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Ubuntu under Apt-get installation file tip: Apt-get-f Install

Problem:The following error occurred while installing the memory Test tool lmbench through Apt-get:Apt-get Install LmbenchReading Package Lists ... DoneBuilding Dependency TreeReading state information ... DoneYou might want-to-run ' apt-get-f

To install xbmc in ubuntu10.10, enter (1) sudo apt-Get install Python-software-properties PKG-config (2) sudo.

Xbox ." Installation: -Try xbmc live CD: Xbmc come also come in a live CD for people that like to testApplications before to install, you can download and run the booableLive CD from this link. Also if you want to run the xbmc from a USB drive, check out unetbootinTo create a bootable flash drive. Download the live CD from this link. -Installation in Ubuntu and linuxmint: To install xbmc in Ubuntu 10.10

Apt-Get install in Ubuntu cannot install software 10

In ubuntu9.10, it is found that common software cannot be installed when the apt-Get install command is used, such as G ++. It seems that the log is too old for the source list, so on the website: http://ubuntu.srt.cn/find a group of source lists (9.10 is used if there is no 8.04 ): deb http://ubuntu.srt.cn/ubuntu/ hardy main restricted universe multiversedeb htt

First install JDK 6 sudo apt-Get install sun-java6-jdk and then set the default Java program sudo Update-alternatives-confi

Install JDK 6 first Sudo apt-Get install sun-java6-jdk Then you need to set the default JavaProgramSudo Update-alternatives -- config JavaEnter the corresponding options as prompted, and set them to JDK 6. The following settingsSudo Vim/etc/environment Add the following two lines:Classpath =/usr/lib/JVM/J

Install Java through apt-Get install

Under UbuntuApt-Get installIt's really easy to use, If you are not sure about the package name to be installed, You can also enter two letters startingTab keyTo give a prompt. The following is how to install JavaJDKExample: I want to compile and execute Java programs in Linux, Java program needsJDKAndJVM, The JDK package name is unknown, Enter: Sudo apt-

When You install the software in ubuntu, the following error occurs: You may want to run 'apt-get-f install' to correct these.

The following error is prompted when installing any software in ubuntu today: You might want to run 'apt-get-f install' to correct these:The following packages have unmet dependencies:Kate: Depends: kdelibs4c2a (> =. 5.9) but it is not going to be installedDepends: libqt3-mt (> =. 3.8b) but it is not going to be installedRecommends: kregexpeditor but it is not in

How to install the apt-get command on ubuntu linux Server

Some Usage of the apt-get command for installing software on ubuntu linux Server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. How to directly find the software you want to install under ubuntu. For example, I want to install tomcat. however, I don't know wh

[Ubuntu--install]apt-get Install when resource temporarily unavailable

Briefly The Ubuntu16.04 system was installed in the virtual machine, but there was a problem when you opened the use of "Apt-get install", which prompted the following information: Could not get Lock/var/lib/dpkg/lock-open (11:resource temporarily unavailable) Unable to lock the administration Directory (/var/lib/dpk

Install and manage Java with Apt-get under Ubuntu

1. IntroductionThis article will show you how to install different versions of Java under Ubuntu using Apt-get.2. Install the default JRE/JDKThis is the simplest method, (original Openjdk6→ubuntu12.04,open ' jdk6→ubuntu12.10+) Update package List sudo apt

Ubuntu Update source or apt-get install error 404 Not Found, Failed to fetch

1. Consider whether you can surf the internet2. Update with Apt-get and try Apt-get install againIf Apt-get update also appears many 404 Not found or failed to fetch, should consider to

Install OpenCV under Ubuntu 14.04 using the Apt-get method

Reproduced, please specify the source: Http://blog.csdn.net/tina_ttlDirectory (?) [+]tags (space delimited): Linux learning OpenCV Install OpenCV under Ubuntu 1404 using the Apt-get method Objective Installation method Where is the OPENCV installed? 1 OpenCV of installation source files 2 OpenCV The installation location of t

Install Lemp stack (linux+nginx+mysql+php) with Apt-get in Ubuntu

Install lamp on Ubuntu Everyone should be familiar with, but for the current very popular lemp stack how to install with Apt-get, so the article is not much to introduce. Below I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS As an example to explain how to apt-g

Ubuntu server apt-Get install apache2 & PhP5 & mysql5

Ubuntu server apt-Get install apache2 PhP5 mysql5 Place mysql5 + apache2 + PhP5 + phpMyAdmin in apt-Get mode: Master please take a look at the Ubuntu wiki, (http://wiki.ubuntu.org) above is very specific. However, I did not enjoy it for the first time. Apache2, PhP5, and m

Apt-get-f Install repair dependent damage

1. When using commands Apt-get install or dpkg-i in Linux, there are sometimes the following dependency errors: At this point, execute the following command immediately: Apt-get-f install.2,

Ubuntu installs PHP5.6--PHP7 using Apt-get install

Add source using PPA:$ sudo apt-get install python-software-properties$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-g ET

Use Apt-get to install ORACLE-JDK on Ubuntu

Installing default JRE/JDKsudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install Default-jresudo apt-get install DEFAULT-JDK Installing Oracle JDKsudo

Execute apt-get-f Install prompt error

Execute apt-get-f install prompt errorCategory: Linux 2015-01-24 21:26 554 people read reviews (0) favorite reports 1. Question: usloft1359:~# RVM Install 2.2.0 Searching for binary rubies, this might take some time. No binary rubies available for:debian/6/x86_64/ruby-2.2.0. Continuing with compilation. P

Phpmyadmin:linux Study-Install lamp with Apt-get method including phpMyAdmin

Linux Learning-Installing lamp with apt-get means including phpMyAdmin For a friend who wants to learn Linux, it is a choice to install Linux on a virtual machine. As for what kind of Linux easy to use, radish cabbage, each other. I like Ubuntu, the virtual machine is installed on the latest ubuntu11.10 There are two ways to build the lamp environment, one is to

Install the LNMP environment using apt-get In Ubuntu 14.04

Install the LNMP environment using apt-get In Ubuntu 14.04 1. Use root to log on to the Ubuntu 14.04 host and execute the following command: Sudo apt-get install nginxSudo apt-

Linux "Discrimination Update/upgrade" and install/uninstall software (apt-get)

First, "discrimination Update/upgrade"Update:update is used to download package information from all configured sources.Upgrade:upgrade is used to install available upgrades of all packages currently installed on the system from the sources Configured via Sources.listUpdate package index, is to tell the package Manager the latest copy of the package version information, Update software support "list information", update the entire warehouse "version i

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