arithmetic and logical operations on numbers

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1.3 arithmetic and logical operations

1. arithmetic operation points (1) shift operation ① Original code shift: the original code does not change the form of the original code when performing arithmetic shift left or arithmetic shift right. Shifts one digit to the left is equal to

"C # Learning Note" "4" there are other operations besides subtraction (arithmetic and logical operators)

The content of this section is a bit dull, but very simple, remember, just like in elementary school we just learned subtraction mixed operation. Remember the priority of the operation. (Of course, if you have a C language or other basis, you can

Bit operations in C #, non-logical ~, Logical and &, logical or |, logical XOR or ^, logical left shift

Turn... Bit operations in C #, non-logical ~, Logical and &, logical or |, logical XOR or ^, logical left shift In C #, we will use in-place operations. For example, to determine whether a number is the power of 2, how to determine whether a

[Documentation]. Amy electronics-arithmetic operation circuit

ArticleDirectory 1 Arithmetic Circuit 2. Data Comparator 3 shift operation Reader's assumptions Mastered: Programmable Logic Basics Base on OpenGL Verilog us II Getting Started Guide designed with OpenGL ModelSim

Egrep and extended regular expressions, conditional expressions, and arithmetic operations

Egrep and extended regular expressions, conditional expressions, and arithmetic operationsLinux05Linux05_01? Use and extend regular expressions in egrepREGEXP: REGular EXPression. It may not represent its own meaning, but it is used for special

C-language bit arithmetic

C language bit operationA bitwise operation is a binary-based operation. In system software, it is often necessary to deal with bits problems. The C language provides 6 bit manipulation operators. These operators can only be used for integer

Shell scripts from getting started to complex six (conditional judgment and arithmetic operations)

First, condition judgmentClassification:Condition test TypeNumerical testString testFile test1. Conditional test ExpressionsFormat:[Expression][[Expression]]Test expression2. Numerical test Parameters Description -eq

Detailed explanation of symbolic constants, variables and arithmetic expressions in C language _c language

Symbol constants in the C languageLet's take a look at the symbolic constants before we end the discussion of the temperature conversion program. It is not a good practice to use similar "magic numbers" in 300, 20, and so on in a program, and they

C language as arithmetic and assignment problem of two variables

#include #define ARRAY_SIZE 10int main (){int Arr[array_size] = {51,116,53,120,85,66,71,98,86,100};int I, J;for (i = 0; i {for (j = 0; J if (Arr[j] > arr[j+1]) {ARR[J] ^= arr[j+1];ARR[J+1] ^= arr[j];ARR[J] ^= arr[j+1];}}for (i = 0; i printf ("%c",

Bit arithmetic problem

Bit arithmeticA bitwise operation is a binary representation of a number, a 0 or a 1 operation on each.The first step in understanding bit arithmetic is to understand the binary. Binary means that each digit of the number is 0 or 1. For example,

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