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Arkit and Arcore analysis, structure, principle introduction

:// -Environmental awareness (planar detection) Not quite understand the principle, picked some original text.Arkit: "... can track and place objects on smaller feature points as ..."“... Use hit-testing methods ("The Arhittestresult class") to find real-world surfaces corresponding to a point in the camera Image ... ""Can use hit-test results or detected planes to place or interact with virtual content in your scene."No vertical plane detected ARCore: "

Arkit: Maybe the best new start for the IPhone 10 anniversary.

Wen/Wei Yibai As early as this June WWDC conference, Apple announced that it will introduce the AR development platform in iOS 11, Arkit, a belated release of iOS 11 in the autumn New Year's launch this evening, along with a strong hardware support for Arkit. Arkit will enable developers to easily implement augmented reality in third party applications. Therefore

Introduction to Arkit and Arcore concepts

Augmented reality technology(Augmented Reality, AR), is a real-time computing camera image position and angle and with the corresponding image, video, 3D model technology, the goal is to screen the virtual world in the real world and interact. What does AR include:The techniques and steps required for a simplest AR scenario implementation are contained in the following 1. Multimedia capture realistic Images: Camera 2, three-dimensional modeling: 3D stereo Model 3. Sensor Tracking: The main tra

iOS NetEase Cloud Music Home source code, animation engine source code, etc.

introduction after a period of time a crazy interview, finally settled down, just into the job a feeling good company. The company wants to make a new project on the basis of the original product, before a company to do the project always feel that the application of a level is not satisfactory, but in the original project to change and more time-consuming and laborious, coupled with the company's project constantly add demand, change demand, how much time to refine the analysis of the director

IOS best friend, ARKit, rotating animation, stereo album source code, iosarkit

IOS best friend, ARKit, rotating animation, stereo album source code, iosarkitIOS featured source codeCustom view pop-up implementation scheme Write your best friendARKit, distance sensing, AR rulerIOS sensor collectionAR solar system, animation and light processing, ARKitIOS launch page advertisement JYJAdViewControllerThemeManager is a lightweight topic management library, which is easy to use and without coupling.Rotating a trojan screen animation

iOS best sister, Arkit, Rotary animation, stereoscopic album source code, etc.

start with a short, open source code. This article is about Facebook, a company that loves open source, a set of open source code about KVO. GitHub Code Demo Code address body Fbkvocontroller Introduction simple, Faceb ... Read the originalthread life cycle, multi-threaded four solutions, thread safety issues, GCD use, nsoperation use ...Objective This article is mainly to share iOS multi-threading related content, in order to more systematic explana

iOS Learning route Summary

Learning methods In the face of difficult features, don't be too busy to refuse, but challenge, learn more knowledge. Try to solve the problem independently, not in the first thought of encountering the problem is looking for someone. Learn more about others Open source third-party library, can open source library must have worth learning places, more to see other great God's blog. As a programmer, if you stop learning, you will be eliminated by the team. To learn skills

What developers need to know about IOS SDK new features

What developers need to know about IOS SDK new featuresOlder than can stay up to see the WWDC of the Times, but still in the small treasure crying and mom adults change diapers in the urging of a morning. So the "hot" to WWDC 2017 of the Keynote read. As in previous years, although WWDC is a developer meeting, but Keynote is not specifically for our developers, it also assumes the company's state of the information, new product launches and other functions. As a technician, the next session may

IOS augmented reality application development practices

view; chapter 2 describes how to create a cocos2d augmented reality application. Chapter 2 describes the application of the string, Qualcomm, and arkit Augmented Reality Toolkit; chapter 1 describes how to use string and OpenGL ES to create a tag-based Augmented Reality application. Chapter 2 describes how to create a social augmented reality application. Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 13 describes the facial recognition technology and its usage in augmented re

Touch detection of 3D models in iOS11 ar scene

The latest iOS11 in the AR particularly hot, oneself also to online to find a few demo play, the core code is nothing less than:AR view: Show 3D interface@property (Nonatomic,strong) Arscnview *arscnview;Add Model Method One:Create a new sceneScnscene *scene = [Scnscene scenenamed:@ "ART.SCNASSETS/SHIP.SCN"];Set the scene to the viewself.arSCNView.scene = scene;Add Model Method Two:1. Use the scene to load the SCN file (SCN format file is a 3D modelin

IOS Netease cloud music homepage source code, animation engine source code, and ios source code

: // fastlane. tools/Documentation: https: // docs. fas... read the original article How to create a good App directory structure I. Introduction after some crazy interviews some time ago, it was finally settled. I just joined a company that feels good. The company wants to create a new project based on the original product. Previously, when a previous company was working on a project, it always felt that the app had a bad level, however, it is time-consuming and labor-consuming to change the or

Arkit for Unity Windows Development Tutorial (i)

Now often see online there are some arkit tutorials, I am also a newcomer small white, if written wrong, please excuse me .... qq:362057738Gossip not to say, if you want to understand Arkit framework, self-Niang go on the line, the online introduction of absolutely more comprehensive than me. I'm just going to record the pits I've stepped on ... (especially many).As a programmer without an apple laptop, it

Source code, such as the client, multiple types of TableView animation effects, edge return gestures, and tableview gestures

frequently used in iOS daily development. The normal Display Effect of tableView is relatively stiff. To improve APP vitality and experience, we can perform Cell operations to achieve some animation effects based on the characteristics of tableView.I wrote a simple animation set, and only one line of code is required for tableView to implement animation.At present, there are about 10 animations. For more information, see the original article.What does AI mean for iOS development? Preface the to

IOS 11 Development Tutorial (i)

.4. Control CenterThe control center is reduced to one page, and more will be done with 3D touch. The single-page control center has more intuitive operation and is more integrated.5. MapMap support interior map navigation and car navigation functions, new driving do not Disturb mode.6.HomeKitHomeKit adds a speaker interface that supports the AIRPLAY2 protocol while Siri is supported.7.Apple MusicThe new version of Apple Music will be able to see the music your friends are listening to.8.Apple S

100 powerful CSS menu creation tutorials

Document directory Horizontal CSS menu tutorials Vertical CSS menu tutorials Overview Original article: Navigation is such an important part of your website. It's how your visitors navigate to the main areas of your site and makes it easy for them to find your good content. CSS is of course the perfect language for designing beautiful navigation menus. it can be applied to any type of website and is very flexible. don't be alarmed

Only know JavaScript can also develop vr/ar content! __java

The success of virtual reality industry requires not only good enough and affordable hardware conditions, but also enough content to allow consumers to immerse in them. As more and more developers appear in the industry at regular speeds, it is certain that this is still in short supply. As a result, a web-based development platform "Rodin" turned out to make it easier for web developers around the world to develop virtual reality and augmented reality content. Although it is becoming easier t

Common JS Code

Qq online customer service Demo address: Http:// Qq online customer service floating Code Download Demo address: Http://

17.2.2 create user-managed copy databases on different hosts

(1) Create an OS directory for storing various files related to the replication database. (2) create a routine service. (3) create a parameter file. Connect to the primary database to create a text parameter file. Edit the text parameter file. Create a server parameter file. (4) copy the data file backup, parameter file, and archive log of the primary database to the host where the replication database is located. (5) Start the routine and create a control file. (6) restore the replicatio

Part 1 Cassandra 1.0.x common command Guide

press enter directly, the command line interface will display "..." Prompt, meaning the client waits for more input content. Original Creating a keyspace You can use the Cassandra CLI commandsdescribed in this section to create a keyspace. In this example, we create akeyspace called demo, with a replication factor of 1 and using the simplestrategyreplica placement strategy. Note the single quotes around the stringvalue of placement_strategy: [

Android example source code learning

/ Videoos-0.4.3/ Videoos-0.5/ Videoos-0.6/ Videoos-0.6.5/ ViewSwitcher-0.1/ Webapons-0.1/ Webapons-0.2/ Webapons-0.3/ Webapons-0.3.1/ Webapons-0.4/ Webapons-0.4.1/ Webapons-0.4.2/ Webapons-0.4.5/ Webapons-0.4.7/ Webapons-0.5.0/ Webapons-0.5.1/ Webapons-0.5.2/ Webapons-0.5.5/ Android. Client. Player-0.1/ Android. Client. Player-0.2/ Android. Customer. player-0.2a/ Android. Client. Player-0.3/ Android. Client. Player-0.4/ Android. Client. Player-0.5/ Android. Client. Playe

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