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Nyoj 673 Angular Area "triangular area formula"

Triangle Area time limit:MS | Memory limit:65535 KB Difficulty:2 Describe give you three points, representing the three vertices of a triangle, now your task is to find out the area of the triangle. Input each row is a set of test data, with 6 integer x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3 representing the horizontal ordinate of three points, respectively. (Coo

Poj 1265 area (area, pick formula)

Reprinted please indicate the source, thank you --- cxlove Question: give some moving vectors to form a polygon and calculate the area of the polygon. The number of points inside the polygon and the number of points on the side of the polygon. First, the area can be obtained by the properties of the cross product. You can obtain the number of points

POJ 1265-area (Computational geometry + pique theorem + Polygon area formula)

Title Address: POJ 1265Test instructions: Given a lattice polygon, find the internal number in, the number of points on the edge, and the area S.Ideas: The use of a lot of theorems.1. Pique theorem: s=in+on/2-1, i.e. in= (2*s+2-on)/2.2. Polygon Area formula: The sum of the cross product of a vector consisting of two adjacent points and the origin is calculated se

Calculation function and formula of area, surface, circumference and volume in Excel

★ Calculate the square area and side length If you need to calculate the area of a square, find a square with a long side. The following formula calculates the area of a square in the cell "side": =side^2 If you need to calculate the perimeter of a square, multiply the length by 4. The following

Poj 1265 area pick Formula

Calculation of geometric poj pick formula cross-product Polygon Area Returns the contour of a polygon (given in the form of an edge vector. how many points are in this graph? 2. number of points in the graph. the area of the image. Idea: first, define the pick formula: The for

Area Formula of Any Polygon

Set Ω to M edge shape (for example), vertices are arranged along the boundary forward, and the coordinates are Create a polygon area vector graph of Ω. A triangle is formed by two vertices adjacent to a polygon, and the area of the triangle is obtained by the outer product of two plane vectors composed of three vertices. Area

Triangle Area Formula

There are many formulas for the area of a triangle. For example, if the radius of a, B, c, outer circular, and incircle of a triangle is R and R, then s △= ABC/4R and. For example, in △abc, if = (), =(), Then the area of △abc is S =.The vector formula of this triangle area can be proved as follows. Proof: In the p

Triangle Area Formula

General triangles(1). The size of the type: S=AH/2(2). Three-side a,b,c known triangular, then (Helen Formula) (p= (A+B+C)/2)S=√[p (P-A) (p-b) (P-C)](3). The triangle is known to be a A, B, both sides of the angle C, then S=1/2 * Absinc This can be converted to the vector cross-multiplication formula;The mixed product of a vector is the volume of a parallelepiped consisting of three vectors. The cross-multi

Formula for calculating irregular plot area based on point coordinates

for the number of points, I is any one point, X and Y are horizontal ordinate, ∑ is the sum. For example, the coordinates of the three vertices of a triangle in a planar Cartesian coordinate system are (a, b), (C,d), (e,f), then the area of the triangle is:0.5a (d-f) +0.5c (f-b) +0.5e ( b-d)You can also change the formula X to Y,y for x, the same reason.From:

The area reference in formula calculation is enhanced, and sum (A: a) is supported)

The ejungrid table is famous for its high-simulation Excel-style formula calculation. For example, formula = sum (A1: B2) is used to calculate the sum of cell values from A1 to B2, in general, it is enough, but when we need to sum up the entire column of cells and the number of rows in the table is not fixed, it is a little troublesome. After studying excel, it is found that excel supports the sum (A: a) st

The pick formula and Euclidean algorithm are used for the primary Olympics. poj1265-Area

The earliest source of this question was the primary Olympics. When we were in the sixth grade, we learned the area of the grid ...... The area formula in the grid point is also called the pick formula. Of course, I can't remember this formula ...... From, S = N + L/2-1, n

C + + implementation--to find the area of the triangle (Helen Formula) __c++

To find the area of the triangle /* Syntax: result = AREA3 (float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2, float x3, float y3); Parameters: x1~3: Triangle 3 vertices x coordinate y1~3: Triangle 3 vertex y-coordinate return value: Triangle area/// * method: Helen-Qin Jiu formula known triangle A,b,c, then S area =√[p (P- A) (P

Triangular area (Helen Formula)

--------------------------------*/#include#include#includevoid main(){int x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3; //各点坐标double a,b,c; //边长double p,*s=NULL; //p是周长的一半,指针s用来开辟空间储存各个三角形的面积int count=0,i; //count用于计数 scanf("%d%d%d%d%d%d",x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3);while(x1 || x2 || x3 || y1 || y2 || y3){count++;if(count%5==1)s=(double *)realloc(s,(count/5+1)*5*sizeof(double));a=sqrt( (x1-x2)*(x1-x2) + (y1-y2)*(y1-y2) );b=sqrt( (x3-x2)*(x3-x2) + (y3-y2)*(y3-y2) );c=sqrt( (x1-x3)*(x1-x3) + (y1-y3)*(y1-y3) );p=(a+b+c)/2;*(s+count-1

HDU 5120 (formula for finding the area of intersection of two circles)

DoubleD =Dist (C1,C2); - if(R1 + R2 return 0; About if(D EPS) $ { - DoubleR =min (r1,r2); - returnpi*r*R; - } A Doublex = (d*d + r1*r1-r2*r2)/(2*d); + DoubleT1 = ACOs (x/R1); the DoubleT2 = ACOs ((d-x)/r2); - returnR1*R1*T1 + r2*r2*t2-d*r1*sin (t1); $ } the the intMain () { the intT; Point C1, C2; the Doubleans, R, R, X1, y1, x2, y2; -scanf"%d", T); in for(intCAS =1; CAS CAs) { thescanf"%LF%LF%LF%LF%LF%LF", r, r, x1, y1, AMP;X2,

Excel formula: Lock an area function--offset ()

Offset (identifies the position, the number of rows offset, the number of columns to offset, the number of rows locked after the offset, and the number of locked columns after the offset)An analogy: Draw a rectangle on the XY axisIdentity location: equivalent to the origin;Number of rows offset: The starting y-coordinate of the rectangle;Number of columns offset: The starting x-axis coordinate of the rectangle;Number of rows locked after offset: length of rectangle;Number of columns locked after

Polygon Area Calculation Formula

Polygon Area Calculation Formula Function polygonArea (points) {var I, j; var area = 0; for (I = 0; I Polygon Area Formula description: We all know the three-point area formula of

Formula for Calculating the perimeter and area of a triangle, rectangle, square, trapezoid, or circle

Reference: B /9499520.html What is the formula for calculating the perimeter and area of a triangle, rectangle, square, trapezoid, or circle? Perimeter: girth area: Area 1. Triangle (General triangle, Helen formula) Triangle Perimeter L = A + B

"TOJ 5255" C + + Experiment: Triangular area (Helen Formula)

DescribeImplements a C + + Triangle class that contains 3 points (CPoint type) and completes the area.The code in the main function is given, please fill it out, and do not include the code that you have given when main () {CPoint P1, p2, P3;while (cin>>p1>>p2>>p3) {Ctriangle T (P1, p2, p3); coutInputThe input data has multiple groups, each group contains x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3 six integers, representing three points (x1, y1), (x2, y2), (x3, Y3), three points not collinear.OutputE

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