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Ruby implements two mail sending methods, and ruby implements mail sending.

Ruby implements two mail sending methods, and ruby implements mail sending. In fact, as long as you are willful, you can use telnet to send emails. However, this cat is not so capricious. We should use the KISS Principle to send emails. This blog

KeyRaider: the largest number of Apple account leaks so far

KeyRaider: the largest number of Apple account leaks so far   From: KeyRaider: iOS Malware Steals Over 225,000 Apple Accounts to Create Free App UtopiaSummary Recently, WeipTech analyzed some suspicious iOS apps reported by users and found that

Where does the Apple care buy? Introduction to the Hong Kong version of Apple Care Purchase course

Apple products are a truly integrated system because Apple manufactures hardware, operating systems, and numerous applications. Only AppleCare products can provide you with one-stop repair service and technical support from Apple experts, and you

How to build an apple push notification provider server (Tutorial)

July 10, 2009 By David mytton See also:HowTo renew your apple push notification push SSL Certificate One of the widely anticipated features of the new iPhone OS 3.0Is pushCommunicationsWhich allow messages to be sent directly toIndividual

What about the Apple ID password incorrectly?

1. Login password is not correct and forget the password is no different, we directly enter HTTPS://APPLEID.APPLE.COM/CN into a page is the official Apple Phone page can also be registered on this page AppleID Oh, we found in the open page "Reset

How to switch to texting, calling, and sending emails in iOS

When we do the app, we will inevitably encounter the need to call SMS, telephone and other procedures. such as American Regiment.Of course, these are just a few simple methods can be achieved, but the time will be forgotten, so want to write this

IOS 6: seven problems Apple needs to solve

Last year, Apple released iOS 5. We saw that it not only added new features, major updates are also made to iCloud, iTunes Match, custom vibration reminders, Web browsing Privacy Security, and wireless software updates. This year's WWDC will be held

Apple releases OS X 10.10.2 beta1 or will fix WiFi link issues

Mac App Store is open today for OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 beta1 Download, although Apple has not prompted any updates about the beta, but it is speculated that OS x Yosemite 10.10.2 will likely fix the long-standing WiFi link problem. Today,

Mail alert configuration in Linux

Mail alert mechanism in LinuxThe alarm mechanism in Linux is a key part of operation and maintenance management. We generally detect problems through monitoring, common monitoring software such as: Zabbix is now in use and ready to use. If we do

How to send a super large attachment to Mac Mail

How do I send a large attachment to a MAC message? in the use of Mac computers, many people have the experience of sending extra large attachments. For small partners using Apple's Mac, it would be extremely painful to send large volumes of mail on

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