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[Open source] Android apk One-click Generate confusing File script sharing (Python)

, what does it mean F.write ('-optimizations!code/simplification/ arithmetic,!field/*,!class/merging/* ' + ' \ n ') F.write ('-keepattributes sourcefile,linenumbertable ' + ' \ n ') f.write (' #不混淆四大组件 ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public class * extends Android.app.Activity ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public class * extends android.app.Application ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public Class * extends Android.app.Service ' + ' \ n ') f.write ('-keep public class * extends Android.content.Broadcast

APK file quick install to mobile phone install apk file tutorial

1, here we first download an Android assistant in the computer. 2, into Baidu search Android assistant then click on the interface "Download Now" and then save in the computer. 3, download after the download location before opening. 4, now we put my a789t mobile phone and computer connection, as shown below (if the phone connected to the computer does not respond to the need to turn on the mobile phon

Windows PHP Bulk Build packaged Android program apk-Channel txt implant apk file

/makeapk.php?apkname=".$id.‘ r= Simple Encryption '); if($CC= = ' OK '){ if(file_exists(' Bbshenqi '.$id.". apk)){ Echo' ; Echo' $id.‘. APK "> Build failed, click Retry ; Exit; } Header(' Location:http://down.coolaj.cn/bbshenqi '.$id.‘. apk); } }?>7.makeapk.phpPHPSet_time_limit(0);functionZip$dir,$filename,$missfile=Array(),$addfromString

Android gets the APK file on the SD card and determines whether the APK file has been installed and can be updated to the new version.

The following is a tool class. It uses recursion to scan the APK file on the SD card to determine whether the application has been installed on the mobile phone. If so, it determines whether the application can be upgraded. DetailsCodeAs follows: /*** Obtain the APK File Information class on the mobile phone, ma

My Android Advanced tour------> fix Android Studio post-build apk error: The APK file does not exist on disk

1. Error descriptionToday, after compiling the app with Android Studio and installing the APK, the error is as follows:file build\outputs\apk\OYP_2.3.4doesnotonwhile Installing APKAs shown2. Solution1. Try the build-and-clean project again to compile, or invalid2. Invalid attempt to restart Android studioThen I went to open the Build\outputs\

APK extension file introduction, functions and usage, apk Extension

APK extension file introduction, functions and usage, apk ExtensionAPK extension file Introduction The maximum size of each APK file in the Android Market (Google Play Store) is 50 MB. If your program contains a large number of da

How do apk files open?

APK file is well-known after the popularity of Android system, as our most common software installation package, how much do you know about it?   What file is APK? APK is the acronym for Androidpackage, the Android installation package (

Let server IIS support the Setup method for the. apk File Download _win server

With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people use mobile phones to surf the internet, many sites should also be mobile phone access to the need to launch a Web site client,. apk file is the application suffix name of Android (Android), by default, this file cannot be downloaded using IIS as a Web server. So how do you get IIS to support the download of

Unpackage APK file, modify and repackage Signature

AXMLPrinter2 tool and command: java-jar AXMLPrinter2.jar AndroidManifest. xml to unlock AndroidManifest. xml in the apk. However, the more powerful package unpacking toolkit is apktool, which can be used in Windows to quickly unpack and package APK files, bringing a lot of convenience for modification and editing. The following describes how to use it. 1) APKtool Software PackageThe APKtool package consist

How to slim down your Android Installation File (APK)

How to slim down your Android Installation File (APK) It is an indisputable fact that the apk file of Android is getting bigger and bigger. In Android or the original version, the apk file size of an app is only about 2 MB. Now,

How to slim down your Android Installation File (APK) and androidapk

How to slim down your Android Installation File (APK) and androidapk Source Address: How to slim down your Android Installation File (APK) It is an indisputable fact that the apk file of Android is getting bigger and bigger. In An

Android cainiao notes-get the uninstalled APK icon, version, package name, name, whether to install, install, and open

I had nothing to do over the weekend. I took out the basic knowledge of Android and reviewed it. Today's topic is "getting uninstalled APK icons, versions, package names, names, whether to install, jump to install, open". 1. Get the APK icon You can use getApplicationIcon (ApplicationInfo) in PackageManager to obtain a drawable. However, in actual use, you can on

Extend SQLite to enable it to read db from the APK file

The game will use a lot of configuration files, each project group according to their own different needs will choose different storage format, such as using JSON or SQLite to store data. Here we only discuss the situation of using SQLite. In general, you will choose to put it in a read-write directory, so that SQLite can directly use its original IO API to read the DB file. This is not a problem on a PC or iOS platform. However, if the game is instal

APK file structure and installation process

APK file Structure Android apps are written in Java, compiled with the Android SDK, and packaged all the data and resource files into a apk (Android Package) file, This is a compressed file with a suffix named. apk, and the

Extract the Classes.dex file from the apk file in bulk

] = = ". apk": newname = Portion[0] + ". zip" # change them into the zip file to extract Dex files Os.rename (apk,newname) if Apk.endswith (". Z IP "): Apkname = portion[0] Zip_apk_path = Os.path.join (path,apk) # get the zip files z = zipfile. ZipFile (Zip_apk_path, ' R ') # read zip files for filename

Detailed description of the Andriod APK file structure, andriodapk

Java bytecode into Dex bytecode. Although Google claims that Dalvik is customized for mobile devices, many people in the industry think it is to avoid applying for a Java license from sun. Since there are not many details available, we still cannot find the specific implementation of Dalvik. We can only do some simple analysis based on the SDK. This Dalvik VM is optimized for Mobile Phone programs/CPUs. It can execute many VMS at the same time without occupying too much Resource. The source of

How to modify a compiled Android application (. apk file)

Today I ' d like-to-share with your My findings about how a existing APK file can be modified.An. apk file represents the mobile application as it's installed on a mobile device, like smartphone, tablet, wearable, E Tc.Such an. apk file

App Mall Download apk install package parsing error does not have permission Permission denied android-failed to open zip archive

1. Error message:03-31 16:48:43.740:info/activitymanager: Start proc Com.android.packageinstaller for activity com.android.packageinstaller/. packageinstalleractivity:pid=620 uid=10026 gids={}03-31 16:48:44.749:warn/zipro (620): Unable to open zip '/data/data/ com.my.app/cache/myapp.apk ': Permission denied03-31 16:48:44.749:debug/asset (620): Failed to open Zip archive '/data/ data/com.my.app/cache/myapp.a

Open the APK in the Androidmanifest.xml garbled

Directly unzip the APK, open androidmanifest.xml display garbled, because this is binary characters, and open the file editor independent. (You can also open the view with UltraEdit, which is shown in clear text.) It just looks like it's not very convenient to search.Open th

Android Source Code contains the APK file containing the so file, androidapk

Android Source Code contains the APK file containing the so file, androidapk Method 1: 1 include $(CLEAR_VARS) 2 # Module name should match apk name to be installed 3 LOCAL_MODULE := Test 4 LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := optional 5 LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(LOCAL_MODULE).apk 6 LOCAL_MOD

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