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Jimmy Kimmel Comedy show-What do you think of Apple's new "Itime smart watch"?

" is a super "smart" plan because now they do a big screen mobile phone, 2 years later, they can release an iphone mini version, the size and now our 4-inch, and then we will be there for three days long line to buy it (haha), because we are so ... In the fall, Apple is looking to produce a new product that we call smart watches, which, according to them, will su

Apple Watch App Development 2

, and the constraints of the layout system, complex animations, especially UIView series or CALayer series of animations, are not possible. The only thing that seems possible now is frame animation, which WKInterfaceImage can be achieved by setting up an image with more than one image, or replacing an image with a timer timing. While Apple's own example has been animated in this way, the storage and power consumption of the device can be challenging, and it needs to be tested and observed after

Apple Watch Usage Experience--2

be really need to strengthen AH. Take a look at the other two map apps, one is Uber and the other is Apple's own map.Yes, Uber also has AW's app, and I've used it to call a few times, and I feel that the map function in Uber is now more powerful than the map function of the graph trader.Apple official Map app:As you can see, Uber, as a third party, can not only complete the core call function, but also show the map on the watch, although the map cann

The combination of the ring-letter SDK and Apple Watch (2)

. Originally wanted to join the function of sending heartbeat, but found that WatchKit does not support watch app to get hardware sensor parameters, and found a good self-answer article, drag and drop on the storyboard1, click on the folder Interface.storyboard file, the right side will appear the corresponding view display. According to the first step of thinking, directly drag 4 interface Contr

The combination of the ring-letter SDK and Apple Watch (2)

This article is mainly about how to write pages on Apple Watch.You need to work in the "Emwatchocdemo WatchKit App" in the project, the structure of the folderWatchKit almost not allow direct coding page, can only drag on the storyboard, and for me this habit directly coding page of people, really very painful.1. Determine the operating process on Apple WatchFirst of all, I want a menu page, corresponding t

The non-"smart watch" selling point of Apple watch

another 3 days is the day that Apple Watch opens online bookings. In order for more consumers to understand and buyApple Watch, the company is also a lot of spelling. 1 , Apple Watch can be purchased at half priceaccording The Verge reports that

Apple Watch Alipay How to use the Apple Watch Alipay tutorial

In the morning, the Alipay Wallet announced today that it has finished adapting to Apple Watch, and domestic users can use the payment function for the first time after Apple Watch. Alipay says the Alipay Wallet has been developed to match the Apple

How does Apple Watch change its password? How to change the password of Apple Watch

1) change the Apple Watch password not in Apple Watch, but in Apple Watch on iphone. For detailed operation steps, find Apple Watch on the d

Apple Watch iwhach/apple Watch Conference broadcast

Apple Watch Iwhach/apple Watch press release: Next, Apple releases a new app that we've never heard before, and that's the Parkinling medical app. Apple's collaboration on medical research, ultimately depends on the s

How Apple Watch uses the Apple Watch method

Apple Watch supports paying banks with third party payments have China UnionPay: BOC, ICBC, CCB and merchant bank Third party payments At present, only pay the treasure family, or a lot of functions have been deducted Alipay, but Alipay payment and balance treasure can still be used. How to use Apple watch 1.

Apple Watch application development experience: the pitfalls I encounter, watch Application Development

Apple Watch application development experience: the pitfalls I encounter, watch Application Development The author of this article, Zhang Zhongliang, is a developer of the Apple Watch application. He spent a week using pure Objective-C language to complete the development of

Apple Watch Development (iii)--watchkit introduction and watch adaptation, layout

interaction or interface types mentioned in our first article: Watch app, glance, notification (static, dynamic) And we go back to the Extension Code section, Check the InterfaceController.h file, we found that there is no previous Uikit framework, but WatchKit, before the UIView and so on in this is not good, but a new set of layout; similar to Uiviewcontroller, there are controllers, but it Inherited f

Karnaugh Map's first intimate contact with Apple Watch

than 1,000 Apple Watch apps have been submitted to the store.Here, let's guess Apple Watch is followed by the apps and other features that excite you. I bet Apple Watch 2 will be equip

Apples watch Apple Watch use tips to share

1, fast switching applications: Previously, we have heard, Apple Watch part of the operation is somewhat similar to the IPhone, for example, only need to click the Digital crown (Digital Crown) two times, can be applied to switch operations, and then click two times to return to switch before the application, For example, double-click the crown on the dial to switch to music, and then double-click again aft

Apple Watch knows more about women's hearts

The Apple Watch finally released!!My attitude? Zinzainzenzinzheizan! Mememe!What does it look like? Cool, not cool? Handsome, not handsome? Isn't it beautiful? Want to see the picture? Find out for yourself. Aren't you looking at some of its basic information right now? To learn more about the Apple Watch feature, cont

Game&watch, 30 years ago, is more innovative than Apple's watch (People's post, "Happy Travels," 53)

already very mature at the time. But precisely this technology, the tedious process of computing into a game process, the subtraction and the digital keyboard into one or two game keys, the real realization of disruptive innovation.When Apple redefined the smartphone with the iphone, it simply solved the problem of "why must have a keyboard" with the touch screen, and solved the "why the main function of the mobile phone" is the user's little perplex

The UI design basics of the APPLE watch human-Computer Interaction Guide

-especially heart rate and sketch-provide a more personal, new way of communicating. The built-in accelerometer and heart rate sensor provide personalized activity information for each user. No Apple device has ever been able to connect with the wearer like Apple Watch. While you're designing the app for

"Reply to Likes" Rob "Apple Watch Apple development tutorial" activity began!!!

"Reply to Likes" Rob "Apple Watch Apple development tutorial" activity began!!!Activity mode:Reply to the product likesSection 1 Step: Reply to this threadScan Two-dimensional code Enter the event siteSection 2 step: Gather your little friends to praise your reply. Event Time: -years 4 Month atDay-- -years5Month3Day (T

10 Apple Watch design tips to be found after actual combat

The value of today's article is worth 10 theoretical articles. The authors ' team summed up 10 todolist techniques for the Apple Watch adaptation of their own software, all from the actual combat process, each of which is worth learning >>> After the release of Apple Watch, our team immediately realized that the

Apple Watch: Big direction and Google like, hardware parted

card on the Apple Watch is shorter and initially only brings up the smallest amount of information. If you tap the screen or keep your wrist up, more information and actions are available to perform. Otherwise, the reminder will automatically disappear.Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. Android wear the cards together, making navigation easier, and allowing the app to pop up information that can

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