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C ++ assignment operator for Reading Notes = overload prefix auto-subtraction operator -- overload negative operator-Overload

/** Overload assignment operator = **/Void operator = (const Distance & D){Feet = D. feet;Inches = D. inches;}/** Overload the minus sign operator -**/Distance operator -(){Feet =-feet;Inches =-inches;Return Distance (feet, inches );}/** Overload

Overload assignment operator & amp; object, overload assignment

Reload assignment operator & object, reload assignment Class CMessage {private: char * m_pMessage; public: void showIt () const {cout m_pMessage = New char [len]; strcpy_s (m_pMessage, len, aMess. m_pMessage);} // overload value assignment operator

C + + Primer learning note _26_ operator overloading and conversion (1)--overload/non-overloaded operator, member function mode overload, Friend function mode overload

C + + Primer learning note _26_ operator overloading and conversion (1)--overload/non-overloaded operator, member function mode overload, Friend function mode overloadIntroduction:Use operator overloading wisely to make the use of class types as

C ++ operator overload assignment operator

TheValue assignment operator overload FunctionThe function is similar to that of the built-in value assignment operator. However, you must note that it is the same as the copy constructor and the destructor. Pay attention to the issue of deep copy

Overload assignment operator

[Cpp] view plaincopyprint?# Include # Include Using namespace std; Class Internet{Public:Internet (char * name, char * url){This-> name = new char [strlen (name) + 1];This-> url = new char [strlen (url) + 1];If (name! = NULL){Strcpy (this-> name,

C ++-based overload assignment operator

To solve the problem above, we should write a special value assignment operator function to deal with such problems. When you need to assign values to two objects in the same class, you can overload the operator function. This method can solve the

A trap-heavy C + + assignment overload function operator=

Once a C + + expert said: see a C + + programmer is hard enough, let him write an assignment overload function can be seen! In my opinion, this is not an exaggeration. Because it really needs a solid foundation to write the operator= function well,

C + + Nature: Overloading of class assignment operators =, and deep and shallow copies

Keywords: constructors, shallow copy, deep copy, stack (stack), heap heap, assignment operatorSummary:In object-oriented programming, the mutual copying and assignment between objects is a frequent operation.If an object is initialized at the same

JVM Learning: Talking about method invocation and the principle of override/overload

Referring to method calls, I think most people's first reaction is to execute a method Bai, in fact, in the eyes of the virtual machine method call is only to determine which method he is going to call, and the implementation of the method is still

The difference between the assignment function and the copy construction

C + + copy constructor assignment constructor=================================In a word, the assignment function assumes that the object is defined, and that the copy construct is executed to create an object. A copy construct requires a deep

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