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Justinio's version! (Serial operation type)

Imports System Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices Namespace Justinio Class Commport Public Portnum as String Public baudrate as Integer Public ByteSize as Byte Public Parity as Byte '//0-4=no,odd,even,mark,space Public stopbits as Byte//0,1,2 =

The vb. NET version of JustinIO! (Serial operation)

Imports SystemImports System. Runtime. InteropServices Namespace JustinIOClass commp ORTPublic PortNum As StringPublic BaudRate As IntegerPublic ByteSize As BytePublic Parity As Byte '// 0-4 = no, odd, even, mark, spacePublic StopBits As Byte '// 0,

Application of Hook in (CNET Chinese web)

Application of Hook in Chinese In the version of the moderator for a while, has been thinking how to better help you understand new concepts and programming methods. Small replies are difficult to understand a lot of problems,

Common vsflexgrid Functions

Vsflexgrid is an ActiveX control of componentone. It is functionally compatible with the mshflexgrid control of MS, that is, the attributes and methods of mshflexgrid are also available, only a few attribute names are slightly different. programs

Hold the screen in the

' AUTHOR:WGSCD ' Function: Grab screen ' QQ153964481 ' Date:2005-4-12 ’********************************* Public Class Form1 Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form #Region "code generated by the Windows forms Designer" Public Sub New () MyBase.New () '

It's not easy to find the old post on "creating ActiveX dll parts for an independent control interface in VB" 2000/02/01!

The Component Object Model (COM) proposed by Microsoft, including automation and ActiveX specifications. ActiveXThe component technology can combine the created object-based parts, which can be created using many different tools. Application

Vb. NET Chinese Tutorials (3) Inheritance and encapsulation

Package | inheritance | tutorial | Chinese 1. Inheritance and encapsulation (encapsulation) 1.1 Public and private data The concept of "seal possession" (encapsulation) has been introduced earlier. That is, the data members defined within the

Using Asp+dll to implement Web-Modified server time _ Application techniques

Yesterday a friend had a need to modify the time on the IIS server through the Web, because his system was developed under ASP 3.0, so the code for this example is ASP, Not, but I write this article is to make a note, after all, writing

Vb. class to implement shutdown/Hibernate/reboot/logoff in net

Imports System Imports System.Text Imports System.Diagnostics Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices Public Class Windowscontroller Public Enum Restartoptions LOGOFF = 0 Poweroff = 8 Reboot = 2 ShutDown = 1 Suspend =-1 Hibernate =-2 End

You can set the display position and the message box (msgbox) in the font)

. Net default msgbox display position can only be in the middle of the screen, the font is,In many cases, msgbox must be displayed at the specified position, and the msgbox font can be controlled.I encapsulated a message box that can set the display

Supports file dragging of any forms, controls, and components (VB. NET source code)

You can drag and drop a file by setting the drag attribute of the control and then responding to its drag event. However, some controls do not support drag and drop. In view of this, this article describes how to drag and drop arbitrary Forms,

Let's talk about the Function Application in VB!

In VB, how is the function program applied? The function process is a user-defined independent function process, similar to a sub-program. The function process can read parameters and modify statements. It can be called as an independent basic

Step-by-Step wuziqi AI [3] cornerstone-alpha-beta tailoring beyond the boundary

Note: The evaluation method is updated today. It mainly adds a set of variables to record the number of sunspots or whitelists on each vector, so as to selectively use the corresponding template for matching, this causes changes to the pos class. In

Vb. NET to use the seed filling algorithm to achieve the image coloring example

Someone has recently been using C # to write a Windows-like drawing tool that is stuck in the color-filled section. Employers and employees want him to use the seed fill algorithm coloring (do not call the Windows provided API, otherwise exercise a

Embedded ASM is also released, available and available!

This is easy to find on the Internet.CodeI went there, and I was not bored with it. Unfortunately, when my laptop was decommissioned, I had to chew on the hard disk, and then I finally tried to write it for myself. There are many ways to achieve implements secondary development and instance of UG

First, copy the VB folder from the ugopenvs_files folder under ug5 to Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0 (I used vs2008) to overwrite the original file. When vs is enabled, click Create to find the ug5 Visual Basic Template named project. Opening this

How to obtain the NIC address Through VB

[Programming language] Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, 5.0, 6.0[Running platform] WINDOWS[Source code source] FR = 0[Function description] IPX and NETBIOS interfaces require network

How to obtain the NIC address Through VB

How to obtain the NIC address Through VB 1) generate a standard EXE file in Visual Basic. Form1 is created by default. 2) Add a command button in Form1. The default name is Command1. 3) place the following code in the description section of

ASP gets the MAC address of the NIC

Private Const Ncbastat = &h33 Private Const Ncbnamsz = 16 Private Const heap_zero_memory = &h8 Private Const heap_generate_exceptions = &h4 Private Const Ncbreset = &h32 Private Type NCB Ncb_command as Byte ' Integer Ncb_retcode as Byte '

Unzip the VBA stream

In VBA Engineering, VBA code is stored in a composite document in a compressed form.The extracted code is as follows: Public FunctionDecompression (Arrbyte () as Byte) as Byte() 'unzip the VBA stream 'Algorithm Description:

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