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Test Architect: 2 What a software test architect should and shouldn't do

Test Architect: 2 What a software test architect should and shouldn't do2016-08-12The test architect should consider the following issues: What is the goal of the test? What is the scope of the test? What is the depth and breadth of the test? What are the key and difficult points of the test? H

Using Uml-to-java in various versions of IBM Rational Software architect and related software

Using Uml-to-java transformations in various versions of IBM Rational Software architect and related software Introduction: This article shows how to apply the Java transformations included in the Ibm®rational®software Architect for interactive development in the context of

ZZ are you a software architect?

Document directory About the author The boundaries between development and architecture are elusive. Some people tell you that it does not exist at all. The architecture is just a simple extension of the design process made by developers. Others think that this is a gap. developers who are highly abstract and do not fall into implementation details can bridge the gap. Usually, there is an operational balance between these two extreme points of view somewhere; in any case, how to switch from

[Turn] Are you a software architect?

Editor's note: This writer, Simon Brown, delivered the same keynote speech "software Architecture for Developers" in Qcon, London, in March.The boundaries of development and architecture are elusive. Some people tell you that it doesn't exist at all, architecture is just a simple extension of the design process that developers do. Others see it as a chasm that can only be bridged by developers who are highly abstracted and not caught up in the details

Software Architect-generals who are not good soldiers are not good generals

beginning, we have to distinguish two types of architects. The first is the application layer software architect. These people are very familiar with applications (and related specifications), and their focus is to compile documents related to requirements, rather than the specific implementation of software. Generally, these people belong to the system engineer

The linking role of software technology and management: architect-from the technical layer to the cultivation of Management

Today's meeting talked about personal career planning and development. Most people want to turn from technology to management without knowing how to manage their jobs. In fact, the best excessive role is the architect. Please refer to my summary and suggestions below: The software architect is responsible for converting the customer's requirements into standard

A model tutorial on establishing service-oriented architecture (service-oriented architecture) with Rational Software Architect

Building a model for service-oriented architecture (service-oriented architecture) using Rational Software Architect, part 1th: Case studies, tools, and business viewsThis tutorial introduces the use of IBM Rational Software Architect to establish a service-oriented architecture (service-oriented architectUre,soa) mode

The responsibility of the software architect

research and project-related new technologies.8), management technology support team and to the project, product development and implementation team to provide technical support.9), understand the business requirements of the system, develop the overall framework of the system (including, technical framework and business framework).10), the system framework related technology and business training, to guide the development of developers. and solve various problems in the system development and

Software Architecture and architect

Software Architecture Software architecture is a series of related abstract patterns used to guide the design of various aspects of a large software system. A software architecture is a system sketch. The object of the software architecture description is the abstra

(turn) The scope of the Software Architect's responsibilities

Previous Because of the huge differences in software soil at home and abroad, some theories suitable for foreign countries do not necessarily go through the domestic, and some of the domestic information is often based on foreign data directly moved to use, which also directly led to foreign software architects in the domestic become acclimatized. Today's essay is based on a number of training materials, co

Software Architect classification and ability Induction

Software Architect classification and ability InductionAs the division of labor in software development is refined, more and more software companies begin to seek help from architects. Software architects are a new profession in the soft

How to become a software architect?

How to become a software architect? So the only way to become an architect seems to be to train the more popular software schools and individuals themselves. I have been engaged in many software schools, and most of them are software

97 notes that the software architect should know (5)

63.The architect is a developer firstKeep up with the development of their respective fields. Gain the respect and trust of developers, so that developers can voluntarily take over the task.From time to deal with some complex tasks, the purpose: a) Make yourself a treasure B) helps developers prove that they are not just a blowThe main goal is to create feasible and maintainable solutions. The self-designed system should be programmed and implemented

Software Architect books

I. Software Architecture There is no "best-selling book" in this field. Maybe the majority of the readers are developers and project managers. They are really positioned as architects and do not do much work for architects. 1. Software Architect bootcamp-software architect

6 c ++ class template design for ibm rsa (IBM Rational Software Architect) V8

Original I have already talked about some modeling operations in IBM RSA (IBM Rational Software Architect) V8 (v8.04). For details, refer to the following link: One of ibm rsa (IBM Rational Software Architect) V8 learning, installing ibm rsa (IBM Rational

What is the job responsibility of the software architect

Software architects are the soul characters in the user requirements analysis and system design phase when developing software, and the work of the Software architect can provide better guidance for the next code design and future operation than the traditional system analyst. Some people think that the architect's wor

Chinese software architect from Paris

Architecture Chinese software architect from Paris He created the famous design software PowerDesigner, and in the world has more than 50,000 genuine users, known as "Power-designer founder Godfather", he also in the famous International Software enterprise Sybase as the product's chief

System Architect 06-Software Architecture

System Architect 06-Software Architecture Table of Contents 1 System Architect 06-Software Architecture 1.1 Definition 1.2 significance of software architecture 1 System Architect 06-

What is a software testing architect?

Software testing architect is a new position, but it is indeed a very necessary position. The article details the new career of software testing architect, hoping to help you. AD: wot2014: user tag system and user data operation training session SoftwareTest architectIt is a new position, but it is indeed a very neces

In the rational Software architect or ... Use JET2 to implement model-driven architecture in

Using JET2 to implement model-driven architecture in rational Software Architect or Rational Software Modeler Introduction: This article briefly introduces the model-driven architecture (MDA) to the reader, as well as the JET2 technology that can take UML modeling to a higher level, that is, the Java emitter Template technology based on Eclipse. You can use this

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