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Common q&a of the APP Store official Statistics tool

reported to the app Analytics. Translator Supplement: Q: Why are the various numbers very different from other platforms? A: Summarize the reasons: Statistics start time: Apple's app analytics starts with data from April 1, and the previous number is equivalent to 0 Participate in the escalation device: some of the data

iOS's App Store statistics tool

Objective With the popularity of iOS development, a number of companies have provided specialized solutions or tools for all aspects of iOS development. These solutions or tools include: User behavior statistics tools (Friends, Flurry,google Analytics, etc.), App Store sales analytics tools (such as App Annie),

How to Use Win10 App Store? Win10 App Store downloads and installs app tutorials, win10 store

How to Use Win10 App Store? Win10 App Store downloads and installs app tutorials, win10 store How can I use the Win10 App Store to download

Publish an APP to the app store and an app to the store

Publish an APP to the app store and an app to the store I haven't written a blog for a long time. I have been learning new things, so I can't win. I recently used the AC platform to learn how to develop mobile apps. Today I started to publish APPs. After being compiled into

How to install the app in the App Store in win10, and how to install the App Store in win10

How to install the app in the App Store in win10, and how to install the App Store in win10 In addition to using the .exe installation package to install the application, windows is usually used. Do you know that windows 10 has an application

IOS6 App Store directly, without switching to App Store app

The Skstoreproductviewcontroller class is a subclass of Uiviewcontroller, if you are familiar with the view controller, The Skstoreproductviewcontroller is also very easy to use. When you want to show users the products in the App Store, you need to: 1. Instantiation of a Skstoreproductviewcontroller class 2. Set its delegate 3. Display the Sotre product view controller to the consumer The rest is left to

What is win10 App Store, how is win10 app store used, win10 store

What is win10 App Store, how is win10 app store used, win10 store Many friends who have just upgraded to the win10 system will notice that there is an app store in win10 that contains

How do you bind a bank card in the China App Store? APP Store China store bound Bank card tutorial

  1. Find a new payment method for UnionPay Open mobile phone app Store application, in the home "boutique recommended" page to find your Apple ID, click Select, in the Pop-up selection box select "View Apple id"-"Payment Information", you will be able to see the new payment method "UnionPay unionpay" has appeared. " Domestic issued credit cards or card can be bound, the system will automatically identify

What about Apple App Store screen? The App Store can't open the solution.

I believe many users have found that sometimes open the app Store, only to see a screen of whiteness, nothing else. There's nothing you can do to download a point. If you encounter the screen of the App Store, you'll only need three simple ways to handle it. Method One: Forced Refresh method If the

What about "Unknown error" in Mac App Store? APP Store can't open how to solve

Many fans who use the Mac app Store to update/download software may have been plagued by "unknown errors" and how to solve them. However, after a period of time do not know what to do and their own good. Today we offer two ways to solve this problem and you can try it the next time you encounter this problem. 1, first confirm that the Mac app

Product orientation for the App Store: Thinking about the Android App Store model

Article Description: thinking of the Android App store. Melee, messy, and uneven, this is a idiomatic expression of the status of the domestic Android Third-party App Store. Behind the impetuous disputes, there is a lack of thinking about the App

What if IPhone5 can't connect to the App Store? Apple 5 cannot connect to the App Store solution

Recommended methods: After the "set" –> "WiFi" –> enters the current WiFi entry, click the next exclamation mark, and then click DNS to delete the original setting 88.8.8 is OK. 1 The easiest way is to restore the network to try Click "Set" on the Apple phone desktop to find "General" and then click "Restore" –> "Restore network Settings" and restart the phone. 2) Reset Access Restrictions Also click "Set" –> "General" –> "Access Restrictions" on the iphone, turn on access restrictions for

What about the Apple App Store opening slowly? APP Store can't open solution

1. Below we take the Apple computer as an example, we open the Internet icon on the Apple Computer, and then click "Open Network Preferences" to enter 2. In the Open Network window, we click on the "Advanced" below the active window to enter it as shown in the picture. 3. Then in the open interface we click on the DNS column as shown in the figure. 4. After entering into the DNS panel, we click on the following + click Add DNS and then click "OK". Friendly tips, it is

"Apple" App Store status list "App Store"

Developer rejected and when your binary are re-submitted, the review Process would start over from the beginning. Pending Contract (Yellow)Appears when your application has been reviewed and are Ready for Sale but, your contracts are not yet in effect. I check the progress of your contracts in ITunes Connect by clicking on the contracts, Tax banking Information Module. Pending Developer Release (yellow)appears when the version of your app has been

Publish iOS app (XCODE5) to the App Store (Apple Store) for detailed analysis

first Step-submit application notes to itunes connect websitein the Apple world, each application has a different name, in order to give its application the first to get a future position on the platform, to ensure that the name of your application can be used after the development of the project, developers can first register in the App Store sounds good name. But it will be morally reprehensible to not be

How to Set Win10 App Store to Chinese and win10 App Store to Chinese

How to Set Win10 App Store to Chinese and win10 App Store to Chinese How can I set games or software in the Win10 App Store to simplified Chinese? Sometimes the Win10 App

Ios-app publishing to app-store process, ios-appapp-store

Ios-app publishing to app-store process, ios-appapp-store The first attempt is a complicated process. 1. First, you need an apple developer account to log on to the background. You need to create a publisher certificate. You can see that I have created a developer certificate. below is the newly created publishing cer

What about Iphone6 plus opening the App store blank? iphone opens App Store Blank Solution

What about Iphone6 plus opening the App store blank? First step: We need to go to the Iphone6 plus "set-general-Restore-Restore network Settings", and then reconnect the network to see. Step Two: If you can not solve the "set Wi-Fi select already connected wireless network", modify DNS for or, which modify the DNS114.114.114.114 not only solve the

Can the Apple App Store use fingerprints? How does the App store use fingerprints?

First step, enable the APP Store fingerprint function 1. If we take IPhone5S's iOS7.1.1 as an example, we click "Set" to enter. 2. Then find the touch ID and password in the Settings column entered, note: The other version of the iOS system is in the "set-general" 3. Friends who do not believe that fingerprint identification is used in the app

What if the Mac App Store doesn't open? To solve the Mac's way of not opening the App Store

What if the Mac App Store doesn't open? The following small series brings the Mac to the App Store solution, and if your Mac doesn't open the App store, then you might want to try the next method. Troubleshooting Mac

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