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When installing php, the system prompts chmod: "/usr/local/apache2/modules/libphp5.so" cannot be accessed"

Both configure and make are normal, and errors will occur during makeinstall. The error prompt is as follows: {code ...} make: *** [install-sapi] Error 1. The error message is: libphp5.so is not compiled, but why? The configure parameters are as

Linux does not recompile Apache add install mod_ssl module and error handling method

Installation steps 1, into the Apache source directory. 2, into the module folder under the SSL directory. 3, find the Oepnssl include path, Ubuntu system is in the/usr/include/openssl directory. 4. Operation Apxs

Ubuntu Install Apache + mod_wsgi + Trac + Python 2.7

OverviewTRAC is a lightweight software project management system with its own wiki, which adheres to the BSD open source Protocol's open source software. The project homepage is https://trac.edgewall.org, and the source code is mirrored on GitHub

Install/compile the mod_rewrite module in Apache

Install/compile the mod_rewrite module in Apache Zhoz, technology development» system network, comment (0), reference (0), read (422), via Original Site Large | medium | small Reference address: Note: This address is valid only before 23

Apache Expansion Module Installation

Because of the requirements, so I want to install an extension module, the extension module named Mod_headers, how should I add the extension module?First, the tool to add the extension module is:/USR/LOCAL/APACHE2/BIN/APXSIn the directory under the

Lamp--apache Expansion Module Installation

When configuring the domain name 301 Jump, we find that the MOD_REWRITE.C module is not loaded, so take this as an example.This is using the Apache extension tool APXSBefore using this feature, verify that the Mod_so module has been loaded by:[Email

Compile PHP5.3 + Apache2.3 in Linux

First, the source code packages such as php5.3, apache2.3, apr, curl, apr-util, and pcre are provided. The Installation Process in Linux is as follows:1. Installation preparation. Install the Toolkit first:Apr:./Configure -- prefix

Compile PHP5.3 + Apache2.3 in Linux

First, the source code packages such as php5.3, apache2.3, apr, curl, apr-util, and pcre are provided. The installation process in Linux is as follows: 1. installation preparation. First install the toolkit: apr :. /configure --

Apache Vulnerability Repair (NSFocus vulnerability)

Apache version: Apache 2.2.3, installation directory/usr/local/apache2 Vulnerability 1: Detected that the target server has the trace method enabled Add traceenable off at the end of/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.confRestart

Confluence 6 using the basic configuration of Apache and Mod_proxy

In these examples, we use the following information:http://www.example.com/confluence -The URL you plan to usehttp://example:8090/ -Confluence the host name and port currently installedhttp://example:8091/ -synchrony currently installed hostname and

Ubuntu Compilation Installation Mod_wsgi

In the compilation process encountered some problems, recorded to facilitate the use of others.Step1:Download. There will be a compiled package under Windows, and Ubuntu does not need to compile itself.Address: Https://github.com/GrahamDumpleton/mod_

Troubleshoot problems with PHP installation

Troubleshoot problems with PHP installation PHP Installation: 1./configure--prefix=/usr/local/php--with-apxs2=/home/apache/bin/apxs--with-zlib-dir--with-libxml-dir=/usr/

Php installation problems

Php installation: 1. configure -- prefixusrlocalphp -- with-apxs2homeapachebinapxs -- with-zlib-dir -- with-libxml-dirusrlocallibxml2 -- with-gd -- with-freetype -- solve the problem that occurs during php installation Php installation: 1.

Php installation problems

Php installation: 1. /configure -- prefix =/usr/local/php -- with-apxs2 =/home/apache/bin/apxs -- with-zlib-dir -- with-libxml-dir =/usr/local php troubleshooting during installation Php installation: 1. /configure -- prefix =/usr/local/php -- with-

PHP extension in centos

First, enable the mcrypt software to run, then install the PHP extension module and configure it in PHP. ini. The mcrypt software depends on the libmcrypt and mhash libraries, so the installation configuration sequence is from right to left. I

Install and configure Nagios in Linux

Install and configure Nagios in Linux 1. Nagios Overview 1. Introduction Nagios is a plug-in structure, and it does not have any monitoring function. All monitoring is performed through the plug-in, so it is highly modular and flexible. Nagios

LAMP (3)--apache Configure the domain name jump

★ Demand RealizationThe domain name used to build Discuz is www.caoyue111.comNow we want to implement access to the domain name www.hera111.com when jumping to www.caoyue111.com★ Configuration Steps We only need to add the following content

Add curl extension library for PHP in Linux and Windows

This compilation only compiles the PHP extension library separately, and then adds the compiled PHP extension Library to the currently running PHP, therefore, it has no impact on the currently running PHP. Assume that the compiled PHP Directory is

Ubuntu under APACHE+SVN build SVN service multi-project management

First, the system environment[Email protected]:~# cat/etc/issueUbuntu 16.04.2 LTS \ \lIi. creating SVN groups and users[Email protected]:~# addgroup SvnserAdding group ' Svnser ' (GID 1001) ...Done.[Email protected]:~# useradd svnser-g svnser-m

PHP Installation Curl Template Method _php Tutorial

Curl is a routing file tool that uses URL syntax to support FTP, FTPS, HTTP htpps SCP SFTP TFTP, TELNET DICT file, and LDAP. Curl supports SSL certificates, HTTP POST, http PUT, FTP uploads, Kerberos, HTT-based uploads, proxies, cookies, user +

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