MARIADB) troubleshooting

WordPress Web page file does not open (client denied by server), White screen (HTTP 500) Troubleshooting order1. Review the Apache error log speeding problem report to find the problem "client denied by server".2.client denied by server is a

Linux under Php+mysql+apache configuration process

The following software is required:apache:http://www.apache.orgMysql:http://www.mysql.comphp:http://www.php.net/downloads.phpGd:http://www.boutell.com/gd/#buildgdZendoptimizer Http://www.zend.org/products/zend_optimizerGettext http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/

Linux under Php+mysql+apache configuration process (excerpt) 1th/2 page _php Tutorial

The following software is required: apache:http://www.apache.org Mysql:http://www.mysql.com php:http://www.php.net/downloads.php Gd:http://www.boutell.com/gd/#buildgd Zendoptimizer Http://www.zend.org/products/zend_optimizer Gettext

Linux under Php+mysql+apache configuration method

apache:http://www.apache.orgMysql:http://www.mysql.comphp:http://www.php.net/downloads.phpGd:http://www.boutell.com/gd/#buildgdZendoptimizer Http://www.zend.org/products/zend_optimizerGettext http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/gettext/NETPBM

Apache error log storage directory and customization on Linux

I want to solve the Linux system on the Apache WEB server error, apache error log files can not find, I would like to put in which directory?The Apache log file provides system administrators with useful information, such as troubleshooting the WEB

What are the problems with Aliyun using Linux system application configuration

How to make FTP settings under Linux How ECS Linux servers configure Web sites and bind domain names Ubuntu installation Vncserver to achieve graphical access Aliyun Docker Mirror Library Add FTP users to ECS Linux and set appropriate

Step-by-step Linux version 2 will be published soon (with cover) _ PHP Tutorial

The second version of "step-by-step Linux" will be published soon (with a cover ). The second version of "step-by-step Linux" will be published soon (with a cover) from the first version of "step-by-step Linux", which has been around for nearly six

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