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Read/write INI configuration file

Please respect the original: Original address: Click to open the link :: WritePrivateProfileString (_t ("Options"), _t ("Name"), M_strname, Papp->m_szini);INI file programming, WINAPI function Writeprivateprofilestring,getprivateprofilestring

INI File Format and read/write

INI file (initialization file), which usually stores the initialization information of a program. An INI file consists of several sections. Each section consists of several keys, and each key can be assigned a corresponding value. Reading and

Encapsulate INI file read/write Functions

Delphi reads and writes the INI file instance // -- mainly implements two processes: when the form is closed, the interface information of the file is saved; when the form is created, the program reads the information stored in the file. // -- Uses

Differences between php. ini-dist and php. ini-recommended in the php source code of PhpIniDir

PhpIniDir application php source code. ini-dist and php. differences between ini-recommended and PhpIniDir applications (reproduced) PhpIniDir is the PHP initialization file php. ini path. ini is stored in the windows directory. in PHP5, PHP. the

Use the INI file to implement the MRU of the latest file

The MFC of VC ++ wraps the latest file so that you can implement the menu of the latest file without writing any code. However, this method is also flawed: ① A user program must use a document and view structure and can only use the documents

Third: In the VC + + read and write INI file __c++

Read and write INI file in VC + + Write INI fileCString Path,index;int i;Path= "d:/qc_download/bin_code/teu800_long_sms/";I=1;Index. Format (_t ("%d"), I);:: WritePrivateProfileString (_t ("Successcompath"),index,_t

INI File Management in Delphi

INIFILE Management By clin003 at 20070528 from: files play an important role in system configuration and saving and setting application parameters, for example, VB, Vc, VFP, and Delphi all provide methods to read and

Differences between php. ini-dist and php. ini-recommended (convenient development and security

After downloading php, there will be two php. ini: php. ini-dist and php. ini-recommended during configuration. what is the difference? If you select a suitable version, the security level of php. ini-recommended is higher than that of php. ini-dist.

INI file programming in Delphi

---- INI files play an important role in system configuration and saving and setting application parameters. Therefore, a Visual Programmer, for example, VB, Vc, VFP, and Delphi all provide methods to read and write INI files. Among them, operations

How to read and write INI files in C #

An INI file is a file with the extension "ini. In Windows, there are many INI files. The most important ones are system. ini, system32.ini, and win. ini ". This file mainly stores user selection and various system parameters. You can change the

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