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Appium Study-About inspector

(9.3) + Apple watch-38mm (2.2) [8f013a8c-94B3-4A86-8573-FDE9D36A1DEC] (Simulator) "," IPhone 6s Plus (9.3) [126374fa-1277-4cce-9aa0-3255e9d5c378] (Simulator) " , "IPhone 6s Plus (9.3) + Apple watch-42mm (2.2) [da74ee00-66f5-41f8-b659-995d49354e8f] (Simulator)"] It's best to look at the logs to solve the problem. The above log can clearly explain the problem.The first paragraph describes the configuration of the start inspector, the key is that the v

(vi) Appium 1.6 use and app-inspector positioning

1.6 to give up uiautomation;Switch to xcuiteest mechanism;Environmental Fundamentals:xcode8,ios9.3 and above1. Install the latest version of 1.6.3Install CNPM: npm install-g cnpm--registry = Installation appium1.6.3: CNPM install - g [emailprotected] 2. Installing Appium-xcuitest-driver DependenciesEnter the webdriveragent installation directory: CD /usr/local/lib/node_modules/

iOS test with Appium, problems when starting inspector (i)

-use-ios-simulator-9-1-with-appium-1-4-13/6887/8Probably the problem that we often see is this, found that after starting the inspector, the package also installed to simulator but the application has been started on the flash, the problem is because iOS non-cross-platform, compile time must be specified to run on arm or x86. The difference in packaging is that the SDK used differs. The solution to this pro

Appium+python Automation 22-appium Desktop "Reprint"

Appium DesktopOfficial documents of the original flavorAppium Desktop is an open-source application for Mac, Windows, and Linux that provides the power of Appium Automation servers in a beautiful, flexible UI. It is a combination of some of the tools associated with Appium:The graphical interface of the Appium server. You can set options, start/Stop servers, view

Appium's Past Life

has some mobile extensions to the native Webdriver, including some handy methods, such as swipe, Appium client makes it easier to write better-readable test cases.2.8, Appium.exeThe official Appium server-side download of the GUI package encapsulates all dependencies on the Appium server, and users don't have to worry about installing node. js. The GU

Appium those pits

/ideviceinstaller\n reason:image not found\n "}," SessionId ": null} 2014-11-04 01:26:40:841-info: This is your ideviceinstaller. Brew Install Ideviceinstaller Execute Fifth Pit "Message": "A new session could not being created. (Original error:instruments crashed on startup) "," Origvalue ":" Instruments crashed on Startup "}," SessionId ": null} In general, the problem is that your app's signature is not the same as the device, so you can keep it consistent. Sixth pit Seventh Pit Instal

Appium Mobile Automation test (i) Installation Appium

The route of web Automation testing is this: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->webdriver API---> Development Automation Test Project. The route of the mobile automation test is longer: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->android/ios development test base---->appium API-----> Develop Mobile Automation Project. ===================== Appium test environment is r

Appium+python Automated 55-appium Desktop installation unlock and Appium setting issues every time you start

ObjectivePart of the real machine may appear each run code, start the app will be repeatedly installed unlock and appium setting these two gadgets, some phones will automatically install, this is OK.Some phones will pop up an installation confirmation box each time (such as some millet and vivo appear), so it is more troublesome, do not manually go to the point, you can not continue to execute the code.Note: Appiu

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium (iv)

? 4.1 Interface KnowledgeIn the previous installation of Appium said we have two ways to install, there are two kinds of results, one is interface, one is no interface, first we first talk about the interface, and what the interface has.First look at the first picture, if you are Windows then the interface should be like this, so you find that you and I do not have to worry about, normal. There are only 7 buttons in the entire interface of Windows, an

Commissioning of the Delphi Application (iv) the debug Inspector

Debug Checker (the debug Inspector)Debug Inspector enables users to view data objects such as classes and records, and can also be used to view simple data types such as integers, character arrays, but such simple data types are best viewed with watch list. The maximum purpose of Debug Inspector is to view classes and records. Note Debug

Appium Beginner (1)--appium Introduction

Excerpt from: FeaturesAppium is an automated testing open source tool that supports native applications, Web applications, and hybrid applications on IOS and Android platforms. "Mobile native apps" refers to apps written using iOS or the Android SDK (application abbreviation app). "Mobile web Apps" refers to apps that are accessed using a m

"Unity" 2.7 viewer (Inspector)

Categories: Unity, C #, VS2015Date Created: 2016-03-31 I. INTRODUCTIONGames in unity consist of multiple game objects (gameobjects) that contain other graphical elements such as grids, scripts, sounds, or lights (Lights). The viewer (Inspector) displays details of the currently selected game object (gameobjects), including all add-ons (components) and their attributes.The Inspector view is used to display d

Appium Environment configuration under Mac

Appium. Be sure to run Appium before running the automated test script to start the test app. 1) Start the Appium server in the following two ways. (Appium boot will start the webdriveragent, do not turn off the webdriveragent after startup, or start again Appium will error

[Unity] 2.7 Inspector and unityinspector

[Unity] 2.7 Inspector and unityinspector Classification: Unity, C #, VS2015 Created on: 1. Introduction Games in Unity are multiple game objects (GameObjects) that contain mesh, script, sound, light, and other graphic elements. The Inspector displays the details of the currently selected game object (GameObjects), including all the additional Components and their attributes. The

Appium Entry-level Tutorials (1)--appium Introduction

Appium Introduction Official website and introduction 1. FeaturesAppium is an automated testing open source tool that supports native applications, Web applications, and hybrid applications on IOS and Android platforms. "Mobile native apps" refers to apps written using iOS or the Android SDK (application abbreviation app). "Mobile web Apps" refers to apps that are accessed using a mobile browser (

Enterprise IT Admin IE11 Upgrade Guide "16"-use Compat inspector to quickly locate IE compatibility issues

Enterprise IT Administrator IE11 Upgrade Guide series:"1"--internet Explorer 11 Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) Introduction"2"--internet Explorer 11 support for Adobe Flash"3"--ie11 new GPO settingsIntroduction of "4"--ie Enterprise model"5"--No Tracking (DNT) exception"6"--internet Explorer 11 FAQ for IT ProsComparison of IE11 functions on "7"--win7 and Win8.1"8"--win7 IE8 and Win7 IE11 contrastComparison of the functions of "9"--ie10 and IE11"10"--How to prevent the installation of IE11"11"-Dep

Appium+python app automation test scripts start and stop Appium services

Studying the automated testing of the Appium Android app for some time, the need to connect multiple mobile terminals to execute test cases simultaneously, I realized by getting the number of device IDs that needed to execute the use case and the number of devices actually connected (obtained through ADB devices). The corresponding number of Appium services is then initiated so that each device executes con

Webpage tool-use Dom inspector to search nodes

Use Dom inspector to search nodes A Dom Inspector tool is packaged in Mozilla Suite and Firefox browsers. If Dom inspector is used, you can view the structured representation of the web page, even search for certain nodes, and automatically update the nodes in the Dom. In Firefox, you can use the Tools menu to access Dom

Appium+python automated 60-windows on multiple Appium services simultaneously, allowing multiple Android machines to run in parallel

ObjectiveWhen doing Android automation, start a appium service that only matches one phone to automate execution. Sometimes you want the same set of code that can be executed on different phones, measuring the app's compatibility on different phones.This requires multiple Appium services to be started, and the Android device and the Appium must correspond.Start m

Appium-android against IOS

machine Uuid,gui may also need to click Launch)3. Click Launch. Starting Appium Server In addition to setting the IP and port (the command line opens with the IP and port parameters), you need to set the real machine's UUID (and of course, other associated caps also need to be set). Appium need to connect to the real machine when bootingSo here's the problem (don't think it's crooked.) Not blue shit.。)When

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