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ArcGIS Client Development Learning Note (v)--arcgis REST API Basics

result. 2. Link all things together: wherever possible, use links to guide things (resources) that can be identified. It's the hyperlinks that make up the web today. 3, using the standard method: In order to enable the client program to work with your resources, resources should be correctly implemented by the default application protocol (HTTP), that is, the use of standard GET, PUT, post and Delete methods. 4. Multiple representations of resources: providing multiple representations of resour

ArcGIS Server 9.3 rest API

Recent traditions GISWhat's hot in a blog is ArcGISArcGIS Server 9.3 to be released in the next version RestAPI. Currently, the demo site has been launched: Http:// Http:// Blog has an articleTextThe rest API

ArcGIS for Flex API version3.7 Tutorial: 7. Using directions to query the route (shortest path analysis)

By using the Directons component to calculate the route between two points or multipoint, add a travel route on the map and show step-by-point instructions. This section is mainly about how to add the use of the Directons component, a custom layout that displays the palette on the left side of the screen, and two columns in the Map window. Customize your own published network analysis service to replace the default route service.What you need to be prepared for:* Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1 and ab

ArcGIS for Flex API version3.7 Tutorial: 6. Using Geocoder for geo-querying

Quick query of geographic locationThe Geocoder component provides a quick, geographically-based query that can be queried to display the geographic location of a map by entering an address by adding a query input box. Using Geocoder to move the map display to the specified location area is faster than panning and blooming maps. This feature requires the use of the locator service (location services).Prerequisites:* Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1 and later* Used A

ArcGIS API for Flex Chinese tutorial

People sometimes feel the pain of the egg, especially in the it. I can't stand the gas, watch this today and watch something else tomorrow. The tutorial also wants to have a patient training, and can also learn to replace a part of the scratched circle of friends time. Although it is not very advanced, but Chinese for most people to learn and consult will be faster. Also hope that the ESRI online tutorial c

ArcGIS for Flex API version3.7 Tutorial: 8. Create a Map

setting the initial display range (initial extent) of the map in your app. By default, the initial display extent of a map depends on the information of the first layer of a series of layers in the map. If you want to change the initial scope of the default display, we need to customize it through the code....Spatial reference (special Reference):Each map service has a spatial reference. A spatial reference can be a non-projective reference system (such as a geospatial coordinate system) or a p

Activiti Rest API Tutorial{"Data": [{"id": "]", "name": "Demo Processes", "deploymenttime": "2018-08-01t10:02:11.212+08:00", "category" : Null, "url": "Http://", "TenantId": ""}], " Total ": 1," Start ": 0," sort ":" id "," Order ":" ASC "," Size ": 1}Http://

ArcGIS for Flex API version3.7 Tutorial: 9. Setting and use of map extent extent

Here's a series of ways to set the map extent and how to get the map extent.If you do not set the map extent when you initialize the map, the default settings information will be used, which will be the extent of the map displayed when you last saved the map document you are using. If you use multiple layers, or a service, the default map extent will be the extent information for the BASEMAP or the first layer.To set the map extent, use the extent property or the extent class.If you are using th

Arcgis for flex api version3.7 Tutorial: 9. Setting and using map range extent, arcgisversion3.7

Arcgis for flex api version3.7 Tutorial: 9. Setting and using map range extent, arcgisversion3.7The following describes how to set a map range and how to obtain a map range.If you do not set the MAP range when initializing a map, the default setting information is used, which is the display range of the map that was last saved in the map document. If you use mult

ArcGIS API for Flex (create a new map project using ArcGIS API for Flex)

Reference official: Tutorial-adding-a-map-with-layers.htmNew Flex Project Download and unzip the ArcGIS API Flex zip file. This file contains the Flex ArcGIS API Li

Go ArcGIS JavaScript API locally deployed offline development environment

directory \arcgis\developerkit10.1\help\rest\index.html, locate the "Configuring the REST API" section, refer to the instructions in the ArcGIS Locate the file under the Server installation directory. (Supp

ArcGIS. server.9.3 and ArcGIS API for flex implement basic map browsing (1)

purpose: 1. arcGIS API for flex allows you to browse your ArcGIS. the map published in server.9.3, is a basic example. preparation: 1. in ArcGIS. server.9.3 publishes a map service named USA and starts the service. 2. Install flex builder3. 3. download the ArcGIS

ArcGIS server,rest Path input feature JSON format description

The following tests only the simple lines,Services can be manipulated under the rest path of ArcGIS Server, such as query, which allows you to enter JSON-formatted feature descriptions or run-to-output JSON format feature descriptions.such as blog: in GP service can enter custom features, then how to get the input standard JSON format feature description for

ArcGIS. server.9.3 and ArcGIS API for flex implement dynamic layer and tile layer overlapping display (2)

Purpose: 1. ArcGIS. server.9.3 and ArcGIS API for flex implement dynamic layer and tile layer overlapping display, and Display Dynamic layer on the tile base map. Preparations: 1. Release a map service named USA in ArcGIS. server.9.3 and start the service as dynamic layer data. 2. The

An approach to ArcGIS API for JavaScript development--helloword

1. PrefaceThe ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.10 version uses Dojo 1.9.1. Dgrid upgrade to version 0.3.14. Put-selector version upgrade to 0.3.5 and Xstyle version upgrade to Build the first application Helloword2.1. Create a simple HTML documentFirst, let's create a simple HTML document with examples such as:DOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8"> title>Hellowordtitle> Head>

ArcGIS javascript API local deployment of offline Development Environment

://. Configure the simplified version (if you do not use the simplified version for development, you do not need to configure it ): Open c: \ arcgis_js_api \ library \ 3.2 \ jsapicompact \ init. js and replace [hostname_and_path_to_jsapi] With the deployment path of the API on the local machine. Here is Note that the path does not need to contain http ://. Open c: \ arcgis_js_api \ library \ 3.2

ArcGIS API for Silverlight (1): Getting Started

ASP. NET Website, and the second option is to embed Silverlight into a temporary html page)3. Add a reference to the Silverlight API.. NET program development, add reference (note that it is in the Silverlight project rather than ASP.. NET project), find the API downloaded from ESRI, and select Add ESRI. arcGIS. dll;4. Open Page. xaml, add a reference to the Use

ArcGIS API for Android case study 3

I. Understand the Development Mode First, you need to know the first thing: ArcGIS Android API depends on the Rest interface of ArcGIS Server. I believe that many people who have developed ArcGIS Server have come into contact with the r

Arcgis api for flex Development (I) Environment setup

api for flex programs requires the support of the flex environment. For flex sdk3 Http:// Build = pkgtype = 1 With flex sdk3 and arcgis api for flex, we can develop the flex program of RIA. For ease of development, we 'd better use flex builder to download the trial version from adobe's official webs

ArcGIS API for JavaScript configuration

configuration has been completed.4. TestingYou can test it with a piece of code that he comes with ( don't forget to change ):DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//w3c//dtd HTML 4.01//en" "HTTP://WWW.W3.ORG/TR/HTML4/STRICT.DTD">HTML> Head> Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8"/> title>Simple Maptitle> Linkrel= "stylesheet"type= "Text/css"href= "Http:///> Linkrel= "stylesheet"type= "Text/css"href= "Http:// /> Scripttype= "Text/javascript"src= "Http://>Script> Sc

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