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SQL reads app. config to connect to the database. reads and modifies the config file implementation code1. Add the app. config file to the project:Right-click the project name and select "add"> "Add new item". In the displayed "Add new item" dialog box, select "add application configuration file "; if the project has no configuration file before, the default file name is "app. config, and click OK ". The

C # reads the App. Config Profile node key value and prompts the solution to "Configure system failed to initialize" error

Create a new C # project, add the appsettings key in App. Config, and run with the error "configuration system failed to initialize", MSDN writes that if the configuration file contains configsections elements, the configsections element must be The first child element of a configuration element. ", it is normal to put the appsettings you added to configsections.C # reads the

Swift reads app version information and PCH files

Swift reads app version information There is time we need to read the app version information such as configuration information, so we can use the method: Nsbundle.mainbundle (). Infodictionary to get Example:SwiftLet infodictionary = Nsbundle.mainbundle (). infodictionaryLet shortversion = infodictionary! ["Cfbundleshortversionstring"]Print (shortversion!)PCH

How C # reads and writes the app. config configuration file

. APPSETTINGS.SETTINGS.ADD ("Name",the Config");  //Delete Config. AppSettings.Settings.Remove ("name"); //Be sure to remember to save and write the config without parameters. Save () can also    CONFIG.  Save (configurationsavemode.modified); //Refresh, otherwise the program reads the previous value (may have been loaded into memory)System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.RefreshSection ("appSettings");}It is important to note that:1. Accessing the

The WinForm program reads and overwrites the value of the config file app.

you to read the value of the Imgpath element in the App. config file. So how do you rewrite the value of the element? If you think to write like that read, code like this: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>system.configuration.configurationsettings.appsettings["imgpath"] = @ "E:\img\"; // It's useless to write like this When modifying the element value of the

Android reads data from Androidmanifest.xml: Version number, app name, custom k-v data (Meta-data)

it is present.Getmenuinflater (). Inflate (, menu);return true;}@Overridepublic boolean onoptionsitemselected (MenuItem Item){Handle Action Bar Item clicks here. The Action Bar wouldAutomatically handle clicks on the Home/up button, so longAs you specify a the parent activity in id = item.getitemid ();if (id = ={return true;}return super.onoptionsitemselected (item);}}Android reads data from An

IOS reads Address Book information through app (sorting)

IOS reads Address Book information through the app. When reading Address Book information, it needs to load two packages: AddressBookUI and AddressBook, and introduce the header file.# Import# ImportThe specific implementation is as follows: -(Void) readAllPeoples {// define the address book name as addressbook ABAddressBookRef tmpAddressBook = nil; // call different methods to obtain the address book acco

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