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Muscle sugar Element

Muscle glycogen (muscle glycogen), is the sugar in the muscle storage form, in strenuous exercise consumption of large amounts of blood sugar, muscle glycogen decomposition energy, muscle sugar can not be directly decomposed into glucose, must first decompose the production

14 tips for increasing muscle Blocks

Tips for increasing muscle blocks: large weight, low frequency, multi-group number, Long Displacement, slow speed, high density, consistent mindfulness, peak contraction, persistent tension, relaxation between groups, multi-body training, protein consumption after training, take a 48-hour break. 1. High weight and low frequency: Rm is used in bodybuilding theory to indicate the maximum number of repetitions that a certain load can be performed conti

ZBrush Carving Human Muscle Example Tutorial

Press the X key to open the symmetrical brush, use the mask to draw the clavicle, hold down the CTRL key to sketch out the clavicle superstructure. Press CTRL to click on the blanks and reverse the selection. Use the standard brush to carve inward, as shown in the picture. Use the clay brush to sketch out the outer contour of the pectoralis big muscle. Next, carve the pectoral

Shoulder muscle strain ZT

This disease is often caused by incorrect posture during labor or work, so that the soft tissue such as muscle, ligament, fascia, and joint capsule remains in a tense state for a long time; Long-term overload of moving, lifting, carrying, lifting and other activities; it may also be related to differences in anatomy, physical constitution, endocrine, and other factors. A small number of people suffer from delayed symptoms due to acute shoulder and nec

Eye Muscle auto recovery exercise-Friends of myopia Come and see!

Label: Health care This article is excerpted from the csdn Forum recommended by Mr. jiangtao: eye health guidance Myopia and myopiaIt's all about eye zoom. Eye Muscle stiffness involved in zoom. The following exercises can be performed: Help restore eye muscle Elasticity. (If you have no time, read the first section) 1. Practice (1) Remove glasses, Extend your arm, Shoulder level, with a fist held but a

Lipid-reducing muscle movement and dietary binding

Fitness: Three points by practicing seven points by eatingPractice: 2-4 groups of 4 minutes of TabataEat: Protein (1 kg 2-3g, dependent on training intensity) + fast absorbing carbohydrate (1.5 times times of protein)Fast-absorbing carbohydrates (such as glucose, bananas, juices, honey) in half an hour after exercise, whey protein, egg whiteRemember: All of our gains come from post-training recovery. The most essential process of training is to stimulate the---recovery---stimulation---recovery,

[temporary] major contribution of cardiac regeneration through gata41 heart muscle zebra Fish

Recent studies have shown that mammals, including humans, main-some of the ability to renew myocardial cells throughout the postpartum life1,2. However, there is little or no significant myocardial damage after regenera-ash such as acute myocardial infarction3. By contrast, zebra fish efficiently regenerates lost myocardium, providing a model for understanding how natural heart regenera-may be clogged or enhanced4,5. The cell origin of the new regenerative myocardium is still unclear in the abse

20 Practical tips for muscle enhancement

1. If you want to add muscle, remember: the muscle is to increase the muscles! Not blindly increase the weight of the light! It is possible that the body weight does not increase, because you can also lose some of the weight of fat! So the muscle gain may be increased, but the result of weight gain is not necessarily increased

Sonne fitness log (12)-feeling of the abdominal muscle program for the second and third weeks

is still tired every Monday or Friday.35Training in minutes. There is no particular increase in food intake. One or two more fruits and one nut are consumed each day. Because I had a large weight, I had to balance my weight control and muscle growth. The chest muscles feel more powerful than before, but the muscles are not higher than before (at least not visible on the surface), the back has been less sour for two days, after which it does

Muscle electric Control dexterous hand (I.)

First, a definition of EMG control: The extraction of EMG signals can be applied to outside control technology In biology, the action potential causes muscle contraction, and using EMG to control dexterous hand should belong to the category of Bionics. The surface EMG signal is the sum of the action potential of the skin under which the electrodes are exposed (through sebum, solution conduction). From the point of view of pattern recognition, the char

Example of visual design: the revision of the Asian Games website

Asian Games official website revision backgroundAt the end of the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 Asian Games official website immediately came online. NetEase as the Guangzhou Asian Games internet site and the content of the exclusive sponsor, of course, within the company for the 2010 Asian Games specifically set up the

Muscle-driven facial animation Overview

Face Animation is a hot and difficult topic in computer animation. I personally think that the most promising Face Animation method is based on the pseudo-muscle (vector muscle) model. It was first proposed by waters in 1987 and is one of the most popular models in recent years. The idea is to perform approximately abstract muscle control on the polygon mesh. The

I've come out of the shadow of lumbar muscle strain

After nearly two years and lumbar muscle strain's struggle, now finally can return to the football field, out of the sharing spirit of it, the situation and prescriptions published as follows:The process of illness:2013 the entire October of Saturday, the Sunday continuous play causes the right lumbar muscle strain (right iliac waist muscle and lumbosacral

How does the Galaxy S4 zoom use the US muscle function? (C101)

1. Under the Standby page, click "Application" and click on "Camera". 2. Click on the "mode" icon. 3. Select "Smart" mode. 4. Choose "American Muscle". 5. Click on the "Camera" icon to take a picture of a person's face. 6. Landscaping photos. Note:use enlarged eye function to make the eyes larger. Use the noise reduction function to beautify your skin. Use the thin face function to make the face more slender. 7. Click "Bef

The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games official website was published

Guangzhou Asian Group Committee and NetEase Company sponsors signing ceremony 3rd in Guangzhou, NetEase Company officially become two o one O-year Guangzhou Asian Games internet content and website service sponsor. At the same time, by NetEase construction of the new Asian Games official website also launched on the same day. Guangzhou, deputy mayo

Six muscle-boosting tips to give your muscles a surprisingly exciting boost

When you ask some senior fitness friends, what is there to pay attention to in training? Most of the answers are in the search for your own training mode, and each training adds some new ideas, so that the muscles don't know your training! Now we provide 6 small changes in the small skill of muscle, you do not use every action,      These skills are added to the workout every now and then, so that the muscles get different training effects and get

Sonne fitness log (15)-Week 4 feeling of the abdominal muscle Program

After four weeks of training, I became more confident and confident in my designated fitness program! Because I slowly felt a little body change: In the past few days, I felt sour in the middle of the chest (there is no cleavage or a shallow cleavage). This is a sign of muscle growth. During this period, some parts of the body were sore and the shoulder parts on both sides of the chest became stiff obviously. It is estimated that the children were a

Sonne fitness log (10)-First week feeling and experience of the abdominal muscle program for 16 weeks

The training plan for the first week was successfully completed, and the overall feeling is good! Because I have carefully designed the training program,ABCThe three groups of training performed alternately between the upper and lower limbs, taking full advantage of the time, although this week's three training times only30Minutes (including warm-up in front and rest in the middle), but I feel like I have done what I want. After each training, I feel very sour in my thigh (meaning I want

"Beauty skin Care" to say goodbye to enlarged pores and easily possess flawless muscle

, you can wash the skin of the watermelon, and then, with a knife to the hard skin and the rest of the flesh between the rind meat cut, and then apply to the face on it. Some people, like to use watermelon skin directly in the face rub, this is also possible.   Trick five: Beer DIY maskAlcohol in beer can promote blood circulation and moisturize the skin. Beer contained in the snake is a refreshing agent, not only can prevent blisters, pus blister, also has a good effect on the contraction

How to grow muscle (who can help translate it !)

How to grow muscle There are 3 things you need to grow: resistance, energy, and rest. if you are missing any one of these requirements growth will not occur. getting big is not a hard thing to do; it also isn't a very complex process either even though all those workout magazines out there try to make it look like that. the 3 chapters I will discuss are diet, workout, and rest. what sets people apart who are big from people who stay the same size yea

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