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Seven-layer load (application Gateway) + four-layer load (LB)

Last time an e-commerce client needs to be built as a framework. (request URL)-->node1:, (server IP) (request URL)-->node2:, (server IP)A client allocates traffic based on the request URL,/URL1 traffic goes to Node1, and then Node1 the node for a traffic load. Then this scenario can use seven-layer load balancing (application

Development and Design of Voice Gateway Based on SIP protocol

and video conferences. Therefore, it can be said that SIP will become the main force of next-generation network protocols. SIP is an application layer signaling control protocol used to create, modify, and terminate sessions of one or more participants. These sessions can be Internet multimedia meetings, IP phones, or

Application Layer Gateway Service

Http:// Application Layer Gateway ServiceFor short, "ALG" (application layer network access, whose input name is alg.exe, and WINXP home/Pro is manually installed by default. Also known as proxy server, ALG is a functional classificat

Basic SIP application solution

of VOIP in enterprise networks. For example, if a VOIP Terminal in an Enterprise Network wants to be accessed by the outside world, it is difficult to maintain the network by ing all the VOIP terminals to the outside world on the NAT gateway. At the same time, this ing has poor scalability. In NAT gateway, H323 and SIP appli

Research on combined application of SIP sap and SDP protocol

following are four functional entities: (1) User Agent In sip, the user proxy (UA) is the endpoint entity. The User Agent initiates and terminates a session by exchanging requests and responses. As an application, UA contains the user proxy client and user proxy server, as follows: · User proxy client (UAC): the initial SIP request of the client

Research on combined application of sip sap and SDP protocol

exchanging requests and responses. As an application, UA contains the user proxy client and user proxy server, as follows: · User proxy client UAC): the initial SIP request of the client application. · User Proxy Server UAS): Server application. When a SIP request is receiv

Introduction and application of Session Initialization Protocol (SIP)

is to separate the call control function from the media gateway and realize the basic call control by sending the software package. In this way, the network system of NGN, which separates the service from the call control and the data bearer, makes the low coupling between the layers can effectively meet the diverse and changing demands of the users. Figure 1. Next Generation network layered architecture In many communication protocols of SoftSwi

SIP service support environment and Application Server

includes the ietf sip protocol and the Parlay API specification developed by parlay. From this perspective, the Application Server can be divided into two types: the SIP application server and the Parlay Application Server. The former interacts with the softswitch using the

A Preliminary Study of IMS service provision Method Based on SIP Application Server

Abstract: IP MultimediaSubsystem ( IMSThe user plane, control plane, and business plane are separated to facilitate the provision of services to users. This article will focus on analysis SIPApplication Server(SIP as) Issues related to the IMS service provision process, including the general process, billing functions at the business layer, and technical difficulties provided by the Service, analytics is ba

Design and Implementation of the SIP protocol stack-Transaction Layer

A transaction is a request transaction sent by the customer (through the communication layer) to a server transaction, together with all the responses to the request of the server transaction, sent back to the client transaction. The transaction layer processes the re-sending of the application service layer, matches t

Application of STUN/TURN/ICE protocol in P2P SIP (I)

the working principle and functions of the STUN and TURN protocols. It describes in detail the allocation of relay ports, the receipt and transmission of messages, and the addition and removal of STUN headers. The third part is the working principle and function of the ICE protocol. It introduces in detail the Drilling Principle of ICE, two drilling modes, and the concept and discovery process of Peer Reflexive. The fourth part is the application of

SDP application in the SIP protocol and SDPSIP Application

= row of the returned media stream be returned, and the port should be 0. At the same time, no column of Net Load type. (4) If all media streams do not have a public media format, the called back sends a 415 response (media type not supported) and adds the 304 warning header field (media type not supported ). 3. multicast operations (1) The accepted and sent multicast addresses are the same. (2) called media streams cannot be changed only by sending, only receiving, or receiving/sending. (3) If

Application of SDP in SIP protocol

streams have a public media format 415 Response ( Media type not supported ) , and join 304 Warning Header field ( Media type not supported ) . 3 . Multicast Operations( 1 ) The multicast addresses that are accepted and sent are the same. ( 2 ) is called not allowed to change the media stream only hair, just accept or receive / To the hair characteristics. ( 3 ) If the call does not support multicasting, the loopback - Response and the Warning ( multicast not available ) . 4 . delayed Media

Windows Azure Application Gateway

Windows Azure Application Gateway This article describes three main functions of Windows Azure Application Gateway: Http load balancing, cookie-based session connection, and SSL Uninstall. Azure Application Gateway) Prerequisites

Analysis of application form of Gateway server for WAP Web site

Server 1. Introduction At present, WAP has become a hot topic in the field of information technology (IT), and there are many articles about it, including all aspects of WAP, such as the protocol stack itself, WAP application and so on. Indeed, WAP is the 21st century's dream of ' surfing the internet ' anytime, and it's one of the best ways to combine wireless with the Internet. WAP application domain is q

Firewall Toward secure Application Gateway

generation firewall, WatchGuard not only provides stateful packet filtering detection in the network layer and transport layer, but also provides the application layer with proxy detection. Specifically, HTTP application agents can be targeted to filter content to protect t

Network Layer Routing and Application Layer Routing

in the IP data packet and the route table to route the IP data packet. 3. application Layer Protocol address: This is related to the specific application layer protocol. Different Application layer protocols have different addres

Application Perspective: Comprehensive Performance Comparison of layer-4 and layer-7 Smart Switches

technology, high-performance network processor, and rich Application Intelligence, this greatly improves the availability, security, and scalability of key business applications. ServerIron 450 and 850 provide comprehensive application traffic and content exchange functions, including Server Load balancer, URL-based and Cookie-based switching, global Server Load balancer, and transparent high-speed cache s

Three-layered services application (layer-3 Service Application)

in the accounting system to complete the business process. The solution delegates all interactions with the accounting system to the service gateway. The Service Gateway makes it easier to change the external service provider. Service gateways can even simulate external services to make testing at the domain layer easier.Basic services In addition to three stand

HTTP Introduction: http is an application-layer object-oriented protocol.

HTTP Introduction: http is an application-layer object-oriented protocol. Abstract: HTTP is an object-oriented protocol at the application layer. It is suitable for Distributed hypermedia information systems due to its simple and fast method. It was proposed in 1990 that, after several years of use and development, it

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