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2017 Xcode Packaged IPA upload detailed tutorial on Apple application market

filled in carefully. Used to label our app so that it has a fixed identity that is directly related to your program. Fill in the format of the Explicit App ID:, follow the format, write a handy note, a lot of places to use. The third app services, by default, will choose 2 items, can not be modified, other according to their own needs of the choice of services, and then click Continue confirm, next. Check that there is no wrong words directly click Register and click Done to

Complete Text tutorial on generating, setting, and applying Apple xcode certificates

Share with you the generation, setup, and application of xcode certificates. If the compilation fails as follows, I will teach you. Development Environment: Mac OS lion 10.7.4 Xcode 4.3.3 1. Click the key icon. 2. on the menu bar, select the "keystore Certificate" tab for key string access and disable all the following two items. 3. Generate a certificate request: access the keystore certificate assistant

IOS7 Development-apple Apple iphone development Xcode Official document translation

/3495885.html Basic Control Document-Uicontrol event---ios-apple official Apple document translation Basic Control Document-Uialertview---ios-apple Apple official document translation Basic Control Document-Uiactivit

"Go" Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submitted for review)

first feeling, directly related to the user will not buy.However, the screen you upload does not have to be practical, see where ' s My water? Can be more attractive and persuasive by using this strategy.Step 3: Meta dataBefore submitting your app, manage your app's metadata, including 1 app names, 2 version numbers, 3 main categories, 4 concise descriptions, 5 keywords, 6. Support URLs. If you need to update your app, you'll also want to provide new additions to the version.If your app needs t

Installation of xcode image and text tutorials for Apple iPhone development environment in Windows

Because xcode can only be installed on mac systems ~ Therefore, we only need to install the Virtual Machine in Windows, and then install the mac system on the virtual machine. The latest official version of Xcode for Mac (Apple software development tool) Http:// Installation conditions: Software: VMware: Mac OS

Detailed description of Apple development tools Xcode and Interface Builder

Apple development toolsXcodeAndInterface BuilderIs the content to be introduced in this article. It introduces the usage and operation methods of the two development tools in detail. Let's take a look at the details. What is Xcode? Xcode is developed by Apple and runs only the IDE on Mac OS X. If you really want to kno

Text tutorial for installing Xcode 6 beta in mac OS X 10.9, 10.9 xcode

Text tutorial for installing Xcode 6 beta in mac OS X 10.9, 10.9 xcodeIn order to help you learn and use the Swift language without affecting the project progress or the normal use of the system, it is also out of the stability and ease of installation, we do not need to update to the new version of Xcode 6 Beta on Mac, we have provided a

Apple Xcode Swift Vulnerability (CVE-2015-7030)

Apple Xcode Swift Vulnerability (CVE-2015-7030)Apple Xcode Swift Vulnerability (CVE-2015-7030) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Apple XCode Description: CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2015-7030Xcode is a development tool used o

Apple Xcode help document reading guide

guide and in most cases does not have to buy books at all. The guide in the Xcode document is a problem, starting with a question, or one aspect of the system, detailing how to use the Cocoa Library documentation in step-by-step directions. The general programmer is familiar with is reference, is you look up a class, method, function of document time, come out of thing. Those are actually 1.1 points of fine knowledge, light look at those things are c

Apple Xcode help document reading guide

ideas to build things, the latter is easier to learn. The guides--guide, which is the coolest and best part of Xcode, learns to look at the guide and in most cases does not have to buy books at all. The guide in the Xcode document is a problem, starting with a question, or one aspect of the system, detailing how to use the Cocoa Library documentation in step-by-step directions. The general programmer i

Introduction to Apple Watch Development (i) Configuring Xcode project

The WatchKit app requires an existing iOS app. In the iOS app project, add a new WatchKit app target that contains the resources needed in the WatchKit app and WatchKit extension. They will be posted to AppStore with the iOS app.WatchKit app Target provides all the resources for the initial creation of WatchKit App,glances, as well as custom notification interfaces. The iOS simulator can be used to test all the interfaces and behaviors.Note: WatchKit development requires iOS 8.2 or an updated SD

Soucecontrol's Apple document translation in Xcode (excerpt)

select the correct locations and click Next In the Checkout window, select the branches and working copies to check out, and click Next.You'll be presented only with the necessary options for your repository. If your project contains only a working copy, you'll only have a to select the branch to checkout. If your project doesn ' t contain branches, you are only being given an option from working copies to checkout. If you are a single working copy with no branches, this dialog would be skipp

Apple development--xcode Certificate generation, Setup and application

Original address: environment: Mac OS Lion 10.8.2, Xcode 4.5.11. Click Application---utility--keychain 2. In the menu bar, select: Keychain Access, preferences, Certificates tab, below two all select Close 3. Generate certificate request: Keychain Access, certificate Assistant, request certificate 4 from a certification authority. Enter two e-mail addresses and a common name

iOS Development UI Basics-Install official Apple docs and Xcode simulator

iOS Development UI Basics-Install official Apple docs and Xcode simulatorTip: Prepare your data(1) Iphonesimulator6.1.sdk.zipFirst, install Apple official documents1. Installation pathThe document has two installation paths:(1) ~/Resource Library/developer/xcode

Apple Xcode Information Leakage Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Apple XCode 4.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 54679Cve id: CVE-2012-3698, CVE-2011-3389 Xcode is a development tool used on Apple machines. Versions earlier than Apple

Xcode packaging Apple application problems and solutions

Open Path/applications/ the current phone system version number is not in the Devicesupport directory (some words will be restarted Xcode can be resolved)If there is no corresponding version, example does not have 10.3, you can go to download 10.3, the download successfully put to/applications/ devicesupport/, you ca

Apple development tool Xcode was implanted in malicious code 12306, drip taxi and other strokes

Recently unofficial channel download Apple development tools Xcode left behind the backdoor, there are a large number of apps are infected with the virus, including drip taxi, Citic Bank, China Unicom, NetEase Cloud Music, 12306, high-level map and so there are the strokes. It was analyzed that the application of the virus could pop up a fake popup window to get the user's ICloud account and password. even

Apple releases Xcode 6.3.2 GM version fix Bug to developers

Apple released the Xcode 6.3.2 GM version to developers in Friday, fixing a lot of bugs and improving the background. The GM version means that Xcode has been developed, but it is still a pre-release version. The GM version is likely to be the final version of the future unless there is a very important Bug at the end.Xcode 6.3.2 fixes 6 bugs, such as canceling a

How to update someone else's Apple ID downloaded by Xcode

When our Apple ID is someone else, we need to update xcode after borrowing to find AppleID account is someone else, this time can be resolved in the following way:1. Open the Reference program directory2. Find Xcodeand right-click "Show Package Contents"3. Locate the _masreceipt folder4. Delete it and then exit restart Appstroeto update Xcode . Original : Http://

Apple Xcode help document reading guide

Document Guide previous document structure of Xcode is about how you can quickly navigate to what you're looking for. But a lot of people's problems may be that they don't know what to read at first.Here we introduce self-learning iOS development should follow or say we recommend the reading order of the required reading documents.Reading order: Start developing iOS apps now (starting d

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