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Acer Aspire P3 variants This evaluation

With the advent of Intel's hyper-polar concept, the entire notebook market began to change significantly as Microsoft Windows 8 came to market late last year. In this case, the manufacturers fully exert their own design advantages, launched a new type of unique ultra-polar products. such as Microsoft's own surface Pro, Lenovo four modes of use yoga, ASUS dual-screen design of the Taichi, are more eye-catching new products. The Acer Aspire P3, which we

Acer Aspire V11 Non-fan touch-screen notebook demo

Acer recently unveiled a range of affordable, Low-power processor-powered Windows notebooks designed to balance performance and battery life. Among them, the Aspire V11 built-in 11.6 inch screen, the fuselage adopts the fan-less design, the fuselage weight is about 1.36 kilograms, can achieve the longer endurance ability. So, is this 350 dollars (about 2173 yuan) of the cheap notebook can become your handy office tool it? Let's take a look at the demo

Acer Aspire 4830TG

Http:// Aspire 4830 TGAuthor (s) Mark BaasIntroduction This laptop is a fine laptop for Linux, it needs some tweaks though. Optimus support by the Ironhide project is still unstable, however I'm still working on it. The results are based on an installation of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric.Specifications Name Acer As

Wireless NIC Driver Installed in acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G ubuntu-12.04, ubuntu12.04

Wireless NIC Driver Installed in acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G ubuntu-12.04, ubuntu12.04 I bought a relatively affordable notebook acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G, built-in linux operating system, because of work needs to replace the operating system with ubuntu12.04, however, it has been suffering from no wireless NIC Driver. The problem was finally solved today using the following methods: 1. view the wireless ne

Cross-platform Gui-QT Acer Aspire on Linux development environment installation configuration (QT + GCC) (original)

Install the QT Development Environment on an Acer ebook today. This is a small-capacity, lite version of Linux, Aspire One Linux, the most encountered problems during the installation process, First of all, this system does not have a GCC environment. You must install the GCC environment. Otherwise, problems such as "sol_socket undeclare" will be reported during installation, There are many ways to install GCC. First, I tried to manually translate

Oasys ALP v19.2.0.3 1CD + oasys Aspire 1CD

Oasys adsec v8.2.1.63 1CD (specialized geosynthetics section analysis software)Oasys ALP v19.2.0.3 1CDOasys Aspire 1CDNobeltec Products:Amc. gps2cad.v4.3.0.0 1CDGPS CAD Transfer v1.0 1CD (GPS Assist tool to convert Magellan GPS points to AutoCAD format)GPS Tools SDK v2.11b 1CDGPS Trackmaker 4.9.550 1CDGPS NET visualization Tools v1.3 1CDGps. Lab.professional.v1.0.winall 1CDGPS Global Positioning System and its application

Haswell New Acer Aspire V7 Assessment

PC makers rarely get stuck in the rut, or how to compete with a lot of new equipment that emerges every week, especially as Intel launches new processors and a number of new machines are constantly on the market. Acer Aspire V7 notebook computer with the entire next generation of Intel Haswell platform processor, compared with the previous generations of the entire fuselage slimming nearly 9%, and the selection of aluminum alloy drawing p

Aspire and Tomcat use a hierarchical dataset

Aspire is a RAD tool that provides users with a standard xml/xsl, Java EE, and relational database technology to quickly create a Web site. The Aspire acceptable sources include stored programs, SQL statements, EJBS, and Java controls, and use Apache's Xerces/xalan as the converted processor. Aspire can be used for a variety of servlet engines, such as Apache/js

Acer (ACER) Aspire e1-472g ubuntu-12.04 install wireless card driver

I bought a more affordable laptop in the previous phase Acer (ACER) Aspire e1-472g, with the Linux operating system, due to work needs to replace the operating system ubuntu12.04, but has been plagued by no wireless network card driver. This problem has finally been solved today, the method is as follows:1. Check the wireless adapter model:~$ LSPCI-VNN | grep WirelessMy wireless network card is:02:00.0 network Controller [0280]: Qualcomm Atheros qca95

The villain often aspire to the classic net pick

no matter) For a lover, there is no size, no small thing or nuance to prove love, to prove the purity and strength of love and unique personality. For the ego, cheating is not the same size, if you produce ideas, set a large and small point, but did not do, then you cheat yourself. Cheating more, then your body will no longer believe you, that is, your backfire, heart and body fight. Internal disagreement, how to face the external? How can I learn to work and make money? The villain often

Aspire to be a product manager of the graduating students should choose the first job?

Now in Wangjing, thank you. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————---————————————————————————— Everyone is very good, the direction of the small woman is to do Internet products, before more than six months of internship

Acer Aspire R3-131T Deformation evaluation

As the newest member of the Acer ASPIRER11 family, R3-131T has the ability to flip the "horizon" 360 degrees, while the price of less than 3000 yuan has made it one of the most cost-effective products of its kind. Acer R3-131T is a 11.6-

Acer R7 Two-axis deformable this evaluation

Acer Aspire R7 Evaluation After the listing of Microsoft Windows 8 System, we have seen more and more mixed design notebook products in the market, including many flat/notebook two products, with unique screen design deformation, making the traditional PC market more dynamic. Recently, the well-known PC manufacturer Acer also joined the field, the introduction of a dual-axis screen Aspire R7 deformation, c

A brief comment on the super-extreme of Acer new S7

As a high-end ultra-polar representative, the new Acer Aspire S7 since the release of the attention of the extremely thin fuselage with the resolution of the 2560x1440 IPs touch screen, which is definitely the highest standard in the Windows camp, let us take a closer look at the Aspire S7, please!  Exterior design Aspire S7 's first impression is d

View resource usage in Linux-WebService port monitoring

I found a serious problem in my recent project. In an application we wrote, JBoss serves as the application container, where the WebService Service is loaded. After a service is running for a period of time, it may be a few days later. The information we see on the JBoss console shows that multiple services hosted by JBoss are still running, but this WebService is down. Access the corresponding URL address, prompting timeout Later I wrote a program to monitor the URL port. The main code is as

Can & #39; t connect to local MySQL server through socket & #39;/var/run/mysqld. sock & #39; (2), mysqldmysqld. sock

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld. sock' (2), mysqldmysqld. sock I encountered a small problem connecting to the mysql database on ubuntu today. Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld. sock' (2) It can also be used for the first time. Suddenly it's not good. I don't know if I didn't take any medicine, First, check the database status: Jason @ jason-Aspire-EC-471G :~ $ Sudo/etc/init. d/mys

Acer's low-end Ben E1

While high-end hyper-geeks tend to have attractive designs, lower-priced notebooks below 4000 yuan are more popular than ever, thanks to higher prices and the popularity of mobile platform devices. At present, some low-end notebooks have hardware upgrades, the main improvement is the use of the Intel fourth Daicouri i5 processor, such as the Delling 14 series, HP CQ14 series, and today's Acer Aspire e1-472g. On the configuration, Acer

Acer E5 Home Experience

In today's notebook market, the number of notebook models over 15.4 inches can be counted with two fingers. A large proportion of these products come from Hu Hongyu, and Aspire E5-771g-51t2 is one of the most interesting. Acer's 17-inch notebook is equipped with the Intel Core I5-4120U processor, 8GB memory, Nvidia gtx840m Independent graphics, 1080p resolution. The official retail price for this device is 799 dollars, but the actual cost

Ubuntu Download Goalng-1.9_go

I. Installation Here to install golang1.9 as an example:1. First install directly from the command line sudo apt-get install golang-1.9 2. After downloading, view the go version catik@catik-aspire-v3-471:~$ Go versionGo version go1.9.2 linux/amd64 As you can see, the version here is go1.9.2 two. Environment configuration 1. View Environment variables: Catik@catik-aspire-v3-471:~$go env goarch= "AMD64" NBS

Acer Switch 10 hands-on

Acer unveiled a variety of products including tablet computers, AIO machines, notebooks and wearable equipment at a new conference April 29 in New York City. Among them, Aspire Switch 10 is a hybrid design of the Windows 8.1 flat, with a 10.1-inch screen, and the keyboard can be used as a notebook computer, the following to look at the machine's hands-on experience.   Fuselage design: Magnetic card mouth Type connection Acer

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