asp net mvc radio button list

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How to use radio button in an ASP. NET DataGrid

the page is refreshed.Although it is troublesome, the problem is solved. But there is another question: how to obtain which radio button is selected? Because these radio buttons are not server-side.The radio button is used as a form. Each time a page is submitted, you can

Asp. NET RadioButtonList the use of radio button Group Control _ Basic Application

The RadioButtonList control represents a list control that encapsulates a set of radio button controls. You can add radio buttons to a Web page using two types of controls: individual RadioButton controls or one RadioButtonList control. Both types of controls allow users to choose from a group of mutually excl

ASP. net mvc Case Study (Based on ASP. net mvc beta) -- Article 7: gossip ASP. NET MVC

SummaryAs the end of ASP. net mvc case study, this article only gives some opinions on the ASP. net mvc Framework from a personal perspective. And the series will be attached at the end.Article. PrefaceThe purpose of this articl

ASP. net mvc implements multiple button submission methods, asp. netmvc

ASP. net mvc implements multiple button submission methods, asp. netmvc Sometimes this problem occurs: Multiple buttons are required on a form to complete different functions, such as a simple approval function. If webform is used, it does not need to be discussed. However,

ASP. net mvc (create a task list application)-part.1

ArticleDirectory 1.1 preparations 1.2 create an ASP. net mvc Web Application Project 1.3 create a controller 1.4 create a view 1.5 create a database 1.6 create a model 1.7 add database logic to the Controller Method 1.7 modify the index View 1.8 conclusion From Zhang Ziyang:

"Selfless sharing: from getting started to mastering ASP. NET MVC" starting with 0, building a framework, doing projects (7.1) module management, verifying permissions, displaying modules list

, doing projects (5.2) Implementation of login function, interface injection, log4net use"Selfless sharing: from getting started to mastering ASP. NET MVC" starting with 0, building a framework, doing projects (5.3) Implementation of login functions, enriching data tables, establishing associations"Selfless sharing: from getting started to mastering

20 tips for ASP. net mvc 3 Development (7) [20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3]: sort the list

Topics There is a large list (for example, a list of books), and it is very difficult to find one. If you sort an item in the list, it is helpful for searching. Solution Update the column title of the book list to a link. When the link is clicked, the content of the selected columns will be sorted through Linq (you ca

ASP. net mvc getting started series of tutorials ASP. net mvc getting started series of tutorials ASP. net mvc getting started 1. Introduction

ASP. net mvc tutorials A series of introductory articles in ASP. net mvc beta, some friends suggested to write an example program for simultaneous explanation, which makes it easier to learn. So I chose to write a blog program as

ASP. net mvc 2.0 display list and detailed page operations

About ASP. net mvc Framework, BKJIA-.NET channel recommended to you, this series of articles also include Article 1 Introduction to ASP. net mvc 2.0

Go to ASP. NET MVC display list data

OverviewUnder ASP. NET WebForm, the list data is displayed, often using server controls such as GridView, DataList, and so on. In the ASP. NET MVC Framework, we have two ways to display the data, one is to use the inline code, tha

ASP. NET MVC submit list to background no data received

+ ' = ' +encodeuricomponent (param)}Else{$.each (param,function(i, p) {if(p = =NULL|| p = =undefined)return true varK = Key = =NULL? I:key + (paraminstanceofArray? ' [' + i + '] ': '. ' +i) Paramstr+ = ' ' + ParseParam ( This, K)}) } returnPARAMSTR.SUBSTR (1)}The call is as follows:$.ajax ({ "POST", "JSON" , "/dictionarys/test", false , parseparam (queryparams), func

ASP. net mvc Framework experience (2): display list data

Overview In ASP. NET WebForm, list data is displayed, and server controls such as GridView and DataList are often used. In ASP. in the. net mvc Framework, data is displayed in two ways. One is to use in-row code, that is, to use t

. NET radio button Radiobutton,radiobuttonlist and radio usage examples in plain HTML?

Http:// is the difference between the use of radio buttons radiobutton,radiobuttonlist in. NET and radio in pure HTML?RadioButton Example and Description:. NET Background Processing mode:if (privatehas.checked = = True)Model. Limits = 0;if (friendhas.checked =

Use ModelBinding in Asp. Net MVC to construct Array, List, Collection, Dictionary, mvcmodelbinding

Use ModelBinding in Asp. Net MVC to construct Array, List, Collection, Dictionary, mvcmodelbinding In mvc, we can pass parameters in specific formats in html forms to construct some set types through model binder. Method 1 public ActionResult Infancy(Person[] people)

ASP. NET MVC Add drop-down list

Novice Just learning MVCController: PublicActionResult Index (stringnamelist) { varList =Newliststring>(); varListqry = fromDinchdb. Movies; List. AddRange (Listqry.distinct ()); Viewbag.namelist=Newselectlist (list); varMovies = fromMinchdb. MoviesSelectm; if(!String.IsNullOrEmpty (NameList)) {Movies= movies. Where (x = = =namelist); } returnVie

ASP. NET MVC Ajax upload list<model>

1$(function(){2$ ("#btnSubmit"). Click (function () {3 varLstmodel =NewArray ();4Lstmodel.push ({UserName: ' Li June ', age:32, Birthday: ' 1983/11/21 ') });5Lstmodel.push ({UserName: ' Wang June ', age:42, Birthday: ' 1973/11/21 ' });6Lstmodel.push ({UserName: ' Liu June ', age:52, Birthday: ' 1963/11/21 ') });7 8 alert (json.stringify (Lstmodel));9 $.ajax ({TenURL: '/home/index ', OneType: ' POST ', A data:JSON.stringify (Lstmodel), -ContentType: ' Application/j

ASP. net mvc simplifies "list control" binding through HtmlHelper Extension

:{36: Text = FormatTemplate (bindingOption. TextTemplate, code ),37: Value = FormatTemplate (bindingOption. ValueTemplate, code)38 :};39: items. Add (item );40 :}41: return items;42 :}43:44: private static string FormatTemplate (string template, CodeDescription code)45 :{46: return template. Replace ("{Id}", code. Id)47:. Replace ("{Code}", code. Code)48:. Replace ("{Description}", code. Description );49 :}50 :} 3. Use these extension methodsNow we create a simple

MFC control instructions (combo box button check box radio button list control edit box hot key IP address ....)

button is similar to that of check box, but the difference is that the check box control checks whether this option is selected only in the message response function to be executed, the radio button responds immediately after it is pressed and executes the message response function of this button. Therefore, this cont

How the ASP. NET MVC backend accepts the array list dictionary returned by the front end

address before the submission, and I added an HD character before the name of my parameter.For the "DXWorkFlow.Web.Areas.Desktop.Controllers.RoleManagerController" method "System.Web.Mvc.ActionResultUsermanager (Int32, Int32, System.String, System.String) "cannot be nullThe parameter "ParentID" of type "System.Int32", the parameter dictionary contains a null item. Optional parameter must be a reference type, can be nullThe type or declaration as an optional parameter.Parameter name:parametersLo

ASP. NET MVC gives Controler a JSON collection, and the background receives it through list<model>

  Demand Scenarios  The view layer often needs to send a collection of JSON objects in the background via Ajax, but it cannot be received in the background through listCorrect handling method:When the Ajax sends the request, sets the ContentType to: Application/json, does not have the manual setting, will adopt the default ' application/x-www-form-urlencoded ' type, therefore the background receives not.  ASP. NET

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