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[MSSQL] Result set direct operation

实际工作中经常碰到占比,比如XX部门超领金额占总金额的占比,离职人员占总人数占比等等。一直都是存取变量,计算结果。今天尝试了下结果集直接进行四则运算-- ============================================= --Author: --Create Date: --Description: -- ============================================= alter PROC [dbo].

SQL Server numeric rounding, two digits after decimal point

1. The round () function is used in rounding. The first parameter is the data to be operated, and the second parameter is used to display the number of decimal places after rounding. 2.The numeric function has two parameters. The first parameter

Mathematical modeling 2012A Part solution based on R language

1 Library (xlsx)2 Library (nortest)3 Library (Kendall)4 Library (stats)5 6Chart1 "e:/Thunder Download/cumcm2012problems/a/accessories 1-Wine tasting rating table. xls", stringsasfactors = False,sheetindex =1, Header = F,encoding ="UTF-8")7Chart2 "e:/

"Database" PostgreSQL and SQL Primary use (tpc-h data application)

Tools:PostgreSQLOperating environment:Ubantu 14.0Data source:tpc-h DbgenTASK1:1. Download PostgreSQL (sudo install PostgreSQL), the results are as follows.TASK2:1. Follow the tutorial and go to the Dbgen folder to modify the makefile file. Then

Database Practice __ Database

--3.1 creating a Student Performance Management database (STUDSCORE_DB1) Create DATABASE STUDSCORE_DB1--DB creation statement --3.2 Create a Student performance management database (STUDSCORE_DB2), note the requirementsCreate DATABASE Studscore_db2

SQL statement Summary of various World Cup conjecture lists

/* Ranking of increase/decrease */Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Select top 50 UserName, sum (ReceivePrice)-sum (GuessPrice) as ReceivePrice,Cast (sum (case when ReceivePrice> 0 THEN 1.0 ELSE 0 END)/count (ReceivePrice) * 100 as numeric () as

SQL statement Summary of various World Cup conjecture lists

I sorted out several rankings for my website's World Cup conjecture activities. I spent half an hour writing SQL statements, but it is a pity that I have lost it here. It is a site of others and I don't feel bad. I sorted out several rankings for my

Convert pure IP database | qq ip database into SQL, access

Reprinted from: Newest coral worm IP database Microsoft Office Access 2003 Eiditplus MS sql2005 1. Open showip.exe, which is included in the IP

SQL statement Summary of various World Cup conjecture lists

/* Ranking of increase/decrease */ CopyCode The Code is as follows: Select top 50 username, sum (receiveprice)-sum (guessprice) as receiveprice, Cast (sum (case when receiveprice> 0 then 1.0 else 0 end)/count (receiveprice) * 100 as numeric () as

SQL Server rounding, 2 digits after decimal point

The 1.round () function is rounded with, the first parameter is the data we want to manipulate, the second parameter is set after we rounded the decimal point after a few shows.The 2 parameters of the 2.numeric function, the first representing the

[Easy to fly] EXP (SUM (LOG field)) practice

When writing to half of the code, you need to count the product of the specified line. Think of a SQLNew function for EXP (SUM (field)) try. The full code is as follows-- ============================================= --Author: --Create Date:

SQL Technology Insider -13 separation of the SQL optimization methodology weight-level wait

Code--Isolate top Waitswith Waits as (SELECT wait_type, Wait_time_ms/ +. As wait_time_s, -. * Wait_time_ms/SUM (Wait_time_ms) over () as the PCT, Row_number () over (ORDER by Wait_time_ms DESC) as RN, -. * Signal_wait_time_ms/wait_time_ms

A summary of the SQL statements of various lists of World Cup guessing activities _mssql

* * Increase in the decline of the ranking * Copy Code code as follows: Select top Username,sum (receiveprice)-sum (guessprice) as Receiveprice, Cast (sum (case when receiveprice>0 THEN 1.0 ELSE 0)/COUNT (receiveprice) * as numeric

SQL Server Performance Tuning

In our OLAP implementation, SQL is extremely complex and uses a lot of temporary tables. During the installation of tempdb, the local disk path for SQL Server installation is selected by default, and no disk array is used. When learning PostgreSQL,

SQL-time period acquisition

Declare @ datestart datetime, @ dateend datetime, @ date datetime select @ date = getdate () -- select @ datestart = cast (floor (cast (@ date as numeric () + 1-day (@ date) as datetime) at the beginning of a month) -- end of a month select @

Database System concept 6-data type, authorization, etc.

?First, consistencyConsistency includes not NULL, unique, checkA) NOT NULLName varchar (NOT NULL)b) UniqueIf A1, A2 ... And so make up the candidate key, you can use unique (A1, A2 ...) To guarantee their uniqueness, but these fields can still be

Retain ten valid numbers

There are no DECLARE @ execsqlNVARCHAR (1024) SET @ execsqlNSELECTCAST (+ CAST (125.365412354 ASNVARCHAR (20) + NASNUMERIC (20, + STR (10-CEILING (LOG10 (125.365412354) + N) EXECSP_EXECUTESQL @ execsql * ROUND? (? Nu SQL rounding up the ten valid

REDGATE another useful script tool, ScriptsManager1.3

REDGATE another useful script tool ScriptsManager1.3: this tool is free of charge: this tool is a commonly used script tool, which already contains scripts, these scripts involve many aspects, including backup, diagnosis, export, index, space,

C ++ boost library documentation Index

C ++ boost library documentation Index 1. Alphabetical database list 2. List by subject database 2.0 string and Text Processing (string and text processing) 2.1 container (containers) 2.2 iterators) 2.3 algorithm

Follow me. sql: (eight) numeric data types

Data | The data type SQL92 standard defines several basic data types, which are the basis for various data types in the SQL database. In the article "string data type", we have discussed in detail the string data types defined by the SQL92 standard.

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