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ASP. NET basics: Foundation of ASP. NET

After reading the recommendations of dflying Chen, extract the articles for the interviewees. This has been pooled together from a number of resources: What is ASP. NET? Microsoft ASP. net is a server side technology that enables programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications, and XML Web Services. it i

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning Note (1): Go to MVC mode

our ASP. NET MVC project set the default routing rules: { Controller}/{action}/{id}, which means that we can access the project by HTTP://LOCALHOST/HOME/INDEX/1 this URL. If we want to change the default routing rule, for example, if we want to access the project with this url:http://localhost/home-index-1, we'll just change the default routing rule above to: {Controller}-{action}-{id}.Reference articles(1

SharePoint basics 6-ASP. NET architecture involved in SharePoint infrastructure

ASP. net Framework represents an important productivity layer on the IIS and ISAPI programming models. if you are familiar with ASP. NET development, you will know that it provides convenience for compiling managed code for your application logic, such as C #, VB. and allows you to work in a productivity-oriented visua

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning Notes: First, go to MVC mode

Preliminary understanding of the routing mechanismWe can tell by debugging that all requests in MVC boil down to the action under the controller. Therefore, all requests are to specify a specific Action,url format that is based on the routing rules. So, what is the default for routing rules in ASP.PublicClassrouteconfig{PublicStaticvoidRegisterRoutes (RouteCollection routes) {routes. Ignoreroute ("{resource}.axd/{*pathinfo}"); Routes. MapRoute (name: "Default", url: "{controller}/{action}/{id}"

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning Note (1): Go to MVC mode

. Therefore, all requests are to specify a specific Action,url format that is based on the routing rules. So, what is the default for routing rules in ASP.public class routeconfig{public static void RegisterRoutes (RouteCollection routes) { routes. Ignoreroute ("{resource}.axd/{*pathinfo}"); Routes. MapRoute ( name: "Default", URL: "{controller}/{action}/{id}", defaults:new {controller = "Home", action = "Index", id


/ index.aspx file. Assume that the file cannot be found. Will go to the Share folder to look for:/views/share/index.aspx, if not found. Throws an exception that cannot be found for the view. Return View ("lulu.aspx") to specify which view:/views/home/lulu.aspx to return.So why do we go directly to the views/home/index.aspx file here, there will be a 404 error, said the file could not be found? Because in MVC. It is not recommended to visit the view directly. So the

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning notes: Four, checksum, Ajax and filters

action, we find that the system executes a custom exception filter, changing our request to redirect to the action of index.Resources(1) Jing Jinnan, four types of authentication programming under ASP. Jing Jinnan, four ways to verify programming under

C # Journey to Discovery lecture 5 basics of graph development-Asp. NET Report Software

further explore C # graphics development. Posted on Yuan Yongfu read (4410) Comments (16) EDIT favorites #1 floor. net Reply to reference I made this applet according to what you said, but every time I click the ellipse, the mouse will not be in the ellipse, so I cannot trigger the onclik event and reply to the reference. FortunatelyArticleI just read it today. I do not have a special style to reply to the reference. Edited by the auth

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning Notes: First, go to MVC mode

First, ASP. Net of two development Modes 1.1 ASP. WebForm Development Mode(1) Process flowIn the traditional WebForm mode, we request an example of Index.aspx URL, then our WebForm program will go to the root directory of the site to look for the index.aspx file under the blog directory, and then by the index.aspx page codebehind fi

Cookie basics in ASP. NET

In ASP. NET, what is the basic Cookie knowledge? What do I need to know about Cookie programming in ASP. NET? First, let's take a look at the meaning of cookies in ASP. NET. Cookies in ASP

ASP. NET advanced programming basics 13th-verification controls

In this blog, we will first detail ASP. differences between the three controls and their use (HTML control, Asp. net encapsulated controls, using the HTML control of runat = "server"), finally we have learned ASP. some validation controls self-contained in. net. Using these

ASP. NET Core Basics

["Name"]}"); Console.WriteLine ("Student:"); Console.WriteLine ($"no:{configuration["Student0: No"]},name:{configuration["Student0: Name"]}"); Console.WriteLine ($"no:{configuration["Student1: No"]},name:{configuration["Student1: Name"]}"); Console.readkey (); } }}Demo{ "No":"1", "name":"ASP . NET Core", "Student": [ { "No":"1", "name":"Zhang San" }, { "No":"2", "na

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning notes: Four, checksum, Ajax and filters

must be less than 5")]. Then, with jquery validate, the client checks before each commit, and if there are non-conforming rules in the checksum match, the message is displayed in a specific span label (class= "Field-validation-valid"). and prevent this form from submitting operations. 1.3 precautions for using dataannotations (1) First, make sure that the page that needs to be validated introduces several JS files: of course, the JS file of the jquery library is also required, And in the above


client.But what is this process for the MVC pattern?Let's start by building an ASP. NET MVC project. VS2008 The default is no ASP. NET MVC project template, first we need to familyid=a24d1e00-cd35-4f66-baa0-2362bdde0766displaylang=en to download the latest

Introduction to validation controls for ASP. NET Advanced Programming basics

Directory1. Verification control Overview2. Verify the usage of the control3. Summary--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Verification control OverviewAs the name suggests, a verification control is a control that verifies the correctness of user input data. If a user enters data in the text box, a prompt is displayed, indicating that the verification data is invalid. The verification process can be executed on both the server and the client. The ver

Asp. NET General Site Handler Basics

version, the response header represents the server response content, 200 means OK, request-processing-Response 500 Internal server error 302:found temporary transfer, for redirection, Response.Redirect () will ask the browser to request the redirected address again, the redirected request is get, "404" means not Found is not foundContent-type:text/html;charset=utf-8 represents the return data type, which is to tell the client the data type of the response, so that the browser can do different p

Asp. NET Development Basics Restudying Learning Notes

Disclaimer: This article is to learn the 2014 version of the ASP. NET Video Tutorial learning notes, only for my review, also did not publish to the blog home page.Basis of general processing procedure(1) The form submission Note points:①get through the Url,post through the newspaper style;② you need to set the name of the form element in HTML;③ element ID is used for DOM, name is to be submitted to the ser


What is MVC? Routing Controller View Model Components that make up MVC? ASP. NET MVC Basics

ASP. NET Mvc-ef Basics

to clearly see the database is a change, password and user name is changed, IP is where to change.4. Take a look at the use of EF to find and change the implementation, become more conciseCcxdemoentities db =Newccxdemoentities (); protected voidPage_Load (Objectsender, EventArgs e) { } //New protected voidButton1_Click (Objectsender, EventArgs e) {Gbook_message Gbookobj=NewGbook_message (); Gbookobj.username="CCX"; Gbookobj.body="Hello World"; Gbookobj.ip="127.0

Asp. NET tutorial--mvc the basics of SIGNALR

This article mainly introduces the simple application of SIGNALR in ASP. NET MVC, it has certain reference value, the interested small partners can refer to First, Introduction The ASP. NET SignalR is a library for ASP. NET devel

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