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21 days actual combat artificial Intelligence series: Artificial Intelligence product manager Best Practice (1)

1 Preface Intended to engage in artificial intelligence product Manager position, write a series of topics, artificial intelligence product Manager to do a comprehensive introduction, the preliminary plan to write 21 topics, a day, is a spur on their own, the task of qualitative, quantitative, hope that they can stick

How far are we from artificial intelligence to changing the world? _ Artificial Intelligence

this phrase as an answer to countless questions, full of courage and confidence, yet revealing a dangerous arrogance. To break through the coding of their DNA sequences to explore deeper potential, has always been the pursuit of human dreams and goals. The exploration of artificial intelligence technology is actually the exploration of human's own way of thinkin

On the design of special-shaped artificial intelligence

  before writing a "from Alphago talk about general-purpose AI Design" article, which discusses the general-purpose artificial Intelligence design framework. Then someone asked me how to do the special-shaped AI, because they have done image recognition and speech recognition two AI projects, a little bit of experience, so today based on these two AI projects, to talk about the general specific type of

AI, artificial intelligence, Python, man-machine interaction, aipython

AI, artificial intelligence, Python, man-machine interaction, aipython Today, with the development of artificial intelligence, if we don't try to get in touch with new things, we will soon be eliminated by the world ~ This article is intended to use the Python development language to implement "Dana", similar to the WI

The concept of machine learning __ automatic control and artificial intelligence

Status of machine learning: 1, China's traditional industry is not ready to use artificial intelligence technology, many traditional industries do not regard it as a strategic focus; 2, to set up artificial intelligence strategy of enterprises, the lack of talent is its main shackles; 3, in this field, especially in th

Python's application in Finance, data analysis, and artificial intelligence

, including, of course, R. Using Python to chart Big data is better, and it's equally reliable in terms of speed and help. Some companies use Python for predictive analysis and statistical analysis. According to an December 29, 2014 Forbes article, the 2014 Python-related big data recruitment demand rose 96.9% from a year earlier.The application of Python in the field of artificial intelligencePython, like other good technologies, spreads quickly as a

A summary of doing artificial intelligence-Gobang

. However, the most important thing is to digest it in the quickest way, so that the valuable achievements of predecessors or masters have quickly become their own skills. As a programmer, this experience gives me the feeling is, completes a program, the most important absolute is the algorithm, this does Gobang, the artificial intelligence module's algorithm I also took a few days to make clear, perhaps on

Genetic algorithms, golombs coding, and Artificial Neural Networks

Genetic algorithms, golombs coding, and Artificial Neural Networks No one is closer to God than Newton-Inscription Genetic algorithms, golombs coding, and artificial neural networks are three topics that I have recently watched. My meager knowledge in the course class is not enough for me to easily understand thi

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