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Oracle handbook Series 3: Collection types in PL/SQL (Collections in PL/SQL)

  1) classification of Sets Oracle supports three types of collections: Associative array (Index-by table) Nested table) Variable-length array (VARRAY) One of their differences is that the Nested table and VARRY can be used either in PL/SQL or

Oracle definition Union array and usage tips

Combined arrays are previously called PLSQL tables. Union arrays cannot be used in tables. They can only be used as structures for programming. Union Arrays can only be accessed in PLSQL A union array is previously called a PL/SQL table. Union

Oracle PL/SQL Combat Learning-Avoid misuse

These days to see the Oracle PL/SQL Real-combat this book, out of the study of the performance of the statement, the downstream standard on the impact of the code.1. Progressive processingThe program declares a cursor c1, and then implicitly opens

Oracle-defined federated arrays and usage tips _oracle

The federated Array was formerly called the Pl/sql table. Federated arrays cannot be used in tables and can only be used as a structural body for programming. Federated arrays can only be accessed in Pl/sql. It is important to note that some of the

Oracle11gRelease1 (11.1) PL/SQL _ understand the Collection type

The significance of understanding Oracle collections is that when we develop applications using programming languages, we use a lot of built-in Collection types, such as arrays and linked lists. The significance of understanding Oracle collections

Collection (Union Array (associative Arrays)) of composite data types in 11.pl_sql--pl_sql

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Oracle 11g Release 1 (11.1) PL/SQL _ understand the Collection type

Content Define Collection type Declare Collection variables Initialize and reference Collection Reference Collection Element Assign a value to Collection Multi-dimensional Collection Compare Collection Collection Method Collection

Oracle PLSQL collection type

Reprinted: collectionsI. Types of Collections1. associative arrays ArrayIt is a one-dimensional, borderless sparse set of the same type and can only be used for PL/SQL.DeclareType

Special data types for Oracle

1.%type allows users to dynamically associate the data type of a column in a database with a variable in PL/SQL. The syntax is as follows: Variable_name Table.column%type 2.%rowtype allows a user to define a single variable that contains

An oracle Learning Website

Document directory PLSQL varrays Http:// (Varrays) Varrays are one-dimenys, variable length arrays, with the maximum length defined in the declaration. these are used when it is

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