application layer protocols in computer networks

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Review computer networks (Application Layer)

2.1 application layer protocol principles Client Server Architecture The application layer protocol defines how application processes running on different end systems transmit packets to each other. Switch packet type, packet type syntax, field meaning, process time, how to

Network basics of basic computer series-network protocols and basic computer networks

Network basics of basic computer series-network protocols and basic computer networks What's the network protocol A computer with hardware, operating systems, and software already has functions that can be used. However, to realize communication between a

Selection of transmission layer protocols for digital video Networks

layers, which are listed in the following order: physical Layer, data link layer, network layer, transmission layer, Session Layer, presentation layer, and application

Selection of transmission layer protocols for digital video Networks

transmission protocol selection is concentrated on the transport layer We know that the OSI (Open System Interconnection) network reference model developed by ISO divides the network into seven layers, which are listed in the following order: physical Layer, data link layer, network layer, transmission

A detailed description of routing protocols in computer networks

Before we talk about routing protocols, let's look at the structure of the routers:A router is a dedicated computer with multiple input ports and multiple output ports whose task is to forward groupings.The core of the routing part is the routing processor, which can construct a way out of the table according to the selected routing protocol, and Exchange routing information with regular or regular and neig

Various application and application layer protocols for UDP and TCP protocols

Applications Application layer Protocol Transport Layer protocol name conversion dns UDP File Transfer tftp UDP Route Selection Protocol rip UDP IP address configuration NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;BOOTP ,dhcp UDP Network Management snmp UDP Remote file server nfs NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;UDP IP Phone Proprietary

Application Layer functions and protocols

Application Layer functions and Protocols 1. In the application layer, software programs or processes access the network in two forms: applications and services. Applications can interact with us. Is the user software. If the device is a

Simple expression of application layer protocols

We all know that networks are divided into different layers. In the application layer, some application layer protocols protect our e-commerce systems. In this regard, let's talk about the relevant content. It is an important issu

Security issues of application layer protocols

Some of our commonly used network applications, such as e-commerce, are implemented at the network application layer. So how can we ensure security in the application layer protocol? In this regard, we will mainly discuss the SET protocol. First, let's take a look at the security protocol environment on the Internet. I

Computer networks: Network layer

and network address translation NATVPN (Virtual private network) uses the public Internet as the communication carrier between the private networks of the agency. VPN internal use of the private address of the Internet. A VPN must have at least one router with a legitimate global IP address in order to communicate with another VPN on the system over the Internet. All data transmitted over the Internet must be encrypted.Using Network address translati

Network layer of computer networks

1, Network layer Responsibilities:Responsible for forwarding packets between different networks (based on IP address), not responsible for retransmission, not responsible for the order.Note: During the two host communication process, each packet selects a routing path individually.2, the router can see the IP address, so work in 3 layers. The following application

Network Programming basics for UNIX/Linux: Introduction to application layer protocols

Directory 1. HTTP protocol 2. FTP protocol 3. TELNET protocol 4. NFS Protocol 1. HTTP protocol Application Layer ProtocolHTTP is the core of Web.HTTP is implemented in Web client programs and server programs. client programs and server programs running on different systems communicate with each other by exchanging HTTP messages. The HTTP Protocol defines the data format so that the server and client ca

TCP/IP network Programming Learning note _6--defining application layer protocols

program (customer service sends the number of operations, operands, operators, and the server receives the data to end to the client): The customer service side is connected to the server side and passes the operands in 1-byte integers as a number. Each operand that the customer service side passes to the server is a 4-byte integer data. After each operand is passed, the operator is then passed, and the operator occupies 1 bytes. The server returns the result of the operati

Application of ATM technology in computer Communication Networks

quality assurance.Iv. Application of ATM technology in computer communication networks: LANE1. Concept of ATM LANEAs the name suggests, LANEEmulated LAN is used to simulate a LAN on an ATM network. The LANE Protocol defines a mechanism to simulate an IEEE 802.3 Ethernet or 802.5 ring network. The LANE Protocol defines the same interface as the service provided b

Main Application Layer Protocols

process of obtaining the IP address corresponding to the host name through the host name is called domain name resolution (or host name resolution ). The DNS protocol runs on the UDP protocol and uses the port number 53. HTTP: This is the most widely used protocol. It is often referred to as "Hypertext Transfer Protocol ". When browsing the Web page online, you have to open port 80 on the computer that provides web page resources to provide services

Computer networks--Network layer

mask, so that it is convenient to obtain the IP address of the network address, and do not need to find the routing table. A subnet mask is an important property of a network or a subnet. In each item of the router's routing table, in addition to giving the destination network address, you must also give the subnet mask for the network. If a router is connected to two subnets, two IP addresses and subnet masks are given 、、。 Forwarding by using subnet time group

Physical Layer notes for computer networks

sent by this system has a strong anti-interference capability, and its spectrum is similar to white noise, which is not easy to be detected by enemies. Each bit time is divided into m short intervals, called Chip) Width Access Technology XDSL technology Category: ADSL(Asypolicric Digital Subscriber Line) Asymmetric Digital user line HDSL(High speed DSL) high speed digital user line SDSL(Single-line DSL) Peer digital user line VDSL(Very high speed DSL) extremely high-speed dig

Computer Network 2. Application Layer

. Processes of different systems communicate with each other by exchanging packets across computer networks. It can be divided into client processes and server processes. In a given communication session between processes, the process initiating communication is a client process, and the process waiting for connection is a server process. A process sends and receives packets over the network through a softw

Computer network-Application layer

networks (application programming Interface,api). The application developer can control everything on the application layer of the socket, but there is little control over the transport side of the socket.The application develope

Application Layer of Computer Network

The application layer of Computer Network 1. Introduction The application layer serves as the highest level of interaction with users, and its tasks directly serve users' application processes. The specific content of the

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