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Real-Machine debugging, publishing

Developer Account Category 1. The individual 99$  application is simple, pays the line   688 Yuan  2. The enterprise's 99$ application is complex, needs "the" the "the" The authentication of the company, can confirm the enterprise is the legal

IOS6.1 perfect jailbreak FAQ

In this IOS jailbreak, there will be a lot of Small and white fruit powders encountering many unknown problems, Here we will collect some iOS6.1 perfect jailbreak issues that may be frequently encountered during jailbreak for your

30 incredible, fun, and practical HTML5 mobile apps

Today, the number of apps in Apple and Android app stores is more than 400,000. Why do people still want to use mobile Web apps? An open and fair competitive environment is the driving force for Web developers to keep moving forward. HTML5 may have

iOS app Online

Application Online Address: Create an AppThe above is the configuration certificate, the following is the application managementIf the app has an internal purchase, you need to

Mobile development-third-party chat service and third-party chat in mobile development

Mobile development-third-party chat service and third-party chat in mobile development The popularity of mobile Internet has spawned a large number of third-party services, such: -Umeng and Flurry -JPush and push of the remote message PUSH

Iphone6 Plus icloud free space is not enough to do? icloud space is not enough to solve

What files do users typically store using icloud? To solve this problem, you must first know what is in the icloud. In general, users in the 5GB icloud storage space, the stored files can be roughly divided into four categories, including: photos,

Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for academics (edition)

Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for Academics (edition) ContentsJump to: My philosophy:optimize transaction costs. Don ' t work from home. Eliminate temptation to waste time. Salvage dead time with technology. Get rid of

Academic research tips productivity tips, tricks and hacks for Academics (2015 edition) _ Academic research

[Article index] [Email me] [@mattmight] [+mattmight] [RSS] I ' m a pre-tenure professor and the father of a special needs child. My final year in grad school, I juggled writing me dissertation, hunting for academic jobs and working on two start-ups.

2015, eight of these technologies make your life more enjoyable.

The 2015 has just begun, after 2014 years of development, the entire digital and network technology has been with our daily life close to a step. And from 2015 onwards, our digital life will be further changed by the evolving technology. Trying to

Q & A of users' concerns

(1) What is the background of software developed by Qixing studio? Starstar studio should be officially opened for external business as 2010, and the core product is the conference room booking system. In fact, as early as around 2008, I wanted to

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