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App test teach welfare: Appium domestic Download address (Baidu Cloud disk, has been updated to

Link is Appium相关安装包 (exedmg format), if you need to pick up:)The latest update is: appium-1.3.4.dmg appiumforwindows- been updated to Testerhome official Baidu network disk: Http:// version release doc address:

Appium+python Automation 22-appium Desktop "Reprint"

Appium DesktopOfficial documents of the original flavorAppium Desktop is an open-source application for Mac, Windows, and Linux that provides the power of Appium Automation servers in a beautiful, flexible UI. It is a combination of some of the tools associated with Appium:The graphical interface of the Appium server. You can set options, start/Stop servers, view

Appium's Past Life

has some mobile extensions to the native Webdriver, including some handy methods, such as swipe, Appium client makes it easier to write better-readable test cases.2.8, Appium.exeThe official Appium server-side download of the GUI package encapsulates all dependencies on the Appium server, and users don't ha

Appium Mobile Automation test (i) Installation Appium

process, run a test now. > Brew Install node # get Node.js > NPM install-g appium # get Appium > NPM Install WD # get Appium Client > Appium # Start Appium > Node Your-appium-test.js The official home page gives the

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium Environment Construction (II.)

there is no direct Baidu download client, the default installation can (also under the Windows computer)2, Pip Mac under if your Python version is newer, the default is to install the PIP, if not installed directly in the Terminal input command: sudo easy_install pip installation can be. You can also download a source code to install.3, Appium mac and windows ha

Go Appium build two: Install Appium

command prompt, and enter the "NPM" command.    If such information appears, it indicates that node. JS installation succeeded.NPM is a node package management and distribution tool that has become an unofficial standard for publishing node modules (packages). with NPM, you can quickly find the packages you want to use for a particular service, download, install, and manage the packages you have installed.The following installs the

Appium+python Automated 55-appium Desktop installation unlock and Appium setting issues every time you start

ObjectivePart of the real machine may appear each run code, start the app will be repeatedly installed unlock and appium setting these two gadgets, some phones will automatically install, this is OK.Some phones will pop up an installation confirmation box each time (such as some millet and vivo appear), so it is more troublesome, do not manually go to the point, you can not continue to execute the code.Note: Appiu

Appium Entry-level Tutorials (2)--Install Appium-server

:// official homepage gives the installation steps of the Appium.According to the official steps, we will install node. JS first. node. JS Official website: the appropriate version to download according to your operating system. Here I installed Windows x86, I opened the official website when I found that there are two versions, the left is most people use the version, the right is the latest version. I chose to

Appium Mobile Automation test environment build Windows-appium-android

. jsBecause node. JS is written by the server side of Appium, node. JS is required first. After installing node. js, you can install Appium directly from NPM: shown in the following:Download to any directory to install, node. JS installation All the way to the idiot next, note that the path is changed, the installation will autom

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium (iv)

? 4.1 Interface KnowledgeIn the previous installation of Appium said we have two ways to install, there are two kinds of results, one is interface, one is no interface, first we first talk about the interface, and what the interface has.First look at the first picture, if you are Windows then the interface should be like this, so you find that you and I do not have to worry about, normal. There are only 7 buttons in the entire interface of Windows, an

Appium small white from zero installation, Appium connect the real machine test.

Appium installation Process node. JS was installed first. Download the exe installation file on node's official website. Execute in node command line npm install -g appium to install Appium, error, invalid. Go to official website, download the

Appium+robotframework automated testing for Android applications -1:appium specific installation steps in Windows

execution commands.3. Install the Java JDK and set the Java_home variable to your JDK directory.4. Install Appium for Windows version: Download path, I use the latest 1.4 version, very good.5. Install Python version 2.7, although Appium support many languages, but the personal favorite python, there is another reason is that robot

Appium Environment Setup Step record (ii)-appium environment configuration and Sdkmanager_appium

is all updated on the line, because Appium requires a minimum version of the phone or simulator 4.2). Wait a long time until the installation is complete. There is also an easy way: If you can find the above installation package, you can download it and put it in the appropriate directory, can save a lot of time. (You can also save the content after the update can be stored directly in the directory next

Appium+python Automation 54-appium-doctor Error has been resolved (syntaxerror:unexpected token ... )

ObjectiveBecause the new version of the Appium Desktop Edition is not with Appium-doctor this package, so want to use appium-desktop check the environment, need additional installation, in the installation of the small series and encountered a pitError message: syntaxerror:unexpected token ...Encountering a problem 102.nodejs v4.4.7Problem s

Appium Beginner (1)--appium Introduction

Excerpt from: FeaturesAppium is an automated testing open source tool that supports native applications, Web applications, and hybrid applications on IOS and Android platforms. "Mobile native apps" refers to apps written using iOS or the Android SDK (application abbreviation app). "Mobile web Apps" refers to apps that are accessed using a m

Appium (Windows platform): Appium Run Cheat (2)

We will install the software in the article and so on to download, ready, we begin to do the following. 1. After opening eclipse, after expanding Android and testng, make sure you have these displays If not, click Window->customize perspective->command Groups availability to check the options on Android 2. Click the Android SDK Manager button 3. Ensure that the following SDK are downloaded, this download

Appium Entry-level Tutorials (1)--appium Introduction

Appium Introduction Official website and introduction 1. FeaturesAppium is an automated testing open source tool that supports native applications, Web applications, and hybrid applications on IOS and Android platforms. "Mobile native apps" refers to apps written using iOS or the Android SDK (application abbreviation app). "Mobile web Apps" refers to apps that are accessed using a mobile browser (

Appium do android function automation test

/p/3894559.htmlwhere Appium installation, it is recommended to use DMG installation, click Download installation package. "NPM install-g appium" command line installation pro-Test has been error, FQ also error.2, Androidstudio in the new Android project Appdemo.3. Create Java Module (appium): new->new Module->java Libr

Mobile Automation Test-windows-android-appium environment Construction

ADB processes first;2, the computer in the SDK directory Adb.exe files, copied to the Night God Simulator directory (Bin directory), night God Simulator directory under the original ADB file name is called Nox_adb.exe, copy the past renamed to Nox_adb.exe, replace can.3. Restart SimulatorThen go to the Command Line window, enter the ADB devices to view, you can display the device information.C:\USERS\CHENSHIFENG>ADB deviceslist of Devices attached127.0.0.1:62001 deviceor run the cmd command, CD

Appium Learning--Installing Appium Server

Installing Appium Server: Baidu Network disk download link: downloading, to unzip, click appium-installer.exe to install. During the installation you may find an error message:The above hints indicate that you have not installed the NET Framework 4.0.If you have not installed, then Baidu search "NET Framew

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