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These 8 free online courses can help you grow your technology

In the past, when we talked about educational resources, we first thought of universities and colleges, because they were places where we could learn more and improve our skills. Now, with the advent of the Internet, we have provided more open learning resources. When we want to learn some kind of skill, we can have more choices. For example, in the field of computer science, if you want to learn programming or its associated knowledge and skills, in addition to choosing a university or college,

"Data Structure basics" series of online courses home page, Data Structure Network Course

"Data Structure basics" series of online courses home page, Data Structure Network CoursePreface Since I made up my mind to solve the problem of poor students' hands-on ability, I began to build course practice resources. I became addicted to flipped classrooms, and the videos of the courses I taught gradually formed a system. While serving my own students in sch

. NET Online training courses

, the website static case (analysis principle, function realization)25,. NET Public Platform building case (Analysis principle, interface anatomy, function realization)26,. NET mobile Development Quick Start Case (WAP website interface, jquerymobile Environment building)27. Powdesign database modeling tools to get started quickly28, startuml tool quick to get started29, Axure RP, Balsamiq Mockups product prototyping Tools30, VSS, SVN version Control tool to get started quickly31, NUnit Unit test

Ruifeng PHP software engineer high-end brand online network training practical employment courses (package employment)

Ruifeng PHP software engineer high-end brand online network training practical employment courses (package employment) Course Instructor: Beifeng gold medal instructor teamCourse Category: employment coursesSuitable audience: ElementaryNumber of lessons: 500 + lessonsUpdate degree: completed service type: Class A (employment service courses)Technolog

Experience in online courses

I started my computer yesterday afternoon and habitually went to the csdn base camp to have a look. I found that there was just a network course at, so I went in after I went to the online client, which was very convenient. Xu Mingfeng, a database instructor, talked about the topic "Practical Technology for software development by project instances", probably because it was a weekend and two o'clock during the day, there are not many people there, a

Online courses and Software Development Learning-for friends who really want to learn

In the previous section, online teaching was interrupted for some reasons. Many of you have been waiting to resume the course class. I also told some students to watch the video. The content of the video is the same as that of the course, there is only one missing section in the middle, which is not very important. I can complete it by reading my own books. The essence of my lectures is all there. If you want to learn, download the video and check out

Programming Cat Scratch online programming courses for children-video tutorials for children at home

As a popular course in primary and secondary schools, scratch is different from the traditional character code. There is no English threshold for Graphic programming. By dragging blocks, children can intuitively understand the operating principle behind the code, without knowing it, you can master programming algorithms. Through simulated cartoon project-based teaching such as animations that students love, they gradually form a logical analysis, independent thinking, and innovative way of think

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