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Article 6 keyboard interruption and application access to the Keyboard Buffer

This blog post mainly introduces the keyboard Interruption Process on x86 and how the application uses the interrupt to read the content of the keyboard buffer. I. background of this blog When we watch video in full screen mode, Press ESC to restore or minimize the player. When other software is used, we will You can set a shortcut to open or close the program .

A Windows application that uses a hook function to capture keyboard responses

events (such as messages, mouse activations, keyboard responses) before they reach the application. In addition, the hook function can be modified, discarded and other means to work on the event.Windows has two hooks, one for a particular thread specific hooks, and one for the global system hook (systemwide hooks). A specific thread hook only monitors the specified thread, while the global system hook can

Hook monitoring principles and application technology for Windows Keyboard Events

type, the keyboard type is wh_keyboard, iproc is the hook function address, hinst is the hook function Linked Library instance handle, and icode is the monitoring code-0 indicates the global function. If the hook function needs to pass messages to the next filter function, call the callnexthookex () function before the hook function returns. When you need to download the hook function, you only need to call the unhookwindowshookex (iproc) function on

Application of keyboard and mouse in directinput

application software, however, for games (especially some action games, including sports games), it seems like a snake. For example, in a football game, when you intercept a opponent's ball, the ball is always set to the same key as the ball, shoot, shovel, and long pass, this seems to be a well-recognized standard-but now the opponent's ball is out of his feet, and the ball is under your feet. At this moment, you wanted to bring the ball around him,

Use the computer keyboard mouse to control the Android phone or tablet application--deskdock

drop (install APK) function, you can use as needed.This is a deskdock using the MacBook's own touchpad and keyboard to control the Android phone's motion diagram Demo:650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-medium "src=" 72fbcfa5gw1f89rzsb2b5g20hs0a0e87.gif "alt=" Deskdock "width=" 640 "height=" "style=" border:0px;text-align:center; Margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto; "/>Instructions for use: You need to

The principle and application technology of hook Monitoring for Windows keyboard events

Window's message processing mechanism provides the ability to hook up various anti-tune functions (hooks) in order to monitor the various event messages in the system in the application. This hook function (hook) is similar to an extended interrupt driver, which can hook up multiple anti-tune functions to form a chain of hook functions. The various messages generated by the system are first sent to various hook functions, which monitor, modify and con

What is the relationship between the keyboard and the application processing program?

What is the relationship between the keyboard and the application processing program? -- Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Now you have written a keyboard driver, and you need to create a keyboard handler at the

Keyboard shortcuts _ Application Tips

the window's size and position before the previous operation Windows key +e Open Explorer Windows key +f Open the Find: All Files dialog box Windows key +r Open the Run dialog box Windows key +break Open the System Properties dialog box Windows key +ctrl+f Open the Find: Computer dialog box SHIFT+F10 or right-click to open the shortcut menu for the currently active project SHIFT to press when you put the CD on, and you can skip the AutoPlay CD. In opening wo When you press the RD, you can skip

Add a keyboard hook to the vsto Application

Application in vstoProgramIn some cases, you need to hook up the keyboard to implement some special functions such as shortcut key operations. In this case, use the P/invoke function for implementation, refer to the following: Initialize and uninstall hooks during vsto loading and uninstalling Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> K

What keyboard shortcuts does the "Contacts" application have?

What keyboard shortcuts does the "Contacts" application have? The following table contains keyboard shortcuts for "Networking" applications. Press this key Operation CTRL + N Add a Contact Ctrl+s Save changes Delete Delete a contact Ctrl+f Add a contac

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