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CKEditor Editor Add Chinese font (XXFarEastFont-arial/XXFarEastFont-Arial/ms)

Open the Config.js in the CKEditor directory, The code is as follows Copy Code Ckeditor.editorconfig = function (config){}; Add the following code: config.font_names= ' Arial/xxfareastfont-arial Bold/blackbody; imitation/imitation _gb2312; italics/italics _gb2312; XXFarEastFont-Arial/XXFarEastFont-Franklin, Microsoft Jache/

"Turn" html,css,font-family: English name of Chinese font (Arial Microsoft Ya Hei)

Arial simsun blackbody simhei Microsoft Black Microsoft Yahei Microsoft is bold Microsoft Jhenghei new song body Nsimsun new fine Ming body PMingLiU Fine ming body mingliu standard italic dfkai-sb imitation fangsong italic kaiti imitation _gb2312 fangsong_gb2312 Italic _gb2312 kaiti_gb2312Arial: Simsuncss Chinese Font (font-fam

Html,css,font-family: English name of Chinese font (Arial Microsoft Ya Hei)

Song Body SimSunBlackbody SimheiMicrosoft Black Microsoft YaheiMicrosoft is in bold Microsoft JhengheiNew song Body NsimsunNew Fine Ming body PMingLiUFine Ming Body MingLiUStandard Italic DFKAI-SBImitation FangsongItalic KaitiImitation _gb2312fangsong_gb2312Italic _gb2312kaiti_gb2312Arial: The English name of Chinese font (font-family) in SimsuncssSome of the Mac OS:Chinese fine Black: Stheiti light [Stxihe

Html,css,font-family: English name of Chinese font (Arial Microsoft Ya Hei)

Song Body SimSun Blackbody Simhei Microsoft Ya-Black Microsoft Yahei Microsoft is in black Microsoft Jhenghei New song Body Nsimsun New Fine Ming Body PMingLiU Fine Ming Body MingLiU Mark in italics Dfkai-sb Imitation Fangsong Italics Kaiti Imitation _gb2312 fangsong_gb2312 Italic _gb2312

Fix CentOS 7 under Tomcat font exception font ' Arial ' is not available to the JVM

( ( Conform to the font file under Windows, because the missing is the song body, then the song body, copied to the server2. Enter the JSP project under the classes directory[Email protected] ~]# cd/usr/share/tomcat/webapps/myproject/web-inf/classes/[[email protected] classes]# lsApplicationcontext.xml com ehcache-hibernate.xml log4j.xml3. Copy the

font:12px/1.5 Tahoma, Arial, \5b8b\4f53, Sans-serif detailed

In the PHPCMS v9 style sheet file reset.css, there is the following paragraph style, specifically what meaning?The code is as follows:body,html,input{font:12px/1.5 Tahoma,arial,\5b8b\4f53,sans-serif;}Explain:This is the shorthand for font in CSS.Font: Font size/font line hig

About setting instructions for Chinese fonts (font:12px/1.5 tahoma,arial,\5b8b\4f53)

Defining a global font is such a font:12px/1.5 tahoma,arial,\5b8b\4f53In front of the 12px font, 1.5 indicates the row height, 18px behind the \5b8b\4f53 why write this? Ask Baidu Google found "\5b8b\4f53″ is" the song body. In Unicode, it is not necessary to SimSun because some versions of Firefox and Opera do not sup

Liunx Modify font to Arial

Find ways to modify the Linux default fontsudo vi/etc/fonts/conf.d/69-language-selector-zh-cn.confModify the next Sans-serif related settingsLiunx Modify font to Arial

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