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ASP. net mvc Framework Series

Preface As the king of design patterns, MVC has become synonymous with good models in many fields. NET, we can only rely on Monorail to implement ASP. NET, but now ASP. net mvc has become a reality.This article only allows you to more intuitively

Recommended in this week's ASP. NET technical article [11/26-12/02]

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ASP. NET 4.0 is coming

With the public test of VS2010, ASP. NET4.0 has also become our sights. What does ASP. NET4.0 bring to us? In what ways will we improve our productivity? When do you need to use ASP. NET4.0 to develop your website programs? More Strict compliance


ASP. NET MVC[ASP.]03-c# Advanced Knowledge Points Overview (2)-Threading and Concurrency Summary: I also wanted to skip the overview of C # advanced knowledge points directly to MVC, but after thinking it through, still feel the need to speak. I

NET Learning route (detailed)

NET Learning route (detailed) Browse:5632 | Updated: 2013-12-13 16:33 | Tags: asp . Baidu Experience: NET Learning RoutesIntroductory article 1. Learning Object-oriented (OOP) programming ideasMany

[ASP. NET topics] (9) -- ASP. net mvc Summary

ASP. net MVC learning. Although I have been engaged in some aspects before, I have not done any relevant testing and learning for such a system. Finally, I will summarize it and hope it will be helpful for beginners of MVC. Now, the series of ASP.

Build your spring. NET + nhib.pdf + ASP. net mvc Framework (1) Build your environment

Using this framework does not take a long time. However, several projects are basically applied. I would like to share with you how I set up this framework step by step. It also provides a simple example for beginners. You are welcome to discuss

ASP. NET Core dependency injection, asp. netcore

ASP. NET Core dependency injection, asp. netcore1. What is dependency Injection? Why use it? It is especially easy for beginners to confuse concepts such as IOC (Iversion of Control) and DI. 1.1 Dependency a dependency is generated when one class

ASP. NET MVC Development Basics Learning Notes: First, go to MVC mode

First, ASP. Net of two development Modes 1.1 ASP. WebForm Development Mode(1) Process flowIn the traditional WebForm mode, we request an example of Index.aspx URL, then our WebForm program will go to the root directory

Summary of ASP. NET open-source CMS

List the open-source CMS you have seen to help beginners get started with it. If you have a better open-source CMS, please refer to the comments. Thank you!1. dotnetnuke (ASP. NET 2.0)In-depth research on personal recommendations

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