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RAR decompression method under UBUNTU (mainly to solve some problems I found recently)

RAR decompression method under UBUNTU (mainly to solve some problems I found recently)-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. In UBUNTU, we have been using apt-get install rar

How to resolve RAR file decompression failure

Attachments are often a series of compressed files, the download is the default filename is a random number. As a result, compressed file decompression failed after downloading Workaround: Rename the file name with a certain order when downloading,

Nginx pseudo-static configuration and a collection of common rewrite pseudo-static rules _nginx

Nginx in the use of pseudo static is directly in the nginx.conf write rules, do not need to be like Apache to open the Write module (mod_rewrite) in order to perform pseudo static. Nginx only need to open the nginx.conf configuration file, write

How to anti-theft chain? How pseudo static? (Win2003+iis+isapi

iis| anti-theft chain | pseudo static If you want to have a server of your own, Then download: Then install, whatever you want to do. Then, open Internet Information Services, right-click, Web site

Nginx pseudo-static rule parameters and instances

This log is based on the Internet and daily usage experience.Regular Expression Matching, where:*~ Case-sensitive matching*~ * Case-insensitive match*!~ And !~ * Case-insensitive and case-insensitiveFile and directory match, where:*-F and! -F is

Known plaintext attack

When you find a Zip/rar file with password protected in the evidence, you may try dictionary attack or bruteforce attack O R Rainbow Talbes ... Usually those attack would take a very very long time and end with fail. What are you doing then? Allow

Ii_rewrite implements pseudo-static website

To enable your IIS server to support pseudo-static rewriting, follow these steps: 1. Install the rewrite plug-in rewrite. dll If your IIS server has loaded rewrite. dll, you do not need to download it. Rewrite. dll

Iis pseudo-static settings

1. Decompress the downloaded IIS Rewrite component and place it in an appropriate directory (such as C: Rewrite. 2. In "IIS Manager", right-click the website and choose Properties.3. Select "ISAPI" and click "add ".4. Enter the filter name, for

Nginx rewrite configuration instructions and parameters

This log is based on the Internet and daily usage experience.Regular Expression Matching, where:1 .*~ Case-sensitive matching2 .*~ * Case-insensitive match3 .*!~ And !~ * Case-insensitive and case-insensitiveFile and directory match, where:1. *-f

Ubuntu 16.04 Installation 7zip

Search found two of 7zip: P7zip,p7zip-full,p7zip-rar. The study found that:P7zip: Contains 7ZR (the smallest 7zip archive tool) and can only handle native 7z formats.P7zip-full: Includes 7z, supports 7z, LZMA2, XZ, ZIP, CAB, GZIP, BZIP2, ARJ, TAR,

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