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Assembly Learning Tips)

Assembly Learning Experience Author: Wang xuepeng time: 2004-12-16 Note:Recently, I started to reorganize my. NET knowledge. It would be better to repeat it over a thousand times,So I want to write down my learning experience and

C # Study Notes 1 -- Assembly

Document directory Create a program set and a friend assembly in Visual Studio Create a signature assembly and a friend assembly in Visual Studio I. Assembly concepts and features An assembly is a basic unit of. Net-based application

Application domain and assembly

This topic describes the relationship between the application domain and the Assembly. You mustLoad an assembly to the application domain before running the application.. Running a common application causesLoad several assemblies into an application

Review. NET Under-assembly loading process

Original: Relive. NET Under-assembly loading processRecently involved in the work. NET is an old problem: the loading process of assembly. Although there are many articles on the Internet to introduce this part of the content, many articles are also

. NET assembly strong Name signing practice

Reference: strong name consists of an assembly's identity plus a public key and a digital signature. Where the identity of the assembly includes simple text names, version numbers, and

Linux Assembly Language Development Guide 1

Linux Assembly Language Development Guide 1-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. Linux Assembly Language Development Guide The advantage of assembly language is that it is fast

Assembly essence-assembly in-depth discussion: assembly structure and deployment

1. Assembly definition In simple terms, assembly is a CLR-based, verbose, and self-described binary file. It should be noted that, although the Assembly file name in. NET Framework is also DLL or EXE, it is different from the traditional DLL. Most

Overview of the Global Assembly Cache tool (Gacutil.exe) usage

Global Assembly Cache Tool (Gacutil.exe)The Global Assembly Cache tool enables you to view and manipulate the global assembly cache and download cached content.Copygacutil [Options] [assemblyname | assemblypath | assemblylistfile]Parameters

Objective C # Principle 32: small and cohesive assembly)

Objective C # Principle 32: small and cohesiveProgramSetItem 32: prefer smaller, cohesive assemblies This principle should actually be called: "An assembly of a reasonable size and a small number of common types should be created ". But this is

What Is A. Net assembly?

 AssemblyIs the main construction block of. NET Framework applications. It is a collection of functions and is generated, versioned, and deployed in the form of a single Implementation Unit (one or more files. All managed types and resources can be

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