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"Go" Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submitted for review)

Original URL: project to the final stage, after testing everything OK, ready to pack and submit, unexpectedly see online many tutorials, a lot of old version of the IDE, and now the

Text tutorials for submitting new apps to the Apple App Store (GO)

When you've finally developed your app to overcome the difficulties, the next step is to submit the app to the App Store, what should you do? Is my app really ready to submit? I'm sure these questions will float right into your mind. Based on this

How does "go" Evaluate Apple's new programming language, Swift?

How do I rate Apple's new programming language, Swift?Original address: If you will objective-c, you do not need to see it.         If you ask me this language is not important to the average

Apple Development-submit apps to App Store

Original address: you've completed an app, you're definitely going to submit it, and here's a chat about some of the questions you've submitted to the App Store.We all know that

Android mobile OS source code

Document directory Linux Mac OS X  Get Android source code This document describes how to set up your local work environment, how to use repo to get the android files, and how to build the files on your machine. Related reading: For an

IOS10 adaptation ATS (App support HTTPS via App Store review) Han Junqiang Blog

Tag: Stop error serialize air login call reason int false Daily Update attention : Sina Weibo! iOS Developer Chat QQ Group: 446310206One. HTTPS In fact, HTTPS from the end of the data analysis, and HTTP is not

What are the differences between objective-C and C ++? Why does apple choose the former?

Zhihu: I have nothing to do with reading obj-C books in the library over the past few days. After reading obj-C for two days, I feel that this is not an object-oriented C, and the class syntax is so weird. What is the essential difference between

Programming of Apple push notification service (apns)

-Translated from weimenglee's programming appush ush Notification Services The iPhone has many restrictions on application running in the background (unless you jailbreak ). Therefore, when you switch to another program, the original program cannot

Shellshock vulnerability review and analysis test

Shellshock vulnerability review and analysis test 0x00 vulnerability Overview Many may have a deep memory of the Heartbleed Bug in the first half of 2014. In September 2014, another "destruction-level" vulnerability-Bash software security

Review the HTTP protocol again

HTTP and HTTPSHTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Hypertext Transfer Protocol): is a way to publish and receive HTML pages.HTTPS (hypertext Transfer Protocol over secure Socket layer) is simply the secure version of HTTP, which is added to

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