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Use image and sound (errormessage) during verification)

In general verification controls, the value of the errormessage attribute is a general string. When a special user needs an image or sound to prompt an error, sometimes the effect is better than a simple character, Generally, the errormessage

ASP. NET Programming Model: registerstartupscript registers a script with the page

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> @ Page Language = " C # " Autoeventwireup = " True " Codefile = " Default3.aspx. CS " Inherits = "

Use fieldset labels to achieve groupbox layout effect similar to winform

Fieldset labels have never been used before, but I have never heard of them. For more information, see ASP. net Ajax document. When we see that it appears something similar to groupbox in winform In the webpage for example, we feel that the layout

Verify the use of controls in ASP. NET

Preface: A few days ago, I had no choice but to use JavaScript to judge the effectiveness of the control. It was indeed a laborious and laborious task! Especially for the JS verification of regular expressions such as the mail format and postal

Enhanced window. showmodaldialog pop-up modal window data transfer height encapsulation Experiment

In our daily B/S web development, we may need such a scenario in many cases! Some text box values can be input or selected by the user. For example, add an articleArticleWe can specify the author as James so that we can enter the name "James" in the

Sending emails in. net

1. Add the following configuration information (host-SMTP service address, Port-port number, username-user name, and password-password) to in Web. config. Please modify it yourself ). > Mailsettings > SMTP >

Obtain parameters submitted by post and get in ASP. NET.

Form ID = " Form1 " Method = " Get " Runat = " Server " > Div > Your name ASP: textbox ID = " Name " Runat = " Server " > / ASP: textbox > BR /> BR /> Your website ASP: textbox ID = " Website

Changes in the ID and view status of ASP. NET controls

New Features of ASP. NET 4.0, outputs more pure HTML code clientidmode, viewstatemode, etc. 1. in ASP. NET 4.0, we can control the format of the Object ID in the output html. We often see the ID similar to this

Get and post usage in

From: are two ways to submit a single form: Get and post.CodeTo understand the differences between the two submission methods: Form ID = "Form1" Method = "Get" Runat = "

Number of controls displayed dynamically [datalist]

Recently, I encountered a small feature in the project. to upload an image, I need to dynamically display the number of Image Upload controls and corresponding display information based on the selected number, including setting the size of uploaded

Verify that the control is invalid. Help Solution

Emergency: My verification control is invalid, as shown below: Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Body > Form ID = "Form1" Runat = "Server" > ASP:

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-filteredtextboxextender (12)

The filtertextboxextender control is used to filter the text box, so that the text box can only enter the set value. The input types include numbers, lowercaseletters, uppercaseletters, and customer. First, let's look at an example: 1) Create

) get and post usage

There are two ways to submit a form: Get and post. Code To understand the differences between the two submission methods: Form ID = "Form1" Method = "Get" Runat = "Server" > Div > Your name ASP: textbox ID = "Name" Runat =

Ajax Control Toolkit -- sliderextender (slide)

Minimum-Minimum value allowed. (minimum allowed values) Maximum-maximum value allowed. (maximum value allowed) Decimals-number of decimal digits for the value. (number of decimal places) Steps-number of discrete values inside the Slider's

Digital verification control

"> Integer: ASP: textbox ID = Rel_level Borderwidth = "0px" Runat = "Server" Onkeyup = "If (event. keycode! = 37 & event. keycode! = 39) value = value. Replace (/\ D/g ,'');" Height = "18px" Width = "55px"   >

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-tabs (27)

The tabs control is actually a container control tabiner iner and a panel control tabpanel. The tabcontainer control is used to contain tabpanel. The tabpanel control is used for display. Here is an example: 1) Create an ASP. NET Ajax-enabled web

Ajax Control Toolkit -- filteredtextboxextender (text filtering)

Filtertextboxextender Targetcontrolid- Textbox ID for text filtering Filtertype-Filtering type, numbers, lowercaseletters (lower case), upcaselettes (upper case) and custom (default) Filtermode-Validchars (default) and invalidchars (this

Reading Notes: Liang Jian. Net -- Context. handler and context. Items

(1) Context. Handler Send pageWebforme1. Aspx html   Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Form ID = "Form1" Runat = "Server" > Div > ASP: textbox ID

Ajax Control Toolkit -- textboxwatermarkextender (text box prompt effect)

The effect of this control is to add the "watermark" effect to the Textbox Control, that is, when the textbox is empty, a prompt message is displayed. Of course, you can also customize the CSS effect for the "watermark, once textbox is focused, the

Format usage in (original)

Today, I opened my blog on the first day, and I am very happy because I can study technology with my friends in the garden. I hope to share the accumulated and learned knowledge in projects with my friends in the garden. Make some effort for the

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