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_php tutorial on using the Linux-based PHP self-built wiki Wiki website

The advantage of having a wiki on your own computer is that there is no storage space, and the downside is that the whole process is a bit more cumbersome and must have good upload bandwidth. This article teaches you how to quickly build Wiki sites.

Build the company's wiki Server under Centos6

Build the company's wiki Server under Centos6 CentOS 6.4 system and Root or sudo permissions, the system is connected to the network normally Software used: Apache, mysql-server, php, mediawiki, memcached Installation of software packages First,

Create and deploy blog and wiki modules with Apache Geronimo: a Guide to Practice

Blog and wiki Technology overview Since the late 1990s, when the Web boom is reaching a certain saturation point, some users have started editing their favorite Web site listings that match a certain interest or theme. Many of the entries included

Deploy your own blog and wiki components on the application server.

Collaborative applicationsThis is all of Web 2.0, and although the term appears for almost a year, it seems like only the culinary magazine has not been added to the discussion of the future of Web 2.0. Since the advent of the milestone article

Wiki installation memorandum

Php (as the mainstream development language) + MySQL (the best combination with PHP) + wiki installation Step 1: MySQL (the best combination with PHP) # rpm-ivhMySQL (the best combination with PHP )*. rpm # serviceMySQL (the best combination with

Wiki Installation Memo _php tutorial

PHP (as the current mainstream development language) +mysql (and PHP collocation of the best combination) +wiki Installation steps 1:mysql (Best mix with PHP) # RPM-IVH MySQL (the best mix with PHP) *.rpm # service MySQL (and PHP collocation of the

Comparison and merit-based Web servers-Apache, nnginx, and Lighttpd

Advantages and disadvantages of Apache server and nginx:  We used Apache in large numbers as httpserver. Apache has excellent performance and provides a variety of functions through modules. Advantages: First, Apache supports concurrent responses

PHP Application Wiki

the Wiki application needs to be installed under the LAMP platform. we are installing PHP by default , Apache,MySQL .OneSome preparatory work before the installation.Create a user for the wiki . Useradd WikiSet PasswordPassword WikiCreate a

Apache,php,mysql installation, configuration

Apache1. DownloadThe Apache version number is 2.2.22. It is best to download the MSI installation file. is: http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/binaries/win32/If you want to download the 2.4.4 version, you can go to

Wiki installation Memorandum

Php (as the mainstream development language) + MySQL (the best combination with PHP) + wikiInstallation Steps1: MySQL (the best combination with PHP)# Rpm-ivh MySQL (the best combination with PHP) *. rpm# Service MySQL (the best combination with PHP)

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