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PHP Apple Push Implementation (APNS)

The following information is collected and collated online1, in iOS Dev Center to produce relevant certificates and files with the client implementation (no longer repeat, many online,)Online

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{Code...} What is the problem !! Very urgent ~ Many of the methods mentioned on the Internet do not work, and a file is changed: {code...} and the above error occurs again. Indicates that the system is completely dizzy. Warning: stream_socket_client(

Message Push APNs

Use APNS for message pushPrincipleAPNS is an abbreviation for Apple push Notification Service (Apple push server) and is Apple's server.APNs push can be divided into three stages:First stage: Push Server application Package the message to be sent,

apns-http2-php, Apple push upgrade to HTTP2

Recent company push push upgrade, with Apple HTTP2 Push, HTTP2 the benefits of not say, these online can be found, but really in the project, with PHP written or very little, so write to share with you, nonsense don't say, directly on the

To generate the APNs Service PEM certificate required by PHP

1. Login to the IPhone Developer Connection Portal and click App IDs2. Create an App ID that does not use wildcard characters. Wildcard IDs cannot be used with push Notification Services. For example, our iphone program ID looks like this:

To generate the APNS Service pem certificate required by php

1. log on to the iPhone Developer Connection Portal and click App IDs.2. Create an App ID that does not use wildcards. The wildcard ID cannot be used for the push notification service. For example, our iPhone program ID is like this: ab123127cd.com.

Apple push notication Service (apns) configuration strategy

Apns (Apple push notication service) is supported after IOS 3.0. The following describes how to configure the apns service. Apns consists of two parts: client and server: Client: 1. Create an app ID. If you are already a registered Apple user (at

PHP APNs Apple push Notification Service server-side public class

A set of APNs push platform developed in the previous period is very inefficient, and through the further study of Apple's message push service, summed up a lot of experience. At the same time also referred to some of the online technology blog blog,

APNs Remote Push certificate application and production--detailed analysis

Posted 6 months ago (2014-08-04 17:57) Read (1708) | Comments (7) 4 People collection This article, I want to collect likes 3 our mobile phone will be a lot of notifications every day bombing, then, how did these notifications come out, the

Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) principles and implementation scenarios

http://maxwin.me/blog/?p=170 principle To put it simply, the app has to dynamically update the message on its own, one of which is polling, which brings additional traffic to the user. Another scenario is for the Push,app client and server to keep

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