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What about Iphone6 plus opening the App store blank? iphone opens App Store Blank Solution

What about Iphone6 plus opening the App store blank? First step: We need to go to the Iphone6 plus "set-general-Restore-Restore network Settings", and then reconnect the network to see. Step Two: If you can not solve the "set Wi-Fi select already connected wireless network", modify DNS for or, which modify the DNS114.114.114.114 not only solve the

How to recharge your iphone App Store? App Store Recharge method

1. If we open the app Store in the iphone, the following image shows. 2. Then we click on the Apple ID account to click Login 3. Then we click "View Apple ID" as shown in the following image after we login successfully. 4. Then I enter the Apple ID account password, as shown in the following figure 5. Into the account management interface, we clic

IPhone application submission process: how to publish an App to the App Store?

need to read the following text. Let me give you a thumbs up because I have no credit or hard work. Just share it with me! If you find any translation error, leave a message.IOS development Book recommendation IOS developers should first start learning from Objective-C language. Then, start practical development. The following are well-recognized iOS development tutorial books in the iOS development industry: 1. studious Objective-C/Turing programming series (US) Devo 2. OBJECTIVE-C Basics 3. B

Start app store from iPhone app

Http:// How can I start an app store from my own app? At the same time, how do I link to my own apps in the store? -[UIApplication openURL:]Processes incoming links to applications and media.NSURLObject To start the corresponding

ios-get Apple Store iphone app number appid-app jump to other apps in AppStore

ios-get Apple Store iphone app number appid-app jump to other apps in AppStoreOne get Apple Store iphone app number AppID1 open itunes on Mac Select A and then in the upper right corner

Android/iphone: How to open an app directly from browser or open the store without an app

When users use mobile browser to browse the site, they will click on a button/hyperlink, click on this button to open the application installed on the computer, or if the computer does not install the application then open the store and open the program in the store search results page.Here is the HTML + JavaScript source code that implements the jump. Android can see this buddy's blog

IPhone development entry (11)-publish a program on the App Store

is the same as the project name. When you need to change the configuration, edit the Info. plist icon. The "Bundle displayname" indicates the name of the application. Other settings Let's see what information can be set in Info. plist. Select the App Store in that language based on the interface language of the program and use "Localization native development region 」. Select "Japan 」. To differentiate

How to publish iphone apps to the App Store

Transferred from: do I advertise iphone application software to the App Store?published on October 19, 2009 Category: App Store, iphone, mobile appThe author of this article:shtion?This article ha

IPhone developers are plagued by App Store plagiarism

By increasing the App category ranking, Apple basically solved the problem of insufficient App Store App display seats that had plagued developers. It is rumored that Apple will set up a high-price software zone, which may further solve the problem of low App

A quick fix on your iphone's App Store screen problem

Because of Apple server, it is believed that almost all iphone users have encountered the open App Store to download a software, but found that the App Store is white! If it is Apple, of course, we can not solve, but sometimes only the network stuck, this time there is still

Procedure for publishing iPhone programs to the App Store

Procedure for publishing iPhone programs to the App Store Posted by: non-fish in iPhone, technical articleAdd Comment After a fax machine has been tried for n times and faxzero has been tried for n times, all of them indicate failure. However, the world is so unpredictable. In the early morning, I received a text messa

iphone App Store Recharge tutorial

Give your iphone users a detailed explanation of how to recharge the App store. Method Sharing: 1, open the Mobile desktop "settings"; 2, in the Settings page click "ITunes Store and App Store" option; 3, after opening

iphone App Store appears software can't download problem solving tutorial

Give the iphone users a detailed explanation of how the App Store has failed to download the software to solve the problem. Tutorial Sharing: 1, on the desktop to find "settings" click to enter; 2, after entering the Setup interface, click on "Wireless LAN"; 3, click on the connected WiFi network; 4, click on the static, and then

How to open app store from iPhone application

Use the [uiapplicaiont Openurl:] method to open the URL in iTunes to point to the app, song, or album you are interested in. Follow these steps to obtain the URL: 1. Open iTunes on your Mac. 2. Search for the item you want to link. 3. Right-click or CTR-click the item you are interested in iTunes, and select copy iTunes store URL in the added menu, Note that the URL you get is a link, and the

iphone App Store can't get into the solution

App Store can not open to set up DNS to resolve, it is recommended to use to make changes, which is a temporary solution Method ①: Modify DNS. 1 if we turn on the "set-wi-fi" of the iphone and then we click "I" on the back of the WiFi you connected, as shown below: 2 so you will see in the WiFi interface there is a "DNS", modify DNS for:

Apple iphone APP store cannot update solution

Try to remove the current wireless network connection 1. Often restart the phone or restart the wireless LAN, here we do not introduce. 2. In the iphone, we click "Settings"-"Wireless LAN", as shown in the picture 3-1. In the Wireless LAN list, locate the network that is already connected. 3-2. Click the blue arrow symbol on the right of the wireless network to enter the network settings. 3-3. Click "Ignore this Network" and select "Ignore" in th

Apple Cached Service causes IPhone App Store not to download programs

Beans recently met a very strange problem, the company inside the iphone/ipad connected to the WiFi, can not download the program from the App Store, but to update the program has been downloaded, but the PC and Mac side itune applestore Download no problem.The bean Company's wireless network settings are chaotic, the basic structure is the client through the AP,

iphone App Store Balance Inquiry Tutorial Share

Give your iphone users a detailed explanation of how to share the App Store balance query. Tutorial Sharing: 1, first open the app Store; 2, open into the App Store ma

Iphone/ipad Tips App Store tips can't complete the purchase problem solving method

APP Store Tip can't complete purchase specific method 1 Our easiest way is to restart the phone, this solution can be said to be omnipotent many problems we can restart the iphone to achieve. 2 cancellation of the account, and sometimes the Apple ID account problem, we can log off after the restart login to see. 3 Restore the network settings, this network pro

How to hide app store on iphone and ipad

1. Click settings on the iphone or ipad desktop, find the general option, and click open.2. Click the access restriction option on the page that appears, and enter the access restriction password. (If you have not created a password, enter a new password to create an access password)4. After entering the page, click the "Install application" option to disable this function to hide the App

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