array in sql server 2012

Want to know array in sql server 2012? we have a huge selection of array in sql server 2012 information on

WSFC implementation of the SQL Server 2012 High Availability Group (AlwaysOn Group) _win server based on Win2008 R2

Two years ago, SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Mirroring deployment, today, "Renew the front"-- Microsoft's new generation of database products SQL Server 2012 has been available for some time, whether functional or performance, compared to its early

In-depth analysis of SQL Server parallel execution principles and practices (i)

In the mature leading enterprise database system, parallel query can be said to be a big weapon, in some scenarios he can significantly improve the corresponding time of the query, improve the user experience. such as SQL Server, Oracle, etc., MySQL

How Windows Server 2012 improves DC sustainability

Hardware requirements for Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2012 was officially released online on September 4, allowing customers to finally buy the latest server operating system. However, since the official version has just been released, many

Eighth SQL Server secure data encryption

This article is the eighth of the SQL Server Security series, please refer to the original text for more information. Relational databases is used in an amazing variety of applications with connections from a dizzying array of clients over

WSFC SQL application disk array substitution

In the previous article, we talked about the WSFC upper-level file server application data disk replacement and upgrade, in fact, we can have a lot of scenarios to apply this replacement, first, the expansion of replacement, as we demonstrated in

In layman SQL Server 2008 partition functions and partition tables

Http:// we have a larger amount of data, we need to split the large tables into smaller tables, and queries that only access departmental data can run faster, the rationale being that

Database server build and deployment notes

1. Rack and cable server ensure that each power supply plugs into a different power circuit if possible, make sure that the network cable is plugged into a different network switch 2.SQL Server service and the SQL Server Agent service uses a domain

SQL Server 2014 installation

First, plan and successfully complete the installation of SQL Server 2014 1, planning systemBefore installing SQL Server, the first step should be a reasonable plan. The following are the planning tasks and points:① benchmarks for current workloads②

JSON in SQL Server 2016

JSON functions in SQL Server enable the Analyze and query JSON data, transform JSON to relational format, and export SQ L query results as JSON text.If you have the JSON text, you can extract the data from JSON or verify. JSON is properly formatted

Anatomy of the Swiss Army Knife of SQL Server 16th orcamdf rawdatabase--mdf file (translated)

Anatomy of the Swiss Army Knife of SQL Server 16th orcamdf rawdatabase--mdf file (translated) I first started to develop Orcamdf, I had only one goal, more than most of the

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