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[Product manager] Who is the product manager and what is the product manager doing?

I recently read su Jie's "Everyone is a product manager", and I have a lot of insights. I would like to write something to share with you. Speaking of the product manager, many Daniel introduced Mr. Jose's "the first book of the product

How do I move from programmer to Product Manager (transfer from everyone to Product manager)

It was a long article, and it took me almost 30 minutes to finish it, and I've seen the longest and most complete article on programmer transformation Product manager ever. Since everyone is a product manager, every day there are many people ask me how to transition to do product

Product Manager Responsibility System: The significance of Product manager responsibility system

Article Description: the temptation and embarrassment of Product manager responsibility system. One Since it is talk about Product Manager "Responsibility System", should be like "farmland Cheng" or "Director manager responsibility System", the

The product manager should be like this !, The product manager should

The product manager should be like this !, The product manager should Every good product has to go through hardships before it can be achieved. At the same time, with the birth of the product, the

Product Manager Position: What is an Internet Product manager?

Article Description: What is the Internet Product manager. This first level of literacy at the beginning, only one thing to say: What is the Internet Product Manager? The reason why we talk so shallow is because the industry's definition of this is so confusing that I have some objections to whatever the

What did the product manager think ?, Product Manager ideas

What did the product manager think ?, Product Manager ideas Do you think you have a lot of ideas, but do little? Have you found that a product suddenly appeared on the market is exactly the same as your original ideas, and then you begin to regret it? Have you realized that

Product Manager Inspirational: The development stage of Internet Product Manager

Article Description: Product Manager Inspirational article-Phased development. Refer to Product manager, we can see a variety of production of fine seemingly professional "product manager Capability model", its practica

Tencent QQ product Manager talking about the quality of Internet Product Manager

On March 5, 2010 19:52 58 seconds, Tencent QQ at the same time the number of online users to break 100 million, cool mouth tracking reported this historic event:QQ at the same time online number of billion, QQ "billion" the arrival of the era, in this special day, Tencent internal nature will be held to celebrate the conference, but a product can not stop before, can not be satisfied with the status quo, happy, but also to find repeated summary and in

Internet Product Manager: Is it true that everyone is a product manager?

Article Description: "Everyone is the product manager" of the crooked. Do not say this book how, light read this book's name is enough to pull, 360 line is what people can enter not chaos! Choose an industry to combine their own professional, educational background, interests, experience and so on ..., but to the product

Product Manager's first lesson (20): Ten Reasons and ten requirements for becoming a product manager

The company wants to organize a product manager training class to train more and better product managers for the company. Let me writeAlthough I may not be a good product manager, after more than a year of practice, I know thatWhat are the requirements of a good

How is a good product manager made ?, Product Manager

How is a good product manager made ?, Product Manager To become a product manager, in other words, you need to make it a product manager. At

Product manager needs to solve problem product manager must be a classified control

Article Description: Our description of the whole product is very complete, also very perfect, after having the attribute, we can divide 100 million goods to be able to handle easily. But the next emerging problem is more serious. Product manager must be classified control, and the core of commodity management, or the basis is "classification", "class

Good product Manager: The basic 5 Principles of Product Manager

Article Description: Tencent product intern rookie first experience. Every year there are a considerable number of interns into Tencent internship, sit next to my lovely mm is. Internship can make university study and company work smooth docking. The same cute Tencent product intern small wood students found: work with passion, but also self-control, analysis, but also self discovery. All the s

Product Manager Work Diary __ Product Manager

2016 can be counted as the first year I actually turned into a product manager. Although in the previous company also hangs the title of the product manager, but more does is manages the development team, does is the project manager's daily. When the product

High salary, Beijing: Java, Android, product manager, product operations, channel operations, business development Manager (technology companies, established in 10, the scale of more than 500 people, focus on mobile internet)

welcome Oh! The detailed JD is as follows: Position name Job description Employment requirements Front-end engineer (JAVA) 1. Function development According to the requirements of the Product manager;2. Responsible for front-end Web system performance tuning. More than 1.2 years experience in development of Java EE, with strong logical

Programmer Career Development: Project manager, technical Manager or product manager __ Management

After two or three years of program work, basically will consider their future development. The path of development is no more than programmer-system analyst-architect-Technical manager-cto, programmer-Project leader-project manager-project director-cto, programmer-product designer-product

is the product manager so gorgeous? ---the feeling of a female product manager

Since a Steve Jobs, the product manager suddenly burst out loud. Steve Jobs did well, he was the founder, the boss, the product manager, but the general product manager was not so gorgeous.Some people say that technology is import

Product Manager learns Python: for Loop, while loop, product manager python

Product Manager learns Python: for Loop, while loop, product manager python Python has two types of loops: for Loop and while loop. 1. for Loop A for loop can be used to traverse an object (traversal: In general, the first element in the loop is accessed to the last element in sequence ). The basic structure of the for

Product Manager learn Python: Understand variables and strings, product manager python

Product Manager learn Python: Understand variables and strings, product manager python A few months ago, I began to learn about personal image management, from hair styles, makeup, costumes to instruments and manners. I started to make new changes to my personal style, the most basic thing is to first understand which

[Recommended by WeChat product manager] with the gospel of a car family, this small program can help you a lot, and the function is very backward !, Product Manager Against day

[Product manager recommendation] A chef family is good news. This small program can help you a lot, and its functions are very good !, Product Manager Against day When you are out, you may encounter many problems, such: Where did my car stop? I forgot my parking spot and couldn't find it all the time, especially in sce

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