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command-line argument parsing-Shell script

Usually how much will use the shell to write small tools, and these gadgets run the first thing is to parse parameters, here summarizes the next Shell Script processing command line parameters of the method. A more common practice is to parse

Linux Learning shell script-------variables

[This is my own study notes, welcome reprint, but please specify the source:] Take a look at some of the variables in the shell today. Variable Type:There are several variables in the shell:1) Local

PHP output JavaScript script with PHP parameter, function argument string with variable

1, in PHP, sometimes we need to echo out the JS script, and this script with PHP settings variablesHow to output, a bit fastidious, write down to spare. Here's how:(1) The first method$_HG = ' Hong ';Echo ' ';?>(2) The second method, the

"Python command-line argument parsing: Optparse module"

When you use Python for scripting, it is often necessary to invoke the Python script module in the form of a terminal interaction. At this timeSupport for providing the underlying command-line parameters in a Python module is essential. So, in

Shell Script pass argument case for

$CatOpenstack_install.SH #!/usr/bin/EnvBashfunctionUsage {Echo "usage:$0 [optaion] ..." Echo "Master Install OpenStack Master in the This system." Echo "COMPUTE install OpenStack compute in the This system."Exit}functionprocess_option { Case " $"

5th Chapter 4 "Monkeyrunner Source code Analysis" Monkey principle-start run: Command line argument resolution (original)

Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder note : Originally this series is to prepare a book, details please see the earlier blog "to seek partners to write the deep understanding of Monkeyrunner" books. But for many reasons, there is no wish. So the draft is

The argument of Perl learning

Arguments is the values you pass to a Perl script. Each value on the command line after the name of the script is assigned to the special variables$ARGV [0], $ARGV [1], $ARGV [2], and so on. The number of arguments passed to the script

V. vbs script library manual-creation, append, and deletion of text files

  Text files are a powerful system management tool for system administrators. This seems impossible for the current advanced graphic interface and multi-user operating systems. However, simple text files, such as NotePad files, are still a key

Shell Script Authoring Tutorial

Create a scriptThere are many different shells in Linux, but usually we use Bash (Bourne again shell) for Shell programming because bash is free and easy to use. So the script I've provided in this article is all about using bash (but in most cases

A good Shell script tutorial entry level _ Other

Create a scriptThere are a lot of different shells in Linux, but we usually use bash (Bourne again shell) for Shell programming because bash is free and easy to use. So the script I've provided in this article is all about using bash (but in most

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