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Tomcat Architecture in detail (i)

of shapes like:Registry.getregistry (null, NULL). Invoke (Mbeans, "Init", false);Registry.getregistry (null, NULL). Invoke (Mbeans, "start", false);This code, in effect, is to manage the behavior and lifetime of various components through JMX.3) Event ListenerEach component has a variety of behaviors during its lifetime, and these actions trigger the corresponding events, and Tomcat is designed to extend these behaviors by listening for these times. When you look at the init and start of a comp

MongoDB Starter Series (4)--mongodb Architecture and client basic operation and attention to detail

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Oracle Memory Architecture in detail

frequent allocation and deallocation of large objects. Separating large objects from a shared pool increases the efficiency of shared pool memory, which means that it can use more memory to process new requests and to preserve existing data when needed.4.Java PoolCan be configured as a separate memory area in the SGASize is specified by the Java_pool_size parameterUsed to store all session-specific Java code and data in the JVM in memory5. Redo log buffer Redo buffer cacheThe Oracle server proc

Build LNMP architecture in Linux in detail

main;location / {root html;index index.html index.htm//后面添加 index.php;}…… ……………………………………#pass the PHP scripts to FastCGI server listening on ~ \.php$ {root html;fastcgi_pass;fastcgi_index index.php;#fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME /scripts$fastcgi_script_name;#主要修改的就是fastcgi_param中的/scripts为$document_rootfastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;include fastcgi_params;}#deny access to .htaccess files, if Apache‘s d

Lean Oracle Memory Architecture in detail

manual management is used, then the PGA assigned to each session is not automatically returned to the system, regardless of whether the session is performing an operation or idle state, it must be returned to the system after the user exits (Log Off) of the PGA space. This can cause a lot of memory to be idle, and the session that really needs to work has not been able to get enough PGA, and in automatic management, once the operation of the session is finished, the Runtime-area will be automat

Build LNMT architecture in Linux in detail

apache-tomcat-9.0.8 apache2[[emailprotected] local]# mv apache2/usr/local/[[emailprotected] src]# cd/usr /local/[[emailprotected] local]# ln-s apache2/tomcat2[[emailprotected] local]# ln-s apache-tomcat-9.0.8/ Tomcat[[emailprotected] local]# ll//Write a Java page for TOMCAT,TOMCAT2 [[emailprotected] ~]# vim index.jsp[[ Emailprotected] ~]# Cat index.jsp ***************************nginx配置********************************[[emailprotected] conf]# vim /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx

Tomcat Architecture in detail (II.)

invocation method to handle the network request. After finding the source of the processing request, the following is the thing to do is simple, hit the breakpoint, in the browser to request a simple Hello world, debug all the way down. Along the way, the sequence diagram for the main process is as follows:From the above, the above process can be decomposed into the following three main core points: Parsing and packaging of sockets based on Http1.1 protocol Standardenginevalve, Sta

Describes the evolution of core switch architecture in detail

Applications are always the driving force behind technological development. In the face of increasingly complex business applications, the technical architecture of network devices has become a key factor in the scope of application of devices. Different application environments require different network devices. For example, the application of NGN needs devices based on the SoftSwitch technical architecture

Tomcat Architecture in detail (iii) the entire process of request and response processing

From the Tomcat Source Analysis (ii), it is known that a user's request will go through n-link processing, and finally reached the developer wrote the servlet, to the servlet is HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse, So it can be thought that this way is nothing more than the original socket package into the servlet used in the HttpServletRequest and httpservletresponse, but each link to complete the packaging function and the part is not the same, the information flow as shown:The class di

3D Battle Network Game C + + framework based on C/s architecture _03 Client detail design with OpenGL, QT Basics

design of the client, how do we make a detailed design of the client?(2) class diagram:Four, 3D scene module design(1) Thinking:Based on the display requirements of the 3D interface and the interface requirements of the 3D scene module, what aspects should be considered for the detailed design of the module?(2) class diagram:Welcome everyone to learn to communicate, if there is insufficient to criticize correct, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for your support. If you also like

3D Battle Network Game C + + framework based on C/s architecture _03 server-side detail design

process to share to everyone.v. Game calculation and processing design(1) Class diagram:(The class diagram design of the game computing process will continue to evolve in the subsequent development process.) )Welcome everyone to learn to communicate, if there is insufficient to criticize correct, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for your support. If you also like my blog can continue to follow me, let us grow together and progress together.Life is wonderful. Remove impurities, l

Asp. NET create a three-tier architecture diagram in detail tutorial

1. New Project2. Create a Visual Studio solution3. Re-create the project4. Select the class library type5. Create the BLL (business Logic layer), DAL (data access Layer) and model (also called the physical layer)6. Add a website7. Select the appropriate type8. Modify the name9. Set as Startup Project10, the structure is as follows11. Generate model12. Reference Model in DAL13. Select Model Reference14. Take a look15. The Dal can also refer to other class libraries, such as dbutility16. Database

Android system architecture-microservice architecture, android system architecture

through an effective and simplified transmission pipeline, and it also has strong scalability, applications and components are highly decoupled to simplify deployment. Perhaps we need to understand this model. The most important concept is service components. Do not consider the internal services of the microservice architecture. It is best to consider service components. In terms of granularity, it can be small to a single module or as large as an a

Enterprise Architecture Research Summary (20) -- Architecture Vision stage of TOGAF architecture development method (ADM)

, because without this consensus, then there is no way to talk about whether the final architecture can be accepted by the Organization. This consensus was achieved through the signing of the Architecture statement of work by the sponsors.Business scenario The business scenario method is used to identify and clarify implicit architecture requirements and business

PHP Singleton mode in detail, PHP mode in detail _ PHP Tutorial

PHP Singleton mode is described in detail, and PHP mode is described in detail. The PHP Singleton mode is described in detail. The concept of Singleton mode is described in detail in the PHP mode. The Singleton mode refers to the design mode in which a class of the entire application has only one object instance. For d

Distributed architecture-logical architecture and physical architecture

, or MIS and OA applications used only within the enterprise, more attention is usually paid to functions and complex business and implementation and expansion, few require too much performance, and such applications focus more on pure software architecture. Here, we will not discuss it in detail. What is architecture design? During the long-term technical

About GridView Master-detail does not support detail attributes for IEnumerable, IList issues

By default, the GridView does not support the interface collection, that is, the attribute type is ienumerableThis trade-off is the fish and bear paw, if both, in fact, DevExpress official in the GridView has a hidden property,A powerful property, before getting the GridView filtered sorted data post has been mentioned, this property just provides a property setting allows detail to support the interface collection data setDatacontroller properties fr

PHP encryption and decryption functions in detail, encryption and decryption functions in detail _php tutorial

PHP encryption and decryption functions in detail, encryption and decryption functions in detail Share a PHP cryptographic decryption function that implements the ability to encrypt part of a variable's value.The encryption code is as follows: /* Function: Encrypt the string * parameter one: What needs to be encrypted * parameter two: Key */function Passport_encrypt ($STR, $key) {//Cryptographic function S

The reading and C methods configured in thinkPHP are described in detail, and thinkphp reading is described in detail.

The reading and C methods configured in thinkPHP are described in detail, and thinkphp reading is described in detail. This article describes the read and C methods configured in thinkPHP. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: 1. Public configuration of the project Conf/config. php The content is as follows: 'Load _ ext_config' => 'db, info, email, safe, upfile, cache,

ThinkPHP introduces classes in detail, thinkphp introduces in detail

ThinkPHP introduces classes in detail, thinkphp introduces in detail This example describes how thinkPHP introduces classes. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Phpmailer is used as an example. 1. Put the core file in the ORG directory 2. Introduce this class file in use How to introduce it? import('@.ORG.phpmailer'); This indicates introducing the phpmailer. class.

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