array out of bound exception

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Java Exception Handling

Tag:note   style    and     avoid     cause     except   throwable   content   bounds    Five, anomaly   anomaly Concept summary:  Exercise one: Abnormal system     problem:   1. Please describe the exception inheritance system   2. Please describe


The problem with Java code that occurs during runtime is an exception. in the In Java, the exception information is encapsulated into a class. When a problem occurs, an exception class object is created and information about the exception is thrown (

Java Exception Handling exception

I look at other people's face by the question of the exception, that is, Java exception handling, I have also learned Java exception handling, but I checked the next, read someone else's blog about the exception exception handling, I found that

Java Exception handling methods

Exception: an Exception occurs during the running of the program.1. Exception handling mechanism for Java exceptionsEarly cases:The programming languages used in the early stage did not provide special exception handling functions. The programmers

C + + exception handling

This paper introduces the concept and practice of C + + exception handling through the way of exception processing, and then deeply analyzes the exception handling mechanism of C + +, special handling of exception handling and exception

When operating the SQLite database, the following error occurs: "The bound or column index is out of range"

Html code Android 2.3.3 Eclipse Version: 3.7.0 LogCat LogCat error message:Java code 02-13 09:21:35.030: WARN/dalvikvm (17173): Threadid =19: Thread exiting with uncaught exception (group =Zero x 40015560) 02-13 09:21:35.130:

C + + Learning 39 Getting Started with exception handling (try and catch)

The compiler guarantees that the syntax of the code is correct, but does nothing about logic errors and run-time errors, such as a divisor of 0, memory allocation failure, array out of bounds, and so on. If these errors are left unchecked, the

Dark Horse programmer--java Learning Note Five (exception)

1, exception: is an abnormal condition that occurs during runtime. in Java, the object is described and encapsulated in the form of a class. A class that describes an unhealthy condition is called an exception class.  in combination with normal

Java Exception Handling

A Java exception classificationJava Exceptions:(1) Error:java serious problems that virtual machines cannot solve(2) Exception: null pointer exception access not present file network connection interruptedBoth error and exception inherit the child

Java Learning--The handling of abnormal exception

* Second, how to deal with exception anomalies* Java provides a catch-and-throw model of exception handling* *. " Throw ": When we execute the code, when an exception occurs, an object of the corresponding exception type is generated at the code of

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