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"Python command-line argument parsing: Optparse module"

When you use Python for scripting, it is often necessary to invoke the Python script module in the form of a terminal interaction. At this timeSupport for providing the underlying command-line parameters in a Python module is essential. So, in

"Python" Configuration parsing configparser & command-line argument parsing optparser

ConfigparserConfigparser wraps the Read and write of the configuration file, making it easier for the Python program to manipulate the configuration file. The configuration file here refers to the type of. ini file, the basic format is as

Python command-line argument parsing

This article is reproduced from my other blog, welcome you click to see, help me to add a bit popular ^_^ ImpyySelect moduleAs prompted by the Python reference manual, Optparse is obsolete and should be used ArgparseTutorial ConceptsThe Argparse

Shell command-line argument parsing

1. Manually parse parameters, position parameters(1) $#: Number of parameters(2) $1...$9: first parameter ... 9th parameter2. Built-in command parsing, getopts, long parameter format not supportedCommand format: getopts option_string variableThe

How JavaScript works (JavaScript works) (14) parsing, Syntax abstraction tree, and 5 tips for minimizing parsing time

Personal Summary: It takes 15 minutes to finish this article, this article introduced the abstract syntax tree and JS engine parsing these syntax tree process, referred to lazy parsing-that is, the process of converting to AST is not directly into

command-line argument parsing-Shell script

Usually how much will use the shell to write small tools, and these gadgets run the first thing is to parse parameters, here summarizes the next Shell Script processing command line parameters of the method. A more common practice is to parse

About TypeError: strptime () argument 1 must be str, not bytes parsing, typeerrorstrptime

About TypeError: strptime () argument 1 must be str, not bytes parsing, typeerrorstrptime An error occurs when datetime. strptime (s, fmt) is used to output the result date. TypeError: strptime () argument 1 must be str, not bytes My source code is

The defined function has a return value and the function call can be an argument to a function, but it cannot be a function of the parameter __

1, the problem description If the defined function has a return value, the following description of the function call is incorrect (D)A the function call can exist as a separate statementB) function calls can be as arguments to a functionC)

PHP function Base64_encode After the argument contains the plus sign parsing error solution

Before entering the topic, let's take a look at the following code, test.phptest2.phpWhen accessing http://localhost/test.php addresses, redirect to http://localhost/test2.php?name=55so5p2l5yga5rwl6k+v55qe5a2x56ym5liy& age=23 address, the browser

Python command-line argument parsing instance

gossip Less, directly on the code???#!/usr/bin/env python##?Import JSONimport getopt, sysdef usage ():Print sys.argv[0] + ' -I IRT- s status 'Print sys.argv[0] + '-I irt-n seg-t stime 'Print sys.argv[0] + '-H # Get help info 'def

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