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Cocos2d-js TTF Font Summary (the most detailed tutorial in history).

Online about cocos2d engine font use of the tutorial can be said to be flying everywhere I don't say, this article mainly explains how to use third-party. TTF fonts.Cocos2d-js Web and JSB version, first of all to explain how the Web version using

Jpgraph Chinese user manual text and font control tutorial

The installation and configuration methods of jpgraph fonts have been introduced in the phpjpgraph installation and configuration tutorial. the use of fonts and texts in the jpgraph class library is very important, jpgraph can control text rotation,

IOS Add TTF Font

In the process of development, sometimes the fonts provided by Xcode do not meet our needs, so we need to add additional third-party fonts.Provide a font download address: Find the font.The first page is the SWIFT code using third-party fonts, and

Shorthand rules for CSS base font and custom CSS3 @font-face Detailed usage

Part 1 Font ShorthandThe naming rules for CSS are named in English alphanumeric and underscore (usually lowercase). The advantages of shorthand CSS font are three: one is easy to write (like a keyboard shortcut), the other is to simplify the code,

Fix system fonts and solve text garbled issues.

Recently, due to the incorrect PS font, some text in many software systems is garbled. Two things are required to restore the system font to the normal state by default: 1. Clear the c: \ windows \ fonts folder. Use unlocker to clear the registry

Unity Font Research Summary

The interface that the project was made with Ngui. Fonts use the Unity default Arial, published on some Android phones found in Chinese does not display, this has made some research.The Font documentation for unity:

Chinese Web fonts: Web Designer's font substitution method

Article Description: A guide to the method of font substitution for web designers. Before this article: The dilemma of Chinese web fonts When designers abroad happily discuss how to replace fonts without images, when Google proudly to

CSS Font Knowledge Finishing Summary

1. What is a fontFont is the outer form of text, is the style of the text, is the coat of text. such as running script, regular script, cursive, are a kind of font. The same word will be different for everyone to write, it can be said that everyone

Summary of some basic knowledge points of font in CSS

1, what is the font Font is the external form of text, is the style of words, is the coat of words. such as running script, regular script, cursive, are a kind of font. The same word can be written differently for everyone, so everyone has a set of

css3--How to add font and color styles to text

This chapter will make the text in your Web page more beautiful. Some properties about the text font-family: Text font Font-size: Text Size Color: Text Colors Font-weight: Text thickness Text-decoration: More Styles of text

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