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How to build an apple push notification provider server (Tutorial)

July 10, 2009 By David mytton See also:HowTo renew your apple push notification push SSL Certificate One of the widely anticipated features of the new iPhone OS 3.0Is pushCommunicationsWhich allow messages to be sent directly toIndividual

Ruby implements two mail sending methods, and ruby implements mail sending.

Ruby implements two mail sending methods, and ruby implements mail sending. In fact, as long as you are willful, you can use telnet to send emails. However, this cat is not so capricious. We should use the KISS Principle to send emails. This blog

How does "go" Evaluate Apple's new programming language, Swift?

How do I rate Apple's new programming language, Swift?Original address: If you will objective-c, you do not need to see it.         If you ask me this language is not important to the average

Yosemite Mail: Using Connection Diagnostics

Upgrade the Yosemite system users, you can use the link diagnostics to detect the status of the user's mail, this method can be a good response to the user's email reception status, so as not to cause unnecessary losses, these several methods make

Apple Enterprise Developer Account & application History

 1. Account classificationThere are three Apple developer accounts, individuals, companies, and businesses. Both individuals and companies are referred to as standard accounts. There is also an account of an educational institution.Now record

Use mutt + msmtp as the linux Mail Client

Using mutt + msmtp as the linux Mail Client these days, the leaders asked me to deploy a script written by the Development Department, and sent the attachment generated by the script to his mailbox via email. Let's get started, because the mail

Mail alert configuration in Linux

Mail alert mechanism in LinuxThe alarm mechanism in Linux is a key part of operation and maintenance management. We generally detect problems through monitoring, common monitoring software such as: Zabbix is now in use and ready to use. If we do

Interaction Designer: Discuss several ways to deal with problems

When a project begins, how does an interaction designer begin to work? What tools and methods do you need to use to solve the problem? Although many interaction designers stick to the user-centric (UCD) design approach, this is simply not

ISA Server Beginners Quiz

Nowadays a lot of people are equipped with broadband, using Sygate,wingate,ms proxy, I now come to introduce a good proxy--isa, here to provide configuration will encounter problems, I hope to help you Q: What are the differences between ISA Server

Android developer uses Webuploader to solve the bug_android of uploaded images in an Android micro-mail browser

First of all to analyze the micro-letter browser upload image bug Reason In its new version, the micro-letter uses its own X5 kernel browser, and in older versions it could be Android's native browser. I don't know much about the environment, but

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