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ArcGIS for iOS development series (2)-Development Environment Configuration

. 2.2 ArcGIS for iOS Configuration With the iOS development environment, we also need to configure ArcGIS for iOS: 1) download and install ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS v2.3.2; * The

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS upgrade

With the release of ArcGIS 10.1 approaching, the unified names of ArcGIS product lines have also been published. The familiar ArcGIS for iOS product lines are classified as runtime, which is called "ArcGIS runtime for iOS ". This

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs v10.2.4 Latest (Android, IOS, OSX and. NET)

The latest in ArcGIS Runtime SDKs v10.2.4, which contains: Android, IOS, OS x, and. NET four platforms, users and developers can sign in to ESRI's latest SDK installation package. or via cloud disk download (Http:// Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.4Thanks to the efforts of the Android team, developers have been able to breathe a sigh of relief by increasing the long-awaited spatial

[Mobile product] the new version of ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS 10.1.1 is released

Contents 1. The new iOS SDK has changed its name. Why is it changed? Please read the blog post; 2. What are the gratifying changes brought about by the new iOS SDK? Please refer to the blog post; 3. For more information about how to migrate old applications to the new version, see the blog. Why is it renamed? We are glad to announce the release of the new version 10.1.1 of

ArcGIS for iOS development series (3)-basics-"Hello World Map"

After the environment configuration is completed, let's start developing ArcGIS for iOS. By convention, we will first create a "hello World Map" program and use the project we created in the previous section. Step 1: configure the page. Find "viewcontroller_iphone/iPad. XIB (for iPhone and iPad), only one blank view is displayed in the content window, and the tool window on the lower right is switched to

ArcGIS for iOS, Android, and windows are all released

ArcGIS online updates bring about cloud and Mobile GIS series changes. To support new functions of arcgisonline and ArcGIS 10.1, the apps and runtime sdks of arcgisfor iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are updated, the functional gaps on the three major mobile platforms are further narrowed, providing more options for enterprise users to integrate workflows on the

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs v10.2.4 Latest Releases (Android, IOS, OSX and. NET)

The latest release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs v10.2.4 includes: Android, IOS, OS x, and. NET four platforms, where users and developers can log in to the ESRI developer website to download the latest SDK installation package, or download it via the Cloud disk (HTTP/ PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1EQPCLTC):1. Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.4Thanks to the efforts of the Android team, we have joined the long-awaited spatial

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (2)

1.1 functional components ArcGIS runtime for iOS API contains nearly 200Class and interface, covering map, Data, function display, operation, and other aspects, can also be called ArcGIS for serverProvides powerful plotting, geocoding, geographic processing and custom functions, and portal for ArcGIS. In addition, its

[Download ArcGIS mobile resources] latest IOS and Android development tutorial

1. The latest development kit: 1) ArcGIS for iOS API v2.3: 2) ArcGIS for Android API V2.0: 3) ArcGIS for Windows Phone API V3.0: http://resou

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS symbols and rendering

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS symbols and rendering This article is translated from and clicked to open the link. please correct me if there are any mistakes! A symbol defines the non-geographical aspect of the image appearance. It includes the color, width, and transparency of the image. ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS contai

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS v2.2.1 released

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS v2.2.1 was released. This version mainly fixes SDK installer in v2.2. In v2.2, installProgramCopies unnecessary files related to ArcGIS Project template for xcode. These templates are canceled in V2.1. Generally, copying these templates does not affect you. However, in special cases, users may not be able to install the v2.2 SDK becau

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (4)

1 Typical Case 1.1 ESRI officially released application 1.1.1 ArcGIS Name: ArcGIS Application Introduction: the first application on the iOS platform, marking ArcGIS's support for the iOS platform, mainly used to display ArcGISFor IOS functions, such as map display, query, s

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (III)

Development and deployment process Like other mobile products, the development and deployment process includes the following steps: Download the SDK, build the development environment, submit the App Store for review, and download and deploy the client. Due to Apple's closed system, individual developers need to register as iPhoneDeveloper, it takes at least $99 and a few days for verification to wait for developers to develop and download programs for debugging on the real machine. 1.1.1 Downlo

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (5)

. After the data on the Mobile End is changed, copy the data back to the desktop and import the data using the addin tool. Adds version control to the installation process to ensure data consistency and integrity.1.2.2 The flowchart is as follows: 1.1.1 Function composition Mobile Data Synchronization Tool Creating and updating mobile data packets can be a desktop addin, ArcGIS desktop environment, an independent program, and

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (1)

accounts for 86% of Chinese smartphones and iOS accounts for 12%, totaling 98%. In the Chinese tablet market,48.8% of Android and 46% use iOS, up to 94.8%. From the above data, we can see that the vast majority of smartphones and smart terminal devices in the world use Android and IOS as their operating systems. So what is the impact of this trend and Trend on E

ArcGIS for iOS development series (4)-basics-map Components

: · Slice map service layer (agstiledmapservicelayer) · Dynamic map service layer (agsdynamicmapservicelayer) · Image service layer (agsimageservicelayer) · Agsfeaturelayer) · Bing service layer (agsbingmaplayer) · OSM service layer (agsopenstreetmaplayer) · WMS service layer (agswmslayer) · Offline slice service layer (agslocaltiledlayer) · Custom slice service layer (offlinetiledlayer) · Graphic layer (agsgraphiclayer) · Agssketchlayer) Here, let's take a look at the layer types supported by

ArcGIS API for iOS implements layer Display Control

ArcGIS API for iOS implements layer Display Control in two granularities: Service display control and layer display control. 1) Service Display ControlThe service display control is implemented using agsmapview class. Each uiviewcontroller interface has an agsmapview object instance if a map is loaded. Set hidden = true for this agsmapview instance. For example, agstiledmapservicelayer * tiledlayer = [[agst

How does IOS Mobile get the service list of ArcGIS Server?

1. Application Requirements The ArcGIS Server adds or deletes services, and the mobile end can dynamically obtain the service list; 2. Mobile Solutions 2.1 obtain the URL address of the server service list (1) Open the ArcGIS Server Service Directory (2) Click rest to get the service list URL (3) Click rest to view the JSON string of the service list. This URL is the URL for getting the service list. 2.

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (6)

1. Conclusion and outlook The functions of the above APIs, as well as the offline solutions developed based on these functions, are there other technologies not mentioned in addition to these functions? Here are two examples: 1.1 message push 1.2 Mobile 3d1. 3 geocode 1.4 data source support 1.4.1 online data source 1.4.2 local data source TPK (the slicing package is too large) compact slicing shapefile1.4.2.4 geodatabase1.4.2.5 TIF, IMG 1.4.3 third-part

Comparison between new and old versions of API of Arcgis API For IOS extension AGSDynamicLayer, arcgisios

Comparison between new and old versions of API of Arcgis API For IOS extension AGSDynamicLayer, arcgisios AGSDynamicLayer(ForSubclassEyesOnly) Category ReferenceDescriptionThis category organizes the methods that are relevant to subclassing a dynamic layer. Developer can create custom dynamic layers by paying special attention to the methods in this category when subclassing AGSDynamicLayer.Sub-classes must

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